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Crew & Job Management

  • Easily create new landscaping & lawn jobs

  • Assign, notify, and dispatch multiple crews

  • Manage time, location, and other job details

  • GPS tracking in real-time

Estimates, Invoices & Payments

  • Convert estimates to work orders and invoices

  • Take credit cards, debit, ACH & track checks/cash

  • Offer competitive consumer financing

  • Manage crew spending with expense cards

Customer Experience

  • Allow online booking

  • Send custom texts & auto-notifications to customers

  • Add checklists to invoices

  • Automatically send Google & Facebook review requests


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How do I create a lawn care bid sheet or landscape estimate sheet?

Creating a professional, branded estimate for lawn care services makes a great first impression on your customers. Housecall Pro makes this easy, even if you’re out in the field. You can create estimates from your mobile app or desktop, and impress your customers by instantly sending a copy via text or email for their approval. 

How do I price landscaping jobs?

Pricing landscaping jobs can be tough, especially from the field. Storing your prices in the Housecall Pro Price Book keeps job pricing consistent across all of your employees. Plus, consistent pricing means your profit margin will be built right into every job, and your customers will get the most professional experience possible. Consistent pricing gives repeat customers peace of mind knowing how much they’ll be charged each time. And taking the burden of pricing off your tech’s shoulders frees them up to focus on what they do best: delivering 5-star service.

How do I manage landscaping jobs?

Efficient management is key to success for any landscaping company. For companies that work out in the field, field service management (often abbreviated as FSM) simply refers to the allocation of off-site resources required to serve customers. FSM comes in many different forms and can include everything from scheduling appointments to dispatching workers to determine

How do I track landscaping teams using GPS?

With Housecall Pro’s live GPS map, you’ll be able to track where employees are during the day. This means you can see your team’s progress throughout the day’s lawncare route and easily determine which teams are closest to a job site for same-day dispatching. 

Can I use QuickBooks with landscaping management software?

Yes, Housecall Pro integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and Online to help automate bookkeeping operations for landscaping and lawn care companies. Our integration pushes customer, invoice, and payment information to QuickBooks to eliminate double entry. 

How do I manage landscaping and lawn care service agreements?

Creating recurring service plans for your customers is a great way to build relationships, give customers peace of mind, and create a stream of recurring revenue in your off-season. These factors should consider these factors when creating a service plan for your customers:

  • What service will you provide?

  • Does the service plan give customers a discount on other services?

  • How long will the service plan last? Does the customer have multiple addresses that you service?

  • How will the plan make you money in the long run, even if you take a small loss initially?