Easy-to-use dispatching.

Real-time job dispatching software.


No more wasted time.

Dispatching & Notifications

  • Automatically text employees new job details and directions 

  • Take back control with technician GPS tracking

  • Keep in touch with in-app team chat

Professional Customer Experience

  • Customize and schedule "On My Way" and completed job notifications

  • Manage job details in a secure online payment platform

  • Request and post customer reviews using simple tools

Built for Efficiency

  • Set custom arrival windows 

  • Instantly notify technicians of new job assignments 

  • See which customer is calling with phone tracking



“Before we started using Housecall Pro, we couldn’t find where we were supposed to be for a job.”

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What does a service dispatching tool do?

A service dispatching tool provides a professional customer experience. Automatic on-my-way texts also give customers peace of mind and keep them in the loop.

How can I better dispatch my field techs?

Frequent check-ins make dispatching and tech management much easier.  Housecall Pro streamlines communication and keeps everyone on the same page with GPS tracking of techs, in-app chat to store messages and communicate in real-time, and the ability for techs to easily add notes or photos from their jobs. Even when you can’t be in the field, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with Housecall Pro’s dispatching tools.

How can I streamline my service dispatching?

You can streamline your service dispatching by:

  • Organizing your invoicing and dispatching with a software system that includes a Quickbooks Integration

  • Grouping jobs together geographically for more efficient dispatching

  • Planning your workload to leave some flexibility for same-day service

  • Keeping customers in the loop with automated notifications that make it easy for them to stay up-to-date on jobs

How can I improve field operations for my HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing company?

You can improve field operations by:

  • Eliminating paperwork: Streamline your operations by using a field service management software like Housecall Pro to cut down on paperwork and speed up your techs in the field

  • Automating customer communications: Send automatic texts so your customers don’t have to check in with your techs for the status of their jobs

  • Providing a professional customer experience: Send professional estimates and invoices via email or text to make your company stand out from the rest

How should I manage dispatching for maintenance agreement visits?

Managing maintenance agreements can feel complex, but a system like Housecall Pro makes the process easier by tracking your agreements and showing which agreements are due for service so you can dispatch techs to complete the work and fill gaps in your calendar. 

In the HVAC, Plumbing, and other industries, maintenance agreements are a great way to stay on your customers’ minds and create reliable revenue streams during your off-peak months.

Is Housecall Pro working on any new features?

Yes! We’re dedicated to growing alongside your business, and are always listening to what features you want most so we can build new solutions that support your success at every stage. Check out our Product Roadmap to see what we’re working on and vote for the features you care about most. You can even share your feedback with our team by commenting on feature cards or submitting a new feature idea.