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HVAC software is a management tool to operate your HVAC business more efficiently. It comes with built-in features for sending estimates, scheduling jobs, dispatching team members, and invoicing your customers. This comprehensive software manages the end-to-end activities of your business to increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

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For the record when random solicitors call me and try to sell me their financing programs, get me on the first page of Google, or Service Titan calling me like crazy I immediately shut down and block them and want nothing to do with what they say, but for some reason I answered the phone when Housecall Pro called me to see if I was interested. I don’t know if I was just in a good mood that day or what but I signed up and man did it make a huge difference. It’s funny too because I always recommend it to my friends and family that also have service companies. I send them link and stuff all the time and they never look into my suggestion. Funny how that used to be me, just stubborn, thinking I know I can figure it out myself and I’m doing good now. I was way wrong.

Anthony T.

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Mobile HVAC dispatching software on an iPhone

HVAC dispatch software

An HVAC dispatch software is used by HVAC businesses to manage technician real-time dispatching with full efficiency. Housecall Pro offers an easy solution to technician dispatch in the field. Once dispatched, the technician will receive full details of the time, location, and details of a job through a smartphone or tablet.

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Mobile HVAC invoicing software on an iPhone

HVAC invoicing software

An HVAC invoicing software is often used by HVAC businesses to generate customer invoices through a smartphone or tablet device. The digital invoice can be converted directly from an estimate and be sent to customers as a custom job invoice. Housecall Pro’s invoicing software also integrates with QuickBooks to directly transfer all payment information between two platforms.

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Mobile HVAC scheduling software on an iPhone

HVAC scheduling software

An HVAC scheduling software allows HVAC businesses to easily schedule jobs for their technicians online and notify the assigned technicians on job details. Housecall Pro’s scheduling software is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool with a simple calendar view. The job date/time, location, customer information, and job details are all included in the scheduling calendar.

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Mobile HVAC software for QuickBooks on an iPhone

HVAC software for QuickBooks

HVAC software for QuickBooks is used by HVAC businesses to manage invoicing, payments and other accounting aspects of the business. Housecall Pro’s HVAC software directly integrates with QuickBooks to sync all invoice information, price list data, customer list, and other payment histories without double-entry.

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Mobile HVAC maintenance agreement software on an iPhone

HVAC maintenance agreement software

HVAC maintenance agreement software is used by HVAC businesses to create recurring service plans on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or any custom period of time. Both the HVAC business and the customer have access to maintenance agreement details and reminders for services show directly on the Housecall Pro app to keep you notified.

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Mobile HVAC estimating software on an iPhone

HVAC estimating software

An HVAC estimating software can be used by HVAC businesses to offer customers a professional digital estimate of the service they requested. Using Housecall Pro’s HVAC estimating software, you can directly enter your service fee and line items to create custom estimates. The estimates can then be converted to invoices once the customer agrees.

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Does Housecall Pro have an app?

Housecall Pro has a mobile app for iOS, Android, and tablet users. Our all-in-one platform includes a variety of different features built into a single HVAC software. You can review the status of jobs, search customer profiles, and accept payments. It’s an effective way to manage your HVAC business while on the go.

Is your software free?

New members can sign up for a 14-day free trial. Your team will have full access to all the features in the Housecall Pro software. Then, select from our three pricing plans, starting at

just $49 a month


Does your software have design software built-in?

The Housecall Pro software helps you design a professional website. Our step-by-step process only takes a few minutes to create an SEO-friendly website. You also can get our online booking feature to allow customers to schedule jobs directly on your site. Find out more about our

website builder here


Is your software compatible with Quickbooks?

Yes, Housecall Pro fully integrates with Quickbooks. This integration provides an ongoing, one-way sync of customer data and invoice history to your Quickbooks Online account. We eliminate the data entry process for your HVAC business.

What integrations are built into your software?

Housecall Pro software integrates with apps to improve your HVAC business operations. Our Google Calendar integration adds jobs and events to your schedule. The Stripe integration allows your team to securely process credit card payments from your customers. With our Quickbooks integration, it’s easier to maintain accurate records of your business finances. We’re constantly partnering with established brands to provide you with the best integrations.

Do you offer software training?

Yes, Housecall Pro offers a catalog of pre-recorded webinars and tutorials. You’ll learn how to set up your account, schedule jobs, and create a custom price list. Our knowledge base includes relevant articles to help you with the software. XL plan members receive training and monthly check-ins from a dedicated

Strategic Account Manager

. Plus, you can contact the Housecall Pro team via live chat with any questions.

Does your software work for service technicians as well?

Housecall Pro is an easy-to-use software for service technicians. With our tool, your technicians can track their time at specific jobs, review upcoming tasks, edit service line items, and accept customer payments. You also can adjust the employee permissions to set what access they have within the software.

Is your software made for small businesses?

Housecall Pro helps every type of HVAC company, including small businesses and large corporations. Your business will benefit from real-time dispatching, in-app employee chat, one-click estimates, and GPS tracking. Plus, our software helps you drive repeat business with built-in email marketing automation. Check out our three

pricing plans here


Do you offer design/CAD software built in?

Computer-aided design (CAD) software helps HVAC professionals design duct and piping systems. Currently, Housecall Pro does not offer a built-in CAD feature. We are always building new features to help HVAC businesses. So, reach out to our team with your ideas.

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