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What is window cleaning software?

HVAC service software is a tool used by HVAC companies and contractors to run their operations. This software generally has dispatching, estimating, and QuickBooks integrations built-in. Other terms for this software include dispatch software, bidding software, scheduling software, invoice software, estimating software, proposal software, and HVAC business software.

“Using the Housecall Pro mobile app has really stream lined my bidding and invoicing. Their customer service responds within a minute of asking a question. Very easy to work this software." -

Kevin Barkley, Outdoor Extreme Clean


Window cleaning software is a tool that includes features such as scheduling and dispatching, online booking, invoices, payment and follow-up marketing to help window cleaning businesses streamline everyday tasks and save time on tedious tasks. Some businesses see up to

60% increase in technician efficiency and customer satisfaction

after switching from pen and paper to window cleaning software. You can now spend less time setting up and managing jobs and can gain up to 500 hours of free time a year back.

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What is the best window cleaning software?

The best window cleaning software would be one that includes all the features you need to solve different problems for your window cleaning business. Housecall Pro is the all-in-one software to manage and grow your window cleaning business because of these key features:

  • Online booking to help you gain more job opportunities

    : with more and more customers preferring to book businesses online today, it is important to move your business online to where customers are. With Housecall Pro window cleaning software’s online booking feature, customers can see your availability through your website, Facebook and Yelp to directly book your service.

  • Efficient scheduling and dispatching tool

    : you can easily set up recurring jobs, assign teams and set arrival windows to notify your customers with our scheduling too. After you schedule a job, your assigned employee will be notified and can view job details.

  • Fast, secure payment

    : instead of digging through a pile of paperwork, you can now create invoices and send to customers with just a few clicks. You can also provide customers with a more professional payment experience by allowing them to easily pay for your service online. Once payment goes through, both you and your customer will receive an automated receipt.

  • Service agreements that gains you repeat business

    : easily schedule a recurring service agreement monthly, seasonally or yearly to build loyal customer relationships. This can also help your window cleaning business gain recurring revenue from customers.

Is your window cleaning software free?

You can use Housecall Pro’s window cleaning software for 14 days free. After the free trial, the pricing for Housecall Pro’s window cleaning software is based on a monthly subscription fee. You can choose to pay monthly (starting at $65 a month) or annually (starting as low as $49 a month).

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Does your window cleaning software offer scheduling features?


Our window cleaning software offers easy-to-use scheduling features including, drag and drop scheduling, automatic dispatching, and automated email/text confirmations. These scheduling features allow you to keep communication open between you, your employees and your customers. When you schedule a job, your assigned employees will be directly notified. Assigned employees can also automatically notify the customers once they are on the way to a job. When a job is finished, your customer will receive all the details and summaries of the job and have the option to pay.

Learn more about Housecall Pro’s scheduling features

What devices does your window cleaning software work on?

Our window cleaning software works on IOS, Android, web. Making it accessible from your iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer. Housecall Pro’s window cleaning software also can be used on the desktop computer and business owners may monitor their business flow and process in the office while your employees use the mobile app to finish assigned tasks out in the field.

Does your window cleaning software connect to QuickBooks?


You can easily import your invoice history, customer list, price list data and more from QuickBooks Online to Housecall Pro. When a job is finished, all invoice line items and payments can be automatically sent to your QuickBooks account. This way, you do not have no duplicate information and transfer data from one software to another.

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