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20 Best Window Cleaning Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Easy-to-use window cleaning business solutions

Professional window washers know the importance of using the best window cleaning tools, supplies, and techniques for windows that sparkle and shine. Whether you’re a seasoned professional offering residential and commercial window-washing services or a homeowner who wants professional-level spring cleaning, you’ll love the items featured below.

At Housecall Pro, we know the importance of using the best equipment for window cleaning, no matter how small or large the job is. From general window washing to specialized exterior and high-rise jobs, we’ve got you covered with these professional window cleaning tools.  

Best window cleaning tools for starters

You may not have the budget for all the bells and whistles when you’re just starting out. Luckily, you can get professional-level results when you use the best window cleaning tools. There are certain pieces of equipment you need to get started; the items below help you complete every task needed for professional window cleaning without breaking the bank. 

1. Eazer 89‘’ spray window squeegee cleaner tool, 3-in-1

Make window cleaning even easier with a spraying tool while you get the job done. The Eazer cleaner tool is good for windows or car windshields. It’s also easily fillable: no more stopping work to spray after every swipe. Its lightweight design allows for a detachable extension pole to reach every tight space.

Extend your work area up to 89 inches. The scrubber head can also be adjusted to 14 inches and is easily cleanable. Just drop the microfiber cloths in the washing machine for an easy clean.

Price: $29.99

2. Ettore 30116 squeegee-off window cleaning soap, 16 ounces

If you’re going to clean windows, you can’t do without Ettore’s Squeegee-Off window cleaner. Since this cleaner is ammonia-free and biodegradable, it’s the perfect solution to cut through window grime, grease, and dirt. If you need a window cleaner that’s slip-resistant and streak-free, Ettore has got you covered.

Price: $5.89

3. Sörbo Swivel T-Bar

The Sörbo Swivel T-bar is lightweight and durable and comes in multiple lengths, so you get the right coverage no matter what size or shape the windows are. It does not come with a scrubber sleeve, but it fits all major brands of scrubbing sleeves, so you can use your preferred sleeve or sleeves made of different materials depending on the task. It’s crafted from heavy-duty plastic and an aluminum T-section, so it’s sturdy yet light enough to make it easy to use for hours.

Price: $16.00

4. Moerman Complete Microfiber Stripwasher

The Moerman Complete Microfiber Stripwasher delivers superior window cleaning power and ergonomic comfort. The tool can be attached to a pole tip for those hard-to-reach areas or wielded by hand. The sleeve’s seams are double-sewn for durability and to improve the overall water retention. With a scrub pad built-in on one edge, you can spot-scrub stubborn dirt and grime and then wipe it away.

Price: $25.25

5. XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0

The XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 is a step up from the popular original. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, it’s durable enough for even the toughest jobs. The pole extends up to 20 feet (or there’s an option for a 12’ or 16’ pole) and is specifically designed with a “no flex” rigidity, easy to control so your arms and shoulders don’t get as tired. And, at just 53” when collapsed, the XERO Trad Pole can easily fit into your window cleaning rig.

Price: $299.00

Top window cleaner tools for seasoned pros

Window cleaning estimates, invoices, and payments

When you ask the pros for the best tools for cleaning windows, you’ll usually find one common denominator: comfort and durability.  Spending hours a day washing windows is hard on your arms and shoulders. When a professional window cleaner looks for the best window washer tools, they look for tools that are lightweight and durable.

Efficiency is also an important criterion for the best window-washing tools. Time is money, and if the tools you use take too long to complete the job, your bottom line suffers. Finally, professional window cleaning tools should be effective—no streaks or smudges, just sparkling clean windows. The best tools are just the first step in starting a window-cleaning business. We’ve gathered our top tips to help you with your business set-up. 

6. Unger Professional 10” window cleaning tool: 2-in-1 microfiber Scrubber and squeegee

If you want to clean your windows like a professional, try out this 2-in-1 tool. Make window cleaning a breeze with a ten-inch rubber squeegee blade to give your windows a professional shine. What’s even better is that you can use it both for commercial and residential use.

Use the microfiber scrubber to wet the surface while you clean. With professional-grade microfiber, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Price: $17.11

7. Metallic Aluminum Sectional Ladders

You can’t clean windows above the second or third story without a sturdy ladder to reach them. Lightweight, stackable aluminum ladders are the preferred ladder for professional window washers. When your safety is on the line, there’s no reason to cut corners on quality, and these metallic aluminum sectional ladders deliver. They’re versatile – you can use them indoors and out – and can even use them on stairs or an incline.

Sectional ladders consist of a base section, 1-2 center sections, and a top section. Each section has slip-resistant corrugated round rungs. Each section has a 250 lb. rating.

