Streamlined job scheduling.

Minimize admin work with drag-and-drop job scheduling software.


Save time. Scale your business.

Complete Job Scheduling

  • Easily set up new and recurring jobs

  • Set arrival windows with a few clicks

  • Quickly pull up customer records

Organize your Calendar

  • Preview job details from your calendar view

  • Manage time, location, and other job details

  • Quickly view job payment status

Team Notifications

  • Automatically send job details to assigned techs

  • Stay in touch with in-app company chat

  • Assign tasks to office staff


Easy to use.

“The best part is I look at the next job on the calendar, know what I’m doing, and head out.”

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Why do I need job scheduling software?

One of the most important logistics for any home service business is scheduling employees. As your team grows, your ability to make smart scheduling decisions will play a huge role in your success as a business owner. Using a scheduling solution like Housecall Pro helps you efficiently manage your calendar, fill unproductive time, and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Can I schedule return customers with Housecall Pro?

Yes. With Housecall Pro, you can easily grow and track your repeat customer base and schedule return customers directly from their customer profiles. These tools will wow your customers and give you the metrics you need to see how your business is growing.

Can I schedule multiple techs to a job?

Yes. With Housecall Pro, it’s easy to schedule more than one technician to the same job. Our simple calendar lets you see which technicians are dispatched to which jobs at a glance. 

Can I schedule recurring jobs?

Yes. You can easily schedule services that recur weekly, monthly, annually, and anything in between with Housecall Pro. Transform any one-time job into a recurring job with a few clicks, and use email reminders to keep your customers updated on their next service. 

How can I ask customers to confirm the schedule?

You can use our customizable text messages or email reminders to stay in touch with customers before the job or estimate. Your customer’s experience is always front of mind with Housecall Pro.

Can my customers book online?

Yes. With Housecall Pro’s online scheduling feature, your customers can book online right from your website or social media pages. Imagine waking up to see customers have booked openings in your calendar while you were sleeping.

How long is the job-scheduling process?

Housecall Pro transforms job scheduling from a long process into just a few clicks. Spend less time getting customers on the calendar and more time in front of them.