Plumbing Work Order Template (Free Download)

Plumbing Work Order Template

What a Plumbing Work Order Template Is Used For

A plumbing work order template identifies services to be performed during a job. The work order provides customer information, work description, and labor and material charges. This information helps plumbing companies clearly communicate with customers.

Plumbing Work Order Example

Fields required in a plumbing work order include:

  1. Your company name, address, phone number, and logo

  2. Work order dates

  3. Work order number

  4. Customer name, address, and phone number

  5. Work location

  6. Service requested

  7. Terms of service

  8. Work description

  9. Labor description, hours, rate, and total

  10. Material description, quantity, price, and total

  11. Subtotal, tax rate, total tax, additional costs, and total

  12. Worker name and approving supervisor's name

  13. Date approved

Plumbing Work Order Template Download

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plumbing work order template

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