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Simple software for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, & more.


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Scheduling & Dispatching

  • Easily create new handyman jobs

  • Notify & dispatch team members in real-time

  • Manage time, location, and other job details

  • Look up job & customer history on any device

Handyman Estimates, Invoices, & Payments

  • Create custom estimates on the go

  • Convert estimates to jobs and invoices

  • Take credit cards, debit, ACH, & track checks/cash

  • Sync with QuickBooks Online or Desktop

Customer Experience

  • Allow online booking

  • Send custom texts & auto-notifications to customers

  • Add checklists to invoices

  • Automatically send review requests


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How do I estimate a handyman job?

To estimate handyman jobs, your estimates should include:

  • Contact information

  • Project summary

  • Total labor and materials costs (some businesses include this, some leave it out)

  • Total cost

  • Your insurance and license information

  • Guarantee of work

How do I create a handyman invoice?

When it comes to the invoice itself, there are a few best practices. Make sure your invoices include:

  • Your company name and logo, physical address, phone number, and email address

  • The name of the client and their physical address

  • Any legal requirements, such as a Tax ID

  • A date and invoice number

  • The payment terms

  • Late fees if the client doesn't meet payment terms

  • Details of the work completed and the itemized charges (the greater the detail, the better)

How do handyman businesses typically take payment?

You can take payments by offering customers the option to pay with a credit card through Housecall Pro. If you can’t take payment for a handyman job in person, you can always send an invoice via email or text so your customer can pay with a card or bank account from wherever they are. 

How do I manage service contracts for my handyman company?

Your standard recurring service agreement will look different based on the specific services you offer. In general, you can manage service contracts easily in Housecall Pro, and maintenance agreements should include:

  • Services to be provided — Specify the type and scope of your services, along with any additional details. Will you provide recurring maintenance at your customer’s home each month, or does the nature of your work only require you to respond to issues as needed? 

  • Time and money — How much will your customers pay for your services, and when does the agreement expire?

  • Performance standards — What kind of quality can your customers expect from your services? Define the specific standards your work will live up to, and detail any processes your team will use to determine when a project is complete.

  • Monitoring and Reporting — Will you provide regular inspections or auditing services as part of your recurring service agreement? If so, explain how your workers will collect that data and state whether customers will have access to it.

  • In the event of an emergency — Give your customers peace of mind by providing them with an emergency action plan.  Set expectations by defining how quickly customers can expect an emergency response and how rapidly issues are likely to be resolved.