Maximize profits with a price book.

Simplify pricing with an organized, visual price book and flat rate pricing.


Confidently increase your ticket size.

Streamline Pricing Management

  • Easily import an existing price book, or build your own

  • Customize your price book to support multiple industries

  • Sync your job expenses to QuickBooks

Secure Margins with Flat Rate Pricing

  • Calculate a profitable flat rate price for every service

  • Include labor and material costs in your service prices

  • Monitor the profit margins of every job

Visual Tools to Close More Sales

  • Display services with confidence

  • Upsell on the spot with multiple options and professional images

  • Enable techs to build trust with customers through transparent pricing


I control my profits.

“All it takes is one click in price book to drill down to exactly what you need, then and there.”

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How can I maintain consistent profit margins?

Keeping your profit margins consistent is a key to success for any home service business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when pricing jobs:

  • Track your exact labor and equipment costs. Knowing these numbers will help you price jobs to make a profit. 

  • Know how long each job is going to take. This will factor into your labor costs

  • Use consistent pricing across all technicians. If one employee prices the same job differently than another, it will be hard to maintain a consistent profit margin. 

  • Keep an updated price book. This will help you track labor and materials costs and incorporate them into your service prices, so you’re profitable on every job. 

How do I maintain consistent pricing from one tech to another?

Consistent pricing gives repeat customers peace of mind knowing how much they’ll be charged every time. Taking the burden of pricing off your techs’ shoulders allows them to focus on what they do best: delivering a 5-star experience.

Can I customize my price book?

Yes, your price book is designed to be customized in whatever way works best for your business, even companies that provide services across multiple industries. You can import an existing price list or create a new one. Easily add images to show customers your work.

How can I track job costs?

Tracking job costs is vital to maintaining a healthy profit margin for your home service business, but it can be complex. Housecall Pro’s job costing feature is an easy way to track your numbers: simply store your costs in your price book, and automatically calculate the total cost of every job to easily get a handle on your profit. 

Does my price book connect to QuickBooks?

Yes, the Housecall Pro price book integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Easily import your prices from QuickBooks into Housecall Pro or start from scratch--either way, your Housecall Pro and QuickBooks accounts will always be on the same page to keep your records organized and save you time on your bookkeeping.

Why should I use flat rate pricing for my business?
  • Consistency. Flat rate pricing ensures all your techs will quote every customer the same price, making your business look more professional. 

  • Profitability. Consistent, flat rate pricing includes profit margins right into your job pricing.

  • Customer experience. Customers prefer a set price upfront, so they have peace of mind knowing how much a job will cost them.

  • Ease of upkeep. Material and wage costs are constantly fluctuating. With flat-rate pricing, you can easily update your prices to accommodate these shifts while maintaining your profit margin.