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Simplify Scheduling & Dispatching

Plumbing software built to streamline front office operations and manage your team in the field. Use our powerful mobile app to stay on top of your schedule from anywhere.

  • Easily set up new jobs or estimates

  • Assign plumbers and estimators to the calendar

  • Keep in touch with and dispatch team members in real-time

  • Manage time, location, and other job details

Professional Plumbing Proposal Software

Send customers professional estimates and proposals right from your phone. Easily track your sales and conversion rates. 

Reliable Plumbing Payment Software

Make payment easy and professional for your customers. Offering options like ACH, credit card processing, and consumer financing through our mobile app simplifies the process and prevents late payments.

  • Easily convert estimates to jobs and invoices

  • Take credit cards, debit, ACH, and track checks/cash

  • Offer competitive consumer financing

  • Get paid fast with a secure payment solution

  • Sync with QuickBooks Online or Desktop


Housecall Pro offers more options.

"With Housecall Pro, there's nothing that we want it to do that it doesn't do. We could have 100 trucks, and we’d still use Housecall Pro."

Dave C. Owner, Cass PlumbingSan Diego, California


How do I write a plumbing invoice?

Writing and sending out invoices is the most critical, and often most difficult, part of a plumbing job. When it comes to writing invoices, there are some considerations to review to make the perfect invoice template:

  • Business name and logo 

  • Contact information

  • Services, including pricing and description 

  • Total, including taxes

  • Thank you message to the customer for a personalized touch 

Housecall Pro makes invoicing plumbing customers simple with our easy-to-use invoicing software. Our solution will automate many aspects of the invoicing process, including sending out reminders of past due invoices and job details to your QuickBooks account so your company books are accurate and up-to-date all the time.

How do I ask for payment for a plumbing job?

The best time to get paid for a plumbing job is right after you’ve finished. With Housecall Pro’s app you can take payment from your customer right on the spot - whether it’s a check, credit card, or Apple and Google Pay. 

But if you can’t take the payment immediately, you’ll enjoy the invoicing feature of the Housecall Pro app which lets you send professional, branded invoices to your customers with custom terms. Then, your customers can pay online and you’ll receive the money in 30 minutes or less.

Does Housecall Pro integrate with QuickBooks for plumbing?

Yes, QuickBooks Online and Desktop are the accounting softwares of choice for many small businesses which is why Housecall Pro integrates easily with both.

Housecall Pro seamlessly connects so you’ll be able to sync your customers, invoices, and payments in just a few clicks. Housecall Pro integrated apps make managing your business easier. Whether you’re working with a bookkeeper, accountant, or going it alone, QuickBooks and Housecall Pro's integration help you create profit and loss reports, organize your payroll and tax information, and much more, quickly and easily.

How do I dispatch plumbers in a plumbing company?

A small plumbing business needs expert dispatching software. With Housecall Pro, your dispatcher can control your plumbers with ease - from both their mobile phone and desktop computer. Our dispatching software lets you see real time locations of your vehicles, text your plumbers about job details and directions, and monitor which customers call you with our integrated call monitoring.

What information should my plumbing estimate contain?

A good plumbing estimate template contains all the information your customers need to know to feel confident in the work delivered. 

  • Contact information

  • Project summary

  • Total labor and materials costs (some plumbers include this, some leave it out)

  • Total cost

  • Permits needed

  • Your insurance and license information

  • Guarantee of work

We know being a plumber means you’re leading a busy life. As a small business owner, you’re probably being called in to deal with new jobs and other emergencies while you’re in the middle of another job! You need a way to create detailed and professional plumbing estimates quickly and easily. Housecall Pro’s app features estimating software that lets you send out an estimate with just a click of a button.

How do I ask customers for plumbing reviews?

Asking plumbing customers to review your service can be tricky. It’s best to get in the habit of asking customers for a review after every service, and you can make it easier on yourself by using an automated service to request reviews on your behalf.

The Housecall Pro reviews feature makes it simple to ask customers for reviews automatically and to control where those reviews show up online.

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