Input job costs— maximize profitability

Housecall Pro makes it easier than ever to track and report on the costs associated with each job, giving you profitability insights and the power to make decisions that are right for your business.

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Accurate profit insights on every job

Labor and commissions costs

Labor and commissions costs

Track and report on actual labor costs and commissions from your employees in the field:

  • Measure  total labor hours using on-the-job time tracking
  • Input employee pay to get a complete picture of labor costs
  • Report on employee commissions and upsells

Material usage

With easy-to-read reports, material usage and tracking is easier than ever:

  • Add job materials and update costs on the fly
  • Populate costs directly from your price book
  • Report on material usage to manage inventory and expenses

Customized to your business

 Set employee permissions and choose what your customers see.

  • Control what your customers see on their invoice 
  • Record miscellaneous expenses that fall outside of labor and materials
  • Manage visibility for each employee

Data at your fingertips

Utilize intelligent reports to avoid manual tracking.

  • Get a full overview of your revenue, job costs, gross profit, and profit margin on every job
  • Report on metrics across jobs and employees to get a complete view of your profitability
  • View business performance with our reporting dashboard
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