Price: $359.95

8. Moerman Drywalker Flex Modular BOAB Hip Bucket

The new Drywalker Flex Modular BOAB Hip Bucket from Moerman is the perfect bucket-in-a-bag for window washers. The unique modular design allows washers to configure the BOAB according to their needs. The bucket attachment has room for 2 squeegees PLUS a flig or other washer. The base and double squeegee attachments are made of heavy-duty fabric, while the bucket and drop catcher are made of durable, chemical-resistant plastic. Accessories include the base, add-on bucket, and add-on squeegee holder, with a fully detachable belt.

Price: $59.06

Best professional window cleaning kits

When you’re just starting out in the window washing business, professional window cleaning kits are the ideal solution. You’ll have all the equipment you need—including items you didn’t think of! Each item in professional window cleaning tool kits should work in tandem with the others, like tool attachments that properly fit extension poles and BOABs that can fit your squeegees and other gear.

Our criteria for the best window washing kit included the items and how durable and lightweight the items were. We also looked at the kit’s value and effectiveness. We even considered user reviews to find the best professional window cleaning equipment sets.

9. Tucker® USA –The ULTIMATE Residential Kit

The Tucker® USA –The ULTIMATE Residential Kit is the perfect kit for anyone looking to start a window cleaning business. It contains the best window cleaner tools used by pros and is a step up from a basic water-flow kit. It’s ideal for fast rinsing in all water conditions, which can be a boon for washers in areas with hard water. The kit even includes your first set of pre-filter and post-filters FREE of charge.

Price: $3,399.00

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Your window cleaning business – all in one place

Try our window cleaning software for free. On average, Pros increase monthly revenue generated through Housecall Pro by 50% after their first year.

See plan options and feature breakdown on our pricing page.

10. WCR Pro Trad Kit

If you want a professional-grade kit filled with the best window cleaning supplies without breaking the ban, choose the WCR Pro Trad Kit. It was created by professional window washers with years of experience and has everything you need for professional cleaning, even if you’re just cleaning your own home.

It includes an Unger ErgoTec Tool Belt complete with the pouch and BOAB. There’s even an Ettore Brass Ledge-Eze Handle to help reach the bottom edges of windows with sills.

Price: $502.36

Best specialized window washing tools

Professional window washers know that getting windows clean and clear involves more than just washing glass. Advanced tools, like steamers and water-powered washers, can elevate your professional window-cleaning business and deliver results beyond what your competitors offer.

With specialized tools, you can offer services beyond the basics. From residential homes with small, hard-to-reach decorative windows to washing windows for older homes or those with years of built-up grime to having a specialty skyscraper window washing business, the sky is the limit when you add special tools to your collection.

11. Cordless window vacuum, 3-in-1 rechargeable window squeegee

Cordless window vacuums are underestimated for their multi-function capabilities. This one from the SWDK store does it all. Its angular design helps fit the edge of each window so you can get the grime that other cleaners miss.

Rechargeable and made with a lithium battery, it can run nonstop for up to 40 minutes. Don’t worry about the dirt build-up: you can remove and dispose of dirty water in just a few seconds.

Price: $– (item unavailable)

12. Try cooling hand-held groove gap cleaning tools, door window track

Have you been skipping cleaning out your window tracks? Make the task easy with a handheld groove gap cleaner. This is the best window track cleaning tool! Its ergonomic handle helps make sure every bristle gets all stuck in grime. Remove debris and wow your customers with a window cleaning tool that works every time.

Price: $4.96

13. Unger® HydroPower® Tank and Brush Kit

The Unger® HydroPower® Tank and Brush Kit is the best window cleaning steamer. It turns your pole into a pure water window cleaning system. You can clean windows up to 4 stories high from the ground – no need to risk your safety on a ladder. The resin tank purifies water to ensure spot-free cleaning. And, you’ll never miss a spot with the dual-bristle power brush that swivels 180º.

Price: $1,300.00

14. XERO Pure Package

Whether you’re a window cleaning pro or just getting started, you can’t go wrong with these water-fed packages from XERO. They’re adaptable and have easy functionality that even a novice window cleaner can quickly master.

Use the XERO Pure in three different modes. Standard mode, RO/DI, filters water in three stages so it’s perfectly purified and leaves zero streaks. If you experience pressure problems, the unit efficiently switches between DI and RO filtration systems. If you have a job where gleamingly clear windows aren’t an option, you can easily switch to RO mode to save a little on operating costs. Best of all, it’s compatible with most major brands of resin and filters.

Best of all, it doesn’t require electricity, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about finding an outlet!

Price: $2,178.00

15. Unger Accessory Adapter

If you purchase a complete window washing kit, you’ll usually have all the tools and supplies you need to do just about any job, and all the tools and components will fit together. However, as your business expands, you may start purchasing other tools, either in addition to those in your kit or to replace broken ones. Or, you may have an especial favorite tool that may not fit with the rest of your equipment.

