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HVAC Technician Salaries: 2024 U.S. State-by-State Guide

HVAC Technician Salary Guide

When the sun is out and the temperature is comfortable, people don’t usually think about their HVAC system. That changes when they’re suffering through a 110-degree Arizona summer or a blustery Nor’easter—especially if their HVAC is on the fritz. The HVAC technician who comes to make them comfortable and fix the problem becomes their hero. 

But who comforts the technician? The HVAC business owners need to make sure their employees—their technicians—are comfortable in their jobs. It’s tough enough to hire technicians, let alone retain them. While there are tons of factors that influence whether an employee signs on with an HVAC business and stays for the long term, salary is at the top of that list.

That makes sense, but just what kind of salary can an HVAC technician expect in the United States?

What is the Average Salary For an HVAC Technician in the United States?

The average salary for an HVAC tech in the U.S. is $28.26 per hour or $58,782 per year.

There are variables, of course, such as the technician’s experience level, their specific job title and responsibilities and where they work. According to Zip Recruiter, the highest hourly rate is $48.73, and the lowest is $10.24, with the majority of HVAC technicians earning between $22.12 and $31.97 per hour.*

We’ve researched HVAC positions in multiple states to get an idea of industry trends, including job growth and need.

*Note—HVAC positions include a wide range of jobs from apprentice to service technician to senior service specialist. Their salaries reflect that range.

What Are The Highest-Paying States for HVAC Technicians?

Salary ratesnot just HVAC salary ratescan fluctuate from state to state because of several factors, including cost of living, local economic conditions and demand. There can also be a disparity between the salary of the highest-paid technician in one state vs. another. For example, an experienced technician working for a major HVAC firm in a lower-paying state could earn more than the highest-paid worker in a high-paying state. All things considered, some states generally pay higher HVAC salaries. These are those 10 states:

      1.  Washington $66,577/year  $32.00/hour

      2.  New York $64,310/year  $31.00/hour

      3.  Alaska $63,305/year  $30.00/hour

      4.  Oregon $63,261/year  $30.00/hour

      5.  Massachusetts $63,127/year  $30.35/hour

      6.  North Dakota $63,049/year  $30.31/hour

      7.  Minnesota $62,477/year  $30.04/hour

      8.  Hawaii $61,774/year  $29.70/hour

      9.  Ohio $61,106/year  $29.38/hour

    10.  Colorado $59,980/year  $28.84/hour 

Which States Pay HVAC Technicians the Lowest Average Salary? 

The reasons a state pays a lower overall salary are the same as for those that pay the highest salaries; cost of living, local economic conditions and demand can all play a role. These 10 states pay the lowest salaries:

      1. Florida $39,848/year  $19.21/hour

      2. Georgia $45,138/year  $21.70/hour

      3. West Virginia $45,507/year  $22.00/hour

      4. Arkansas $47,329/year  $22.75/hour

      5. Alabama $48,453/year  $23.30/hour

      6. Montana $49,065/year  $23.59/hour

      7. Michigan $49,674/year  $23.88/hour

      8. Kentucky $49,968/year  $24.02/hour

      9. Indiana $50,868/year  $24.46/hour    

      10. Texas $51,202/year  $24.62/hour    

HVAC Technician Hourly and Annual Pay by State

StateAverage Hourly RateAnnual Tech Salary
Georgia $21.70$45,138
Illinois $26.67$55,465
Indiana $24.46$50,868
Kansas $25.81$53,691
New Hampshire$25.12$52,249
New Jersey$29.00$59,678
New Mexico$24.69$51,352
New York$31.00$64,310
North Carolina $24.83$51,649
North Dakota$30.31$63,049
Rhode Island$28.17$58,594
South Carolina$25.36$52,738
South Dakota$28.00$58,782
West Virginia$22.00$45,507

How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make per Hour?

As mentioned previously, the average salary for an HVAC tech in the U.S. is $28.26 per hour. That number is calculated by adding the lowest recorded salary to the highest and dividing by two. The numbers change frequently as HVAC employees’ statistics vary in terms of  years of experience, expertise, job responsibilities, demand and cost of living requirements. With that in mind, see below for average salary data:

HVAC salary highlights:

  • Washington has the highest average salary at $32.00 per hour.
  • Florida has the lowest average salary at $19.21 per hour.
  • Four of the top five highest paying states have a very high cost of living.
  • The 10 lowest-paying states generally have a lower cost of living.
  • Although California is not among the 10 highest-paying states, the city of Sunnyvale pays the best average salary in the country$36.27/hour or $75,451/year, which is higher than the national average.

