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Housecall Pro is the all-in-one software to run your home cleaning business

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Our home cleaning software helps you improve efficiency, impress customers, and better manage your business.



Your time is valuable. Automate your business operations online so you can have more time to focus on the areas you want to grow.



Never worry again about how long it will take to see money in your account when you adopt Housecall Pro's Instapay.



Book more jobs. Expand and hire more cleaners. Or just take back your time.



Get access to thousands of other successful business owners like you to learn from in a private Facebook Group.

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What is cleaning business software?

Housecall Pro's cleaning business software is built to help you run your day-to-day operations. It includes scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, and other helpful tools to efficiently manage your cleaning business.



Why risk not being where you customers are? One of the many features Housecall Pro provides is the ability book online. If you aren't where you customers are, your competition will be.

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If you want to book more jobs, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. With Housecall Pro's home cleaning software, you can make a lasting impression by sending on-my-way texts and job update notifications directly to your customers.

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Waste less time in your day-to-day operations by using Housecall Pro's scheduling and dispatching features that ensure your cleaners make it to their apointments on time, every time.

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Do you find yourself working well into the night just so you can stay on top of all of your estimates and invoices? We created 1-click estimating and invoicing tools to streamline your processes and give you back the valuable time you deserve.

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Don't let poorly designed payment processing systems get in your way. At Housecall Pro, we have designed our payment processing tools to meet the demanding needs of your business so you never have to deal with a delayed invoice again.

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“We own a cleaning business and this has made our lives so much easier. book our service, pay online or pay over the phone, send invoices right in the palms of my hand!!! Our customers love it and so do we :)" -

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Questions About Our Software?

Maid service software is an online tool that home cleaning businesses use to increase business efficiency and improve customer service. Some important features of a maid service software are:

  • Scheduling

    : easy drag and drop scheduling within the Housecall Pro app allows you to create, view and edit jobs in your calendar with simple clicks. Once you schedule a job, your employee will be instantly notified.

  • Secure Payment

    : Housecall Pro’s secure payment system allows you to turn estimates into invoices instantly and customers now have the freedom to pay online. Once a payment is completed, both you and the customers will receive a payment receipt.

  • Automated Marketing

    : drive repeat business and increase customer satisfaction with automated thank you emails following a service and seasonal postcard marketing.

  • Service Agreement

    : build lifetime customer loyalty and use service agreement to streamline recurring services. You can schedule a recurring service agreement monthly, seasonally or yearly.

Maid service software serves a versatile solution to help you save time on everyday tasks and can be used both in the office as a management tool or out during a job to help you communicate both with the team and with customers.

Try Housecall Pro’s maid service software for free for the first 14 days now.

Does your maid service software integrate with QuickBooks?


Our maid service software has a quick and easy integration with QuickBooks Online. All of your customer list, price list data, invoice history and other information can be quickly and securely imported to Housecall Pro from QuickBooks Online.

What is the best maid service software?

The best maid service software is one that offers a solution to all your business needs.

Housecall Pro’s maid service software

is built with constantly renovating features to help you tackle down everyday problems for your home cleaning service. Our software is easy to learn and operate, and pricing point is cost-efficient. We also provide an outstanding customer support system to guide you and your business through every step of using our software. It’s important that you compare Housecall Pro to other maid service software on the market, paying attention to customer reviews, available features, and pricing models, to determine if we’re the right software for you.

  • Housecall Pro has 4.5 stars and 1600+ reviews on


    and is rated the #1 software to manage HVAC businesses.

Try Housecall Pro’s maid service software for free for the first 14 days now.

Is your maid service software free?

You can try Housecall Pro’s maid service software for free for the first 14 days

. After the free trial, we have three affordable pricing plans starting at as low as $49 a month. You may choose to pay monthly or annually and our maid service software is built to fit whatever stage your maid service business is in.

Learn more about the pricing of Housecall Pro’s maid service software

Does your maid service software offer booking features?


Our maid service software has online booking features that allow your customers to seamlessly book into your availability through your website, Facebook page, and Yelp profile even during your off hours. This way, you can still gain new customers even if you are out of the office. More customers are looking online when they need a maid service, thus it is important to be where your customers are and make your business available online. Booking online also gives you a more organized view of your schedule compared to voice calls and paperwork that are difficult to organize.

Learn more about Housecall Pro maid service software’s booking feature.

Does your maid service software offer scheduling features?


Our maid service software offers easy-to-use scheduling features including, drag and drop scheduling, automatic dispatching, and automated email/text confirmations. You have the freedom of creating recurring jobs, assign team members to different jobs and set arrival windows for your customers to know your arrival time. Our scheduling feature can help you avoid miscommunications and keep you, your team and your customers on the same page.

Learn more about Hosuecall Pro’s maid service scheduling features

Is your maid service software easy to learn?

Absolutely yes!

Our maid service software is designed for people from all backgrounds to easily learn and operate. After signing up to be our user, Housecall Pro’s dedicated customer support team will immediately walk you through all the features and functions of our software and will also assist you with any problems you encounter in the future.

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