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The best window cleaning tools in 2022

Easy-to-use window cleaning business solutions

No matter if you run a business for window cleaning or are looking to spruce up around your home, we have done the research for the best new tools to clean your windows. Look no further – these are the best tools we found to clean windows.

The best window cleaning tools

Unger professional 10” window cleaning tool: 2-in-1 microfiber Scrubber and squeegee.

If you want to clean your windows like a professional, you should try out this 2-in-1 tool. Make window cleaning a breeze with a ten-inch rubber squeegee blade to give your windows a professional shine. What’s even better is that you can use both for commercial and residential use.

Use the microfiber scrubber to wet while you clean. With professional-grade microfiber, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Eazer 89‘’ spray window squeegee cleaner tool, 3-in-1 

Make window cleaning even easier with a spraying tool while you get the job done. The Eazer cleaner tool is good for windows or car windshields. It’s also easily fillable: no more stopping work to spray after every swipe. Its lightweight design allows for a detachable extension pole to reach every tight space.

Extend your work area up to 89 inches. The scrubber head can also be adjusted to 14 inches and is easily cleanable. Just drop the microfiber cloths in the washing machine for an easy clean. 

Ettore 30116 squeegee-off window cleaning soap, 16 ounces

If you’re going to clean windows, you can’t do without Ettore’s Squeegee-Off window cleaner. Since this cleaner is ammonia free and biodegradable, it’s the perfect solution to cut through window grime, grease, and dirt. If you need a window cleaner that’s slip-resistant and streak-free, Ettore has got you covered.

DocaPole 30 ft reach window washing kit with 6 to 24 ft telescoping extension pole

Your window washing needs should be easy and accessible. For jobs like these, DocaPole is the one you should count on. With its 30-foot reach, you’ll no longer have to worry about a ladder. This scrubber is made of microfiber and is easily removable and machine washable. 

The best part about this window cleaner is the agile rotate clock mechanism. Get every crevice and use the extension pole in lock mode to match the angle of the window panels. 

Cordless window vacuum, 3-in-1 rechargeable window squeegee

Cordless window vacuums are underestimated for their multi-function capabilities. This one from the SWDK store does it all. Its angular design helps fit the edge of each window so you can get the grime that other cleaners miss. 

Rechargeable and made with a lithium battery, it can run nonstop for up to 40 minutes. Don’t worry about the dirt build-up: you can remove and dispose of dirty water in just a few seconds. 

Try cooling hand-held groove gap cleaning tools door window track

Have you been skipping cleaning out your window tracks? Make the task easy with a handheld groove gap cleaner.  The ergonomic handle helps make sure every bristle gets all stuck in grime. Remove debris and wow your customers with a window cleaning tool that works every time. 

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