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Flexible & Powerful

  • Create custom reports for numbers that matter like revenue, profit, and job count
  • View data from every job immediately, with no delays or processing time 
  • Save the important reports on a personalized dashboard

Reports for Every Role

  • Give dispatchers, admins, and owners access to valuable insights
  • View employees’ average ticket size and job count to measure performance and productivity
  • Track major tickets and employee-related job details in one dashboard
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Find Your Best Customers

  • Display zip code boundaries, the zip code itself, as well as pins for each job that you have done within that area
  • View your top customers and take data-informed decisions about which customers to target
  • Easily export customer lists to send postcard or emails
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Michael J. Testimonial Reporting

“As an owner who is not in the field, I can look at the reporting feature and see what’s going on in the company financially.”

Michael J.
Owner, AC Man Heating & Air Conditioning
Fayettville, NC

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