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Working in the trades

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Templates for the trades

Templates bring efficiency to your business. Click your trade and select a template to read more and download a copy.

HVAC templates and calculators

    Electrician templates and calculators

      Plumbing templates and calculators

        Handyman templates and calculators

          Pest control templates and calculators

            Small business templates and calculators

              Licensing for the trades

              Licensing requirements for home service professionals not only vary between each trade, but also vary between individual U.S. states. Click the trade you’d like to learn more about and the individual state to read detailed licensing requirements and resources information.

              Salaries for the trades

              Looking to get started in a new, rewarding career in the trades? Maybe you’re considering a move and you want to know more about the salaries in a new state. Check out our salary guides for HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, Pest Control, and business owners for any type of home service business.

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              HVAC Technician Salary: U.S. Guide State by State

                Plumber salary in every state

                  Electrician salary: how much do electricians make?

                    How much does a pest control technician make?

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