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Streamlined estimating software for your home services business.


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Estimates Made Simple

  • Send or schedule custom estimates out in the field with one click

  • Allow customers to accept estimates with the push of a button

  • Effortlessly turn an accepted estimate into an invoice

Win More Jobs

  • Present multiple estimate options

  • Add custom descriptions of services to educate customers

  • Keep track of estimates awaiting approval

Track & Edit Estimates

  • Quickly find past estimates for any customer

  • Understand your close rates through reporting

  • Easily update existing estimates


One tool to manage it all.

“Whenever we need to pull an estimate, we're not going back to pull boxes down from the attic anymore.”

Sam J.Owner, Bayshore PlumbersRedwood City, CA

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How can I create a service estimate?

You can create estimates from your Housecall Pro mobile app or desktop and impress your customers by instantly sending a copy via text or email for their approval. Creating a professional and branded estimate makes a great first impression on your customers. Housecall Pro makes this easy, even if you’re out in the field.

How do I run a report on estimates for certain customer types?

You can run a report on estimates for different customer types with job tags. With reporting in Housecall Pro, you can tag customers and estimates and pull reports based on those tags, allowing you to track your customers by any metric you choose. Knowing your numbers can make a difference in your business’s success.

Can my customers approve an estimate online?

Yes. With Housecall Pro, you can easily send professional estimates via email or text for customers to review and approve right from their phones or computers. When the customer approves, we’ll notify you to get the job scheduled right away. 

Can I convert an estimate into a job?

Yes. Once a customer approves your estimate, it’s time to get them scheduled for the job so that you can do the work and get paid. Housecall Pro estimates allow you to copy the approved estimate directly into a job. You can eliminate double entry and create a complete customer record.