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Vehicle GPS Tracking

Force by Mojio powers seamless Vehicle GPS hardware that plugs into your trucks and integrates with Housecall Pro.

know the locations of your most important assets

Fleet Management designed specifically for home services businesses


Boost your team’s efficiency

Find every tech’s vehicle in real-time on the HCP map so you can dispatch the closest tech as new jobs are booked.

  • Stay on top of vehicle location and keep your customers in the loop
  • Optimize your schedule, book more jobs, and increase revenue
  • Save time, reduce gas expenditures, and impress your customers by answering urgent requests quickly

5-Star customer experience

Impress your customers by automatically including Vehicle GPS locations with every “On My Way” text. Your customer will always know when their technician will arrive.

  • Customize your “On My Way” texts to provide customers a special link to follow their tech to the job 
  • Communicate easily with customers and and techs in the all-in-one app
  • Reduce back and forth communication about arrival times and job coordination
Vehicle GPS locations with every “On My Way” text.
Vehicle tracking by Force Mojito

Save money and decrease liability

Track vehicle maintenance, monitor vehicle health, and receive alerts for diagnostic trouble codes with Force by Mojio’s fleet management dashboard.

  • View intelligent and accurate trip history reporting for every driver and ensure your techs are driving safely with driving scores
  • Get DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) alerts to avoid vehicle downtime, even when you don’t regularly drive each vehicle
  • Contact your commercial insurance provider to see if the use of tracking devices qualifies you for a discount
What Our Customers Say About GPS Tracking

The “wow” factor we’re trying to build

Owner of Mojito by Force recommending the Vehicle GPS tracking software

“It’s a game changer because communication is key with customers. It helps to know where the techs are located and what time they’re coming, no questions asked. You can easily look at the map and know where your techs are located in order to manage your business better.

Caleb W.
Owner, Lake State Cleaning
Troy, MI

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