Where does your state rank? Do you notice any trends?

To find the national average for HVAC technicians, we examined the full range of salaries, from a low of $10.24 per hour in Florida to a high of $48.73 per hour in Washington. That resulted in a national average of just more than $28, as mentioned previously. 

“HVAC Salaries Nationwide Infographic

This data represents salaries for HVAC technicians with varying levels of service and expertise. 

More detailed information reveals several interesting observations.

Average HVAC Salary Range in Every State

Here is a glimpse of salary statistics in various states:

  • Florida, despite having weather that requires air conditioning most of the year, has the lowest reported salary ($10.24 an hour/$39,948 per year).
  • Although Oregon is the fourth-highest paying state for HVAC technicians (average of $30.41per hour/$63,261 per year), the market is not very good, as few companies are hiring.
  • Washington pays the best of all states, with an average of $32 per hour, and reports the highest annual salary ($101,367). 
  • Arizona ranks 43 out of 50 for salaries, yet a master HVAC technician could earn as much as $107,007 per year.

Cost of living matters. In Cleveland, OH, the average HVAC technician salary is $62,222. Someone in New York City would need to earn $157,842 to enjoy a comparable cost of living. If a Boston tech earns $65,003 and moves to New Orleans, the cost of living is 26% less. That means they would only need to earn $47,786 to maintain the same lifestyle level. However, the average salary in New Orleans is higher: $53,103.

“HVAC Hourly Pay Ranges in Each State Infographic

Average Hourly Salary Range by State

AK  $14.76 – $46.34
AL  $12.42 – $39.00
AZ  $12.77 – $40.10
AR  $11.33 – $35.58
CA  $13.52 – $42.47
CO  $14.41 – $45.25
CT  $13.03 – $40.93
DE  $13.71 – $43.07
FL  $10.24 – $32.16
GA  $11.57 – $36.33
HI  $14.24 – $44.71
ID  $12.89 – $40.49
IL  $13.28 – $41.70
IN  $13.04 – $40.94
IA  $12.87 – $40.42
KS  $12.22 – $38.38
KY  $11.90 – $37.37
LA  $11.72 – $36.80
ME  $13.27 – $41.66
MD  $13.30 – $41.76
MA  $14.96 – $46.99
MN  $13.42 – $42.14
MS  $12.98 – $40.75
MT  $12.58 – $39.49
NE  $13.06 – $41.03
NV  $13.33 – $43.82
NH  $13.33 – $41.85
NJ  $13.91 – $43.68
NM  $13.28 – $41.70
NY  $14.99 – $47.08
NC  $12.45 – $39.10
ND  $14.50 – $45.53
OH  $13.03 – $40.91
OK  $12.65 – $39.73
OR  $14.49 – $45.49
PA  $13.73 – $43.13
RI  $13.42 – $42.14
SC  $12.71 – $39.93
SD  $13.70 – $43.03
TN  $12.44 – $39.05
TX  $12.77 – $40.09
UT  $12.47 – $39.17
VA  $13.58 – $42.66
WA  $15.52 – $48.73
WV  $10.61 – $33.31
WI  $13.83 – $43.43
WY  $13.17 – $48.73 

As previously mentioned, there are several factors that influence salaries in United States locations. Just what could affect salaries?

Factors That Influence Salaries

Several factors can affect the salary of an HVAC technician. As noted earlier, there is considerable variation among the states. Some factors that come into play are:

  • Technician’s expertise
    *  Number of years in the field
    *  The kind of training (apprenticeships pay more than on-the-job training)
    *  Certifications earned
    *  Job responsibilities and difficulty of tasks
  • Geographic location
    *  Big cities pay more than rural areas
    *  Local market conditions and job demand
    *  Cost of living
    *  State or regional regulations
  • Education level
    *  Type of degree or training (B.A., A.S., apprenticeship, etc.)
    *  Certificates or licenses earned
    *  Areas of specialization
  • Type of employer
    *  Size of the company and type of organization (corporation, family business, nonprofit,    etc.)
    *  Industry (construction, technology, healthcare, school, etc.)
    *  Location of the organization

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HVAC Jobs That Pay More Than $58,000 per Year

Since the national average salary for an HVAC technician is $28.26/hour, that means many employees are earning around $58,780 annually full time (based on a 40-hour work week). So where are all those good-paying jobs?

To find out where jobs for HVAC techs are in highest demand, it’s important to understand the market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job availability for HVAC technicians is expected to increase 6% through 2032, which is faster than the average for all occupations. 