The Unger plastic adapter pairs tools from different brands together, allowing you to finish the job quickly and safely. It fits on Mr. Longarm poles and interfaces with all Unger products.

Price: $2.80

Best exterior and high-rise window cleaning equipment

Are you ready to take your professional window cleaning job to the next level? High-rise window cleaning services typically pay more than residential window cleaning. Even if you’re just cleaning 4-story office buildings, the best window squeegee with an extension pole can help you expand your clientele.

These exterior window washing tools can help you safely and effectively clean the windows of multistory buildings and grow your business.

16. DocaPole 30 ft reach window washing kit with 6 to 24 ft telescoping extension pole

Your window washing needs should be easy and accessible. For jobs like these, DocaPole is the one you should count on. With its 30-foot reach, you’ll no longer have to worry about a ladder. This scrubber is made of microfiber and is easily removable and machine washable.

The best part about this window cleaner is the agile rotating clock mechanism. Get every crevice and use the extension pole in lock mode to match the angle of the window panels.

Price: $89.99

17.  Metallic Ladder Loaded Kits – 21 Foot

Safety comes first for true professionals; the interlocking nature of this ladder set makes it easier to work on windows 2, 3, and 4 stories off the ground. You can work safely on uneven terrain using the Xtenda Leg Ladder Levelers, which can be installed in minutes and keep the ladder more stable. At 21’ high, the ladder extends your reach. It’s lightweight enough for one person to carry and set up.

Price: $1,600.00

18. Frontline Confined Space Kit Rescue System All in One Complete Safety and Compliant

Frontline’s confined Space Entry Kit is OSHA and ANSI compliant, essential for window cleaners working in high-rise buildings. In fact, in some regions, you may not be able to operate unless your equipment meets OSHA safety standards. This kit has everything you need, including a double pulley system and safety harness.

Price: $2,999.99

19. Uline 3M DBI-SALA® ExoFit™ Safety Harness – XL

Comfort is key with a personal safety harness. The last thing you want to do when several stories are in the air is shift around to get comfortable enough to move! Uline’s tangle-free design slips on and off easily, with quick-connect seatbelts that are fast, efficient, and completely secure.

The cushioned, nonslip shoulder and leg padding absorbs shock so you can move more easily from side to side, and the breathable lining wicks away moisture so you’ll stay dry and commutable for hours. The harness connects to shock-absorbing or retractable lanyards, which can be purchased separately. It has a weight capacity of 420 lbs.

Price: $395.00

Best window cleaning business tools

All the professional window cleaning tools and safety equipment in the world will not help you much if you’re not getting a steady stream of business. To elevate your window-washing business to the next level, you need an easy-to-use and mobile window-cleaning business software.

Your customers can easily review your services and book window cleaning services online. With our scheduling module, you can quickly assign jobs to your team, share customer preferences and information, and accept payments on the spot.

20. Window cleaning business software

Cleaning business invoice software

Housecall Pro’s window cleaning software empowers you to streamline operations, deliver exceptional customer service, and drive business growth. With its comprehensive suite of features, you can improve every aspect of your window cleaning business:

  • Effortlessly manage recurring window-washing jobs for residential and commercial clients through automated scheduling, dispatching, and notifications.
  • Book more customers with online booking, allowing clients to easily schedule services 24/7 through your website, Google Business Profile or social media channels.
  • Streamline pricing and invoicing with customizable templates tailored for window cleaning services. Automatically invoice customers via text or email after each job is finished.
  • Watch your online reputation grow, HCP automatically sends a review link after every completed job so you never worry about collecting reviews.

Grow Your Window Washing Business With the Best Window Cleaning Software Tools

You can’t produce good results with sub-par tools and equipment. The best window cleaning tools produce clean windows, no matter how hard to reach, filthy, or old they are. In fact, your clean, sparkling windows are an advertisement for your window-cleaning business. Quality tools and supplies are an investment in your business’s success.

At Housecall Pro, we believe that business success starts with the right software. Good home and commercial service-based business software helps organize and automate many of the back-end tasks, freeing you up to take more jobs and grow your business.

Talk to one of our customer care representatives today to take our window cleaning business management software for a free two-week trial. They can walk you through the platform, explain its benefits, and set you up for success!

Frequntely Asked Questions

What do professionals use for cleaning windows?

Window cleaning pros start with purified water (which reduces spots and streaks) and distilled white vinegar or a commercial hard water stain removal. Many cleaners use a combination of a water dispensing pole, squeegees, and microfiber or other soft polishing cloths.
Pros also use a “fanning” technique, moving the squeegee in a fan motion to prevent the cleaning solution from getting underneath the blade and leaving streaks.

What is the best tool for cleaning hard to reach windows?

An extendable squeegee on a telescopic pole can be used for hard-to-reach windows. Look for ones that are lightweight enough for easy use yet crafted for rigidity, which helps you better control the motion and direction of the squeegee.


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