All-in-one customer management tool.

Customer management software for your home service business.


Effortless communication, every time.

Streamlined Scheduling

  • Make it easy for customers to schedule with Online Booking

  • Edit and assign jobs with a few clicks

  • Set arrival windows so customers know when to expect you

Five-Star Communication

  • Send confirmation texts and emails when a job is booked

  • Keep customers in the loop with On My Way texts

  • Automatically request reviews when the job is done

Payments Made Simple

  • Send customized invoices with one click

  • Accept card payments and bank transfers in person, online, or by phone

  • Offer instant financing for bigger jobs


Better customer communication.

“Housecall Pro makes us more efficient and helps us get to customers faster.”

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How can I send text notifications to customers about a service job?

Sending text notifications using Housecall Pro is easy. Service companies use Housecall Pro to text their customers updates about jobs. You can let your next appointment know you’re running late with a quick text and set up recurring jobs for routine maintenance. You can also set yourself reminder events right in your calendar, so you won’t forget to follow up with an important customer.

How can I give my customers a great experience?

Wowing customers isn’t just about interacting with them directly—it’s about creating an experience that customers love. Take care of your employees and impress your customers before you arrive at their house with professional email reminders, automated text messages, and digital invoices and estimates from Housecall Pro.

What's the advantage of using email reminders for my service company?

There are several advantages to automating customer reminders:

  • Reduce the number of last-minute cancellations

  • Save time by automating appointment, estimate, and payment reminders

  • Less time spent calling customers to confirm appointments

  • Build a relationship with customers by consistently reminding them of upcoming jobs 

  • Differentiate yourself from other service companies by providing a professional reminder—a common worry for customers is that a service provider won’t show up

How can automated follow-ups helps grow my business?

Service companies in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other industries often focus on acquiring new customers to grow their business. That’s one strategy, but marketing to new customers can be prohibitively expensive. By sending automated follow-up emails through Housecall Pro, you can boost repeat customers and referrals by impressing your existing customers with your professionalism.

My HVAC customers only focus on price. What should I do?

In the HVAC industry, customer satisfaction can differentiate your business from competitors who focus on price alone. By improving the experience of your customers through every step of the process, you can boost return customer loyalty and referrals. Here are some ideas to improve your customer experience:

  • Confirm with your customers via text when the job is scheduled and send reminder emails before the work begins

  • Store customer info to see past work and details about the customer and their home, so your customer knows you remember them and value their business 

  • Easily send an on-my-way text message to the customer from the Housecall Pro mobile app 

  • Allow customers to conveniently pay for invoices directly by email or text

  • Send automated email follow-ups to encourage customers to become repeat customers

How do customers want to pay for invoices?

Making sure customers have easy options when it comes to payment is a great way to ensure they’ll have a five-star experience with your company. Housecall Pro offers multiple payment options:

  • Accept credit card payments directly from the mobile app, including Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay, using our easy and professional card reader, scanner, or just key it in.

  • If a customer wants to pay later,  email or text them an invoice to pay via credit card or ACH 

  • Offer simple consumer financing options so that customers can break up larger payments into smaller monthly sums 

  • Customize invoice terms to easily switch between residential and commercial customers

How can I market to my customers after a job?

Magnets and postcards left on a customer’s fridge or furnace may seem outdated to today’s homeowners. Housecall Pro helps you leave a memorable impression after completing a job. Try these tactics:

  1. Send an automated text message and email asking for a review once you finish work. Customers will see your name again, and you’ll grow your reputation online 

  2. Add photos or recommendations to the invoice you email to your customer

  3. Schedule a thank-you email the day after the job. Sending an automated email means you get to thank the customer again and stay top of mind without any extra work 

  4. Post-service customer communication is important. Mail a professional, personable postcard to say thank you, share a friendly holiday message, or keep customers up-to-date on new services or specials