Easy-to-use dispatching

Maximize team efficiency and boost revenue by accurately assigning the best-suited employee to each job.

30,000+ companies empowered to dispatch jobs

No more wasted time

Streamline operations by coordinating your team using Dispatching software

Real, informative dispatching

Streamline operations by coordinating your team to deliver the most efficient service across a wide range of client locations and needs, and monitoring progress every step of the way.

  • Stay on top of job progress while your team is performing work in the field with a real-time dispatch board
  • Quickly and easily rework your calendar as new opportunities pop up or delays occur with drag-and-drop calendar functionality
  • Filter and view the calendar by employee type or crew to ensure you have the best-suited employee for each job

Professional customer experience

Keep customers in the loop at every stage of the job and notify them of any changes that may have occurred with their scheduled service. 

  • Notify customers about scheduled jobs as well as when you’re en route with customizable “On My Way” text messages
  • Easily spot open slots across your team to maximize bookings and quickly get your customers on the calendar
  • Allow customers to select an optimal service timeslot directly on the calendar with online booking that integrates with your company’s website
Pro keeping customers in the loop at every stage of the job
Dispatching software supports technicians, keeps them organized,

Built for efficiency

Dispatching software supports your technicians, keeps them organized, and keeps the service team up to date. You’ll always be ready to deploy the right technician for precision service to a waiting customer.

  • Instantly notify your team of new jobs or midday changes directly within Housecall Pro’s Chat application
  • Set custom arrival windows 
  • Easily spot overlaps and inefficiencies of employee work and travel time

what our pros say about dispatching


Owner, Bradbury Garage Doors recommending the Dispatching software

“Before we started using Housecall Pro, we couldn’t find where we were supposed to be for a job.”

Dallas O.
Owner, Bradbury Garage Doors
Vista, CA

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