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Housecall Pro is the all-in-one software to run your garage door business

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Schedule jobs, streamline payments and automate your marketing today.



Improve the efficiency of your business when you choose Housecall Pro.



Our credit card processing allows you to see money in your bank account in just 30 minutes.



Automatically ask for reviews after every job, become the higest-rated garage door company in your service area, and get found more easily online.



No question is off limits at Housecall Pro. From business to industry-specific questions, you have a community to support you.

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What is garage door software?

Housecall Pro's garage door software helps you run your day-to-day business operations. It includes scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, and other helpful tools to efficiently manage your garage door business. Click below to give it a try with our 14-day free trial.



Staying competitive means keeping up with the times. Give your customers the convenience of online booking and take away the headache of always having to worry about answering the phone. Allow our software to do the heavy lifting and win more jobs.

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Go the extra mile to ensure your customer communication is top-notch. Our garage door software works to help you send friendly reminders to customers & keeps them up-to-date with job statuses so that you stay top of mind.

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Creating an effective and efficient scheduling and dispatching system takes, time, trial and error. Thankfully, Housecall Pro has it all figured out for your business. With just a click of a button, you can easily create, edit or view jobs on your calendar.

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To ensure your company runs as effectively as possible, Housecall Pro has developed invoicing technologies for your garage door company. Whether you are in the field or in the office, we make it simple to edit, create and send invoices to your clients.

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When you need to be paid, time is of the essence, and we know that. Typical payment processing solutions take days to clear, which means you are waiting for money that is rightfully yours. At Housecall Pro, we have a feature called Instapay, which gets you paid today.

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“We've experienced so much growth in the past 9 months. Our efficiency of handling customers and scheduling customers has improved because of Housecall Pro."


Sheri Bradbury, Bradbury Garage Doors

Questions About Our Software?

Garage door software

is a tool used by businesses owners, technicians and other industry professionals to simplify managing and operating their garage door business with useful features including:



scheduling & dispatching


online booking

, and more. Garage door software promotes day-to-day efficiencies within all areas of managing a garage door service business and has become widely regarded as a must-have tool for every garage door business. Using pen and paper is not as nearly efficient as using technology to streamline your business. Garage door businesses that use a field service management (FSM) software can save up to 15 hours a week and grow their revenue by 30% in the first year.

Click to learn all the features of Housecall Pro’s garage door software

What is the best garage door software?

The best garage door software may vary depending on different business needs.

Housecall Pro’s garage door software

is built to automate tedious tasks that take up unnecessary time and money. Tens of thousands of leading garage door companies in the industry have already started using Housecall Pro as their preferred software because of our ease of use, frequently updated features, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer service. Housecall Pro has also built a community of garage door business owners to share ideas and grow businesses together. When you choose Housecall Pro, not only do you buy the garage door software that saves you up to 500 hours a year, but you also gain access to a community of industry professionals across the nation.

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Does your garage door software integrate with QuickBooks?


Our garage door software can easily integrate with your QuickBooks Online account. All of your customer list, price list data, invoice history and other information can be quickly and securely imported to Housecall Pro from QuickBooks Online. Once a job is finished, all invoice line items and payment information can be automatically added to your Quickbooks Online.

Click to learn more about the benefits of switching from paperwork to streamline online invoicing

How can using a garage door software benefit my business?

Some of the benefits garage door companies see when they use our garage door software are:

In the long run, Housecall Pro’s garage door software can help you grow 30% revenue in the first year.

Learn how to automate your daily tasks and start your 14-day free trial with Housecall Pro today

Does your garage door software have an app?


Our garage door software has a mobile app available on Android and iOS. Housecall Pro’s garage door software also can be used on the desktop computer and business owners may monitor their business flow and process in the office while technicians use the mobile app to finish assigned tasks out in the field.

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What is the pricing of garage door software?

The pricing for Housecall Pro’s garage door software is based on a monthly subscription fee. You can choose to pay monthly (starting at $65 a month) or annually (starting as low as $49 a month)

Learn more about pricing and start your free trial here

Does Housecall Pro garage door software have a scheduling feature?


Housecall Pro garage door software makes job scheduling and dispatching much simpler by allowing you to create, edit and manage your jobs on an organized calendar. Once you finish scheduling a job, your assigned employee will be instantly notified. In-app chat and

live GPS tracking

allow your technician and customer to keep an open communication and keep track of job details.

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