Accelerate growth through data

Our powered-up suite of reports makes analyzing your performance easier than ever. Our state-of-the-art dashboard means all of your most important business metrics are now in one place. Whether its technician and sales leaderboards, estimating conversion rate reports or even looking at profitability, our reports give you the numbers you need to grow and succeed. 

30,000+ companies empowered to use custom reporting

Real-time data. Personalized dashboard.


New powerful reporting solutions

Get immediate insight to your business information to improve performance with our reporting dashboard. See weekly revenue trends, job profitability, technician performance, and converted estimates all from one place. Get real-time, at-a-glance insight into your business without spending time hunting down your data.

  • Update multiple reports at once and personalize the display to show the numbers that matter to your business
  • View data from every job or estimate immediately, with no delays or processing time 
  • Present your leaderboards and revenue metrics on external monitors from your office or shop

Looking for data? There’s a report for that.

Whatever you are inputting into Housecall Pro, from job revenue, to on the job costs, material tracking, or employee performance, we have a report for your business. Run your reports over time, by lead source, employee, and much more.

  • Report on job revenue, job costs, and profitability, or average job size
  • Look at jobs by business unit, lead source, employee, or job type
  • Review employee performance with revenue, review, and labor hours
  • Determine conversion numbers from leads or estimates to job
Track major tickets and employee-related job details in one dashboard
Pro on the job
Custom reporting software for your home services business

Reporting tailored to you

Each of our 33 out-of-the box reports can be fully customized and saved to meet the needs of your business. Display the metrics that matter to your growth and your business’s journey.

  • All changes to reports can be saved for later in your personal reporting tab
  • Change date ranges, business units, job types, and much more with a click of a button
  • Give reporting access to any employee using our web application
what our pros say about reporting

Essential for growth

Owner, AC Man Heating & Air Conditioning recommends Housecall Pro Reporting dashboard

“As an owner who is not in the field, I can look at the reporting feature and see what’s going on in the company financially.”

Michael J.
Owner, AC Man Heating & Air Conditioning
Fayettville, NC

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