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Housecall Pro has powerful tools fireplace and chimney businesses need to ensure smooth operations and maximum efficiency all while improving customer experience.

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Simplify scheduling & dispatching

With our estimating tools, you can track labor costs and supplies used per job. Compare actual job costs with your estimates and make bigger profits. Elevate your business, turn an estimate into an invoice with chimney and fireplace software.

  • Easily set up new work orders or estimate visits from the app or desktop

  • Assign technicians and estimators to the calendar

  • Chat with team members and manage the schedule in real-time

  • Manage and optimize time, location, and other job details

  • Techs can access customer information and history from their mobile device

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Professional invoicing software

Send customers professional estimates and proposals right from your phone. Easily track your sales and conversion rates.

  • Create custom estimates from the office or the job site

  • Provide detailed proposals with pictures and multiple options

  • Offer maintenance agreements to create recurring revenue

  • Send batch invoices to customers for quick payments

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Reliable payment software

Make payment easy and professional for your fireplace and chimney customers. Offering options like ACH, credit card processing, and consumer financing through our mobile app simplifies the process and prevents late payments.

  • Take credit cards, debit, ACH, and track checks/cash

  • Offer competitive consumer financing

  • Get paid fast with a secure payment solution

  • Sync with QuickBooks Online or Desktop

  • Eliminate bookkeeping double entry with an all-in-one-solution

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On average, Pros increase monthly revenue generated through Housecall Pro by 42% after their first year.

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Chimney sweep software FAQs

Does your chimney sweep software have a mobile app?

Yes, Housecall Pro’s mobile app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s constantly updated for increased speed and new features, giving your pool service technicians, office staff, and managers access to what they need to get the job done.

Does your chimney sweep service software integrate with QuickBooks?

Easy QuickBooks integration means fireplace and chimney service businesses can simplify accounting procedures and automate the flow of information from invoicing on the job site to reconciliation in your accounting software, without the hassle of double entry.

How can software grow a chimney sweep business?

An all-in-one field service software empowers chimney sweep service businesses optimize their workflows and operations, so they can focus on boosting cash flow, adding new customers, and growing revenue. Housecall Pro helps business growth through improved performance by each technician. The mobile app equips chimney sweep techs to arrive at each job fully prepared, which leads to better customer service, and building a strong network of online and social media reviews.