Simple review and reputation management software

Housecall Pro’s integrated reviews management feature makes it easy to improve your Google My Business and Facebook ratings and generate new testimonials for your business.


Improve your online reviews and get more jobs.

Review Automation Software

Take the work out of asking for reviews. Make it easier on your technicians by using Housecall Pro to automatically email your customers for reviews on top sites.

  • Automatically send customers a review request when a job is completed

  • Send requests via email and text to make it easy for your customers

  • Organize and label customers in the system for follow-up reminders for reviews

  • Select where your reviews appear: Housecall Pro, Google My Business, or Facebook

Review Management Software

Sharing great reviews with future customers is crucial to getting more jobs. Automatically post reviews from customers with Housecall Pro’s review management feature.

  • Integrate with Google My Business and Facebook to automatically share your customers' reviews 

  • Create a dedicated page on your website that instantly updates with new reviews 

  • Organize and respond to reviews directly from Housecall Pro

Reputation Management Software

Stop going from site-to-site to manage your customer feedback. Keep it simple, and manage your online reputation from directly within the all-in-one Housecall Pro app.

  • See all of your reviews across top social sites in one place

  • Track your technicians’ performance by customers’ reviews of their work

  • Use our built-in analytics to monitor which customers are leaving the best reviews


Made for home service businesses.

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  2. Website Builder
  3. Checklists
  4. Customer Management
  5. Consumer Financing
  6. Reporting
  7. Recurring Service Plans
Automated Marketing


What is reputation management software?

Online reputation management software is designed to monitor reviews from customers, in order to address any content or feedback that would bring your business's average star rating down. Housecall Pro's reputation management software allows you to organize, respond to, and share reviews to your website, Facebook, and Google My Business to build trust with potential customers looking for your home service solution. Building a good image online leads to new customers, increased sales and growth.

How do I ask customers for a review?

Asking customers to review your service can be tricky. The customer may not be available when the technician finishes the job. Plus, it can be awkward to end your customer interaction with a review request. But it is a best practice to ask for a review of the service right after a job while it's fresh in the customer's mind. Additionally, it's important to follow up with your customer a second time in case they haven't already left a review of your business online.

Housecall Pro's review management software automatically follows up with your customer, by text or email, requesting a review on local business sites you care about.

Why should I track customer reviews?

Keeping track of your company reviews lets you see exactly how your business's reputation is presented online. The reviews platform in Housecall Pro lets you track reviews across your website, Facebook, and Google My Business. You can stay up to date with what customers are saying about your business and easily respond to reviews directly from Housecall Pro.

Should I share positive reviews?

Absolutely! Sharing your positive reviews - on your website, Google My Business profile, and Facebook - can help everyone see how great your work is. The more people see the positive feedback, the more trust you'll build, which will lead to more jobs.

Housecall Pro integrates directly with your website, Google My Business and Facebook’s review platform so that your customers can easily leave a review for your business.

Can I track employee performance with reviews?

The reviews feature in Housecall Pro lets you track which employees are getting positive reviews, and which ones might need more training to avoid negative reviews from future customers. Our solution lets you organize this direct feedback from your customers, making it easier for you to get a sense of your techs’ performance even when you can’t be on the job with them.

My customer didn’t leave a review after the job, how can I follow up with them?

Housecall Pro has multiple options for following up with customers. If the customer didn’t respond right away to your review request, you can follow up with them directly via email or text to make sure they had a good experience. After-the-job email follow-ups also give you the chance to send reminders to book again via your online booking link.

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