Approximately 37,700 jobs will be available, on average, each year until 2032. New construction, natural disasters, retrofitting or replacing old HVAC systems and evolving environmental issues and regulations are driving the demand. Additionally, the HVAC workforce is dwindling because the baby boomers are retiring. Their jobs need to be filled.

According to Career One Stop, these 20 states expect to have an increased demand for HVAC technicians and installers through 2030. 

State                                                     Percentage of Increased Need

Utah 46%
Arizona 31%
Idaho 31%
Colorado 30%
Montana 25%
Texas 21%
Nevada 21%
New York 20%
Iowa 20%
Washington 19%
Massachusetts 19%
North Dakota 18%
Florida 15%
Wyoming 15%
California 14%
North Carolina 13%
New Mexico 13%
Rhode Island 13%
Tennessee 12%
Connecticut 12%

What factors are influencing the increase in demand in these states? In Arizona, for example, the weather is a factor. The heat is excessive in the summer, and it’s getting hotter every year. Cold storage and refrigeration services are required. Additionally, many retired people move to Arizona every year, which means housing is increasing.

Consider Florida. It’s hot and humid, and it’s a popular state for retirees. However, tourism contributes the most to Florida’s economy, and hotels and entertainment venues need climate-controlled facilities.

Economy is another factor. Washington is home to major tech firms and aeronautical companies, and the economy is strong, with construction rates high.

Can You Make Six Figures as an HVAC Tech?

If your goal is to make six figures while working as an HVAC tech, it is definitely within reach. It’s doubtful, however, that you’ll command such a high salary if you’re just beginning your career. Again, as reported earlier, there are a number of factors that affect your salary: years on the job, education level, location, employer, job responsibilities and certification.

What is The Highest-Paying HVAC Job?

HVAC jobs are not just about maintenance and installation of heating and cooling systems. There are also HVAC sales professionals, engineers and researchers, assemblers and fabricators in an HVAC plant. Jobs are available in many industries, depending on your interests and skills.

For 2024, Zip Recruiter has identified the 25 top-paying HVAC roles

Job Title Salary Range

Thermal engineer $80,000 – $129,000
Project manager $80,000 – $112,000
Sales representative $59,500 – $110,000
CFD engineer $85,500 – $110,000
Engineer $58,500 – $106,500
Design engineer $85,000 – $100,000
Estimator $59,500 – $94,500
Residential service technician $53,000 – $90,000
Manager $58,000 – $87,500
Engineering technician $50,000 – $83,000
Project engineer $65,000 – $80,500
Controls technician $60,500 – $80,000
Commercial HVAC service technician $56,500 – $72,500
Service technician $50,000 – $70,000
Air conditioning mechanic $41,500 – $69,500
Designer $50,000 – $65,000
Journeyman $51,000 – $68,500
Residential technician $48,000 – $67,500
Technician $46,000 – $66,500
Mechanic $48,500 – $66,000
Installer $43,000 – $65,000
Weathering technician $34,000 – $46,500
Apprentice $32,000 – $45,000
Duct cleaner $28,000 – $36,000

In addition to salary concerns, HVAC business owners have other issues to tackle. They have to deal with invoicing, dispatch, marketing and payment process—just to name a few.

Housecall Pro has field service solutions that meet those challenges and help grow your business, create operational efficiency, and create loyal customers.

HVAC Service Technician Salaries: Frequently Asked Questions

Is HVAC a Good Career in the United States?

It’s absolutely a good career choice! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for HVAC technicians are expected to increase by 6% through 2032—more so than for any other occupation.

Do HVAC Technicians Make Good Money?

Many factors come into play—geographic location, education level, years of experience, job title, to name a few—but the short answer is “yes”. The national average is $28.26 per hour or $58,782 per year

Do You Need to Be Licensed to Become an HVAC Tech?

Not all states require HVAC techs to be licensed, but the requirements vary by state.

How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make in the U.S.?

As mentioned previously, salaries for HVAC technicians vary by state, education level, experience level and job functions. The national average is $28.26 per hour, and most states are within just a few dollars of that.

What State Pays HVAC Techs The Most?

Washington pays HVAC techs more than any other state. The average is $32.00 per hour or $66,577 per year.

How Can Housecall Pro Help Me and My Business?

Housecall Pro can help simplify the administrative procedures of your business, such as scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payroll and estimates. Additionally, you can benefit from business-growing solutions to boost revenue and profitability per job.

For example, are you spending more than you think you should on payroll? You might not be pricing your services correctly. Try viewing some HVAC price book templates to see how you could bring in additional revenue.

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