Easy-to-use window cleaning business solutions.

Streamline scheduling, job management, invoicing, & more.


Software that works almost as hard as you do.

Scheduling & Dispatching

  • Easily create new window cleaning jobs

  • Notify & dispatch crews in real-time

  • Manage time, location, and other job details

  • Look up job & customer history on any device

Window Cleaning Estimates, Invoices, & Payments

  • Convert estimates to jobs and invoices

  • Offer recurring service agreements

  • Take credit cards, debit, ACH, & track checks/cash

  • Sync with QuickBooks Online or Desktop

Customer Experience

  • Allow online booking

  • Send custom texts & auto-notifications to customers

  • Add checklists to invoices

  • Automatically send review requests


The only software you need.

“Before Housecall Pro, we were using 5-10 different softwares to run our business.”

Luke S. Owner, Knight Professional Window Cleaning

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How do I run a window cleaning company?

Running a window cleaning business can be complex. You need to manage employees, impress customers, and keep track of your numbers all while working to grow your business. Housecall Pro makes managing your window cleaning business easier by: 

  • Automating recurring appointments 

  • Reminding customers of upcoming cleanings automatically

  • Keep track of your employees’ time on the job

  • Seamlessly accepting payments and reminding you which invoices need to be collected

  • Storing customer history and photos so you’ll always have a record of past work

How should I price window cleaning jobs?

The first step to pricing your window cleaning service is knowing how long it will take your team to clean a client’s windows. The average rate for a professional window cleaning company in the US is $220 for a job. This will vary depending on your location; one way to know what other local companies are charging is to call and ask for an estimate or for pricing. This way, you can adjust accordingly to be competitive in your area. 

Housecall Pro’s Price Book makes it easy for you to store and update your costs and pricing so that you have consistency and look professional in front of your clients. 

How do I start a window cleaning business?

Starting your own window cleaning business is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Here are a few steps to steer your business towards success: 

  • Set a budget for the business

  • Choose a name for your business that differentiates you from your competitors

  • Make sure that your business is licensed, and check if you’ll need insurance in your area

  • Start marketing (referrals are the best way to boost business)

  • Cultivate a customer-first mindset to  turn one-time customers into repeat customers

  • Streamline your operations using a solution like Housecall Pro. Changing systems once you’re up and running can be a real hassle and cost, so grow with Housecall Pro from the beginning to set up your business for success

How do I organize my window cleaning business?

Part of running a successful window cleaning business is staying organized. 

Set policies and stay on top of them so that your work doesn’t pile upSign up for a scheduling solution like Housecall Pro, which helps you stay on top of your team’s schedule from anywhere--so you can cut down on stress and delight your customers

Can Housecall Pro handle recurring jobs?

Yes, Housecall Pro is designed to meet the scheduling needs of window cleaning companies. From helping you stay on top of your whole company’s schedule from the mobile app to creating recurring appointments, Housecall Pro has your scheduling needs covered, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

How do I track my employees’ time on the job?

With Housecall Pro, time management is easy. Employees simply press a “clock in and out” button on their mobile phones, which records their locations so that you can feel secure knowing they aren’t clocking in before work begins. In and out times are stored in a report for you, streamlining your payroll process.