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Housecall Pro simplifies HVAC businesses’ admin work while maximizing their profitability. Manage scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoices, and payments all in one place while improving your customer experience.


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HVAC Scheduling Software

Software built to streamline office operations and manage your team in the field. Use our powerful mobile app to stay on top of your schedule from anywhere.

  • Set up new and recurring jobs from the office and on the go

  • Notify and dispatch technicians and estimators

  • Manage time, location, and other job details

  • Send custom texts and auto-notifications

HVAC Invoice & Estimate Software

Provide customers with a professional record of proposed and completed work. Easily keep track of work orders and convert estimates into one-off jobs or recurring services.

HVAC Payment Software

Make payment easy and professional for your customers. Offering options like ACH, credit card processing, and consumer financing through our mobile app simplifies the process and prevents late payments.



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"There are just so many things that Housecall Pro does for us that a lot of it becomes automatic. It's a win-win."

Joe M. Owner, Air Hawk Heating & CoolingPasco County, Florida


What is HVAC software?

HVAC software is a great way to manage and grow your HVAC business. Housecall Pro's field service software is a cloud-based solution that comes with built-in features for managing all aspects of your HVAC business - whether you're in the field or at the office. Streamline your work with our software that will send estimates and invoices to customers, schedule jobs, dispatch field technicians, and more.

How do I bid on an HVAC job?

Contractors need the best solution for bidding on jobs. Housecall Pro makes it easy for HVAC contractors to make a winning bid for a job:

Step 1: Store the customer's info in Housecall Pro

Step 2: Visit the customer's address or do a virtual estimate

Step 3: Fill in an estimate or sales proposal using Housecall Pro

Step 4: Email or text the estimate directly to the customer

Step 5: Get notified via email when the customer approves your bid and easily turn the approved bid into a job

How do I change my HVAC pricing?

HVAC companies often need to update their prices based on changing material costs and other factors. With Housecall Pro’s Price Book feature, you can update your pricing with one click to keep everyone on the same page and protect your profit margin. 

When should I receive payment for an HVAC job?

When doing HVAC service, you can’t always receive payment on the spot. Housecall Pro allows you to send a professional, branded invoice to your customer with custom invoice terms. Customers can pay online, and you can get the money instantly. 

How do I bill for HVAC recurring service agreements?

Housecall Pro’s Recurring Service Plan feature can help you create a loyal base of customers that bring in recurring revenue throughout the year. Recurring Service Plans and billing can be set up through our mobile app or on your desktop computer. The mobile version allows you to show customers' payment plan options and close sales in the field. Once your customer is set up on a recurring payment plan, Housecall Pro handles the rest, automatically billing your customers for a consistent revenue stream. You can also track and manage all of your recurring service plans from one simple dashboard.

How do I set up QuickBooks for an HVAC company?

QuickBooks Online and Desktop are the accounting software of choice for many HVAC businesses. Whether or not you’re working with a bookkeeper or accountant, QuickBooks helps you create profit and loss reports, organize your payroll and tax information, and much more.

How do I keep an HVAC customer record?

 When storing an HVAC customer’s information, be sure to include:

How do I put together an HVAC residential service contract?

Based on the specific services your business offers, your standard recurring service agreement could follow a variety of formats. Generally, all HVAC service contracts should include the following components:

  • Services Provided — Specify the type and scope of your services along with any additional details. Will you be providing preventive, recurring maintenance of the heating and air conditioning unit at your customer’s home each month, or does the nature of your work only require you to respond to issues as needed? How much will your customers pay for your HVAC services, and when does the agreement expire?

  • Performance Standards — Providing a consistent level of service is key to delivering on your recurring residential service agreement. What kind of quality can your customers expect from your HVAC services? Define the specific standards your work will live up to and detail any processes your service technicians will use to assess the completion of a project.

  • Monitoring and Reporting — Will you provide regular inspections or auditing services as part of your recurring service agreement? If so, explain how your techs will collect that data and whether customers will have access to it.

Emergencies — Give your customers peace of mind with an action plan in case an emergency strikes. Set expectations by defining how quickly customers can expect an emergency response and how rapidly issues are likely to be resolved.

How do I market my HVAC company?

When it comes to getting more leads online, the biggest obstacle HVAC companies face in terms of marketing is time. When you’re busy in the field with your customers, it’s tough to make time to develop and launch a marketing plan.

Housecall Pro makes marketing your HVAC company much easier with built-in tools like:

What do I say on HVAC thank you cards?

HVAC thank you cards are a great way to retain customer loyalty after a job or at the holidays. The messages on these thank you cards follow a simple format: 

  • Greeting — Address and thank the customer for their business

  • Information — Brief details about other services you offer for the future. If customers don’t know what you offer, they might go somewhere else for a service you can perform 

  • Contact information — Make sure that customers can get in touch with you again 

Housecall Pro helps you manage your customer loyalty efforts by automatically sending out postcards to your clients. Learn more about how postcard marketing can help build awareness locally, drum up repeat business, and build stronger customer relationships.

How do you ask for a review for your HVAC business?

Asking HVAC customers to review your service can be tricky. It’s best to get in the habit of asking customers for a review after every service, and you can make it easier on yourself by using an automated service to request reviews on your behalf.

The Housecall Pro reviews feature makes it simple to ask customers for reviews automatically and to control where those reviews show up online.

Does Housecall Pro have an app?

Yes, Housecall Pro has a mobile app for iOS, Android, and tablet users. Our all-in-one platform includes a variety of different features built into a single HVAC software. You can review the status of jobs, search customer profiles, and accept payments. It’s an effective way to manage your HVAC business while on the go.

Is Housecall Pro free?

New members can sign up for a 14-day free trial. Your team will have full access to all the features in the Housecall Pro software. Then, select from our pricing plans, starting at just $49 a month.

Is Housecall Pro compatible with Quickbooks?

Yes, Housecall Pro fully integrates with Quickbooks. This integration provides an ongoing, one-way sync of customer data and invoice history to your Quickbooks Online or Desktop account. We eliminate the data entry process for your HVAC business.

Does Housecall Pro work for service technicians as well?

Yes, Housecall Pro is an easy-to-use software for service technicians. With our tool, your technicians can track their time at specific jobs, review upcoming tasks, edit service line items, and accept customer payments. You also can adjust the employee permissions to set what access they have within the software.

Is Housecall Pro made for small businesses?

Housecall Pro helps every type of HVAC company, including small businesses and large corporations. Your business will benefit from real-time dispatching, in-app employee chat, one-click estimates, and GPS tracking. Plus, our software helps you drive repeat business with built-in email marketing automation.

Does Housecall Pro offer software training?

Yes, Housecall Pro offers a catalog of pre-recorded webinars and tutorials. You’ll learn how to set up your account, schedule jobs, and create a custom price list. Our knowledge base includes relevant articles to help you with the software. Max plan members receive training and monthly check-ins from a dedicated Strategic Account Manager. Plus, you can contact the Housecall Pro team via live chat or phone call with any questions.

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