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HVAC Technician Salary: U.S. Guide State by State

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For HVAC technicians, it’s all about comfort. From the sweltering summers in Florida to the frozen winters in Wisconsin, an HVAC tech’s primary responsibility is making sure people are comfortable at their home or business.

HVAC business owners, however, need to make sure their employees are comfortable. Hiring HVAC technicians is tough, and so is retaining them. While there are tons of factors that influence whether an employee signs up with an HVAC business and stays for the long term, salary is at the top of that list.

That got us thinking—what are HVAC salaries across the United States?

The average salary for an HVAC tech in the U.S. is $24.57 per hour.

Additionally, we collected and analyzed thousands of HVAC job listing from to identify some key trends and insights about what HVAC employees are earning across the U.S., where there are the most open positions, and other important information that’s helpful for both techs, owners, and operators.

*Note—HVAC positions include a wide range of jobs from apprentice, service technician, to senior service specialist, and their salaries reflect that range.

HVAC technician hourly and annual pay by state

StateAverage Hourly RateAnnual Tech Salary
Georgia $20.18$41,974
Illinois $25.26$52,541
Indiana $21.29$44,283
Kansas $19.13$39,790
New Hampshire$25.37$52,770
New Jersey$33.93$70,574
New Mexico$22.22$46,218
New York$23.41$48,693
North Carolina $20.29$42,203
North Dakota28.50$59,280
Rhode Island$35.94$74,755
South Carolina$20.45$42,536
South Dakota$23.89$49,691
West Virginia$19.57$40,706

How much does an HVAC technician make?

As mentioned above, the average salary for an HVAC tech in the U.S. is $24.57 per hour. HVAC employees come with diverse years of experience, expertise, business functions, and even cost of living needs. With that in mind, see below for average salary data:

HVAC salary data by state:

  • Alaska has the highest average salary at $39.48 per hour
  • Alabama has the lowest average salary at $18.77 per hour
  • The top five states with the highest average salary are on the east coast
  • The bottom ten states in terms of average hourly rate are in the south
  • Iowa claims the median average salary for HVAC, coming in at $28.85/hour

Where does your state rank? Do you notice any trends?

In order to find the national average for HVAC technicians, we examined the full range of average salaries, from $8.63 all the way to $49.97 per hour, to find the weighted average of $23.86, mentioned earlier in this post.  

Again, this data represents a broad mix of job titles and functions—from administrative assistant to senior HVAC tech, so the salary range reflects that as well.

But, breaking the data down by location yields further insights. Take a look!

Average HVAC salary range in every state

Salary range insights at a glance:

  • While Louisiana has the highest individual salary at $111.54/hr, the average salary of $27.57/hr ranks in the bottom third of the country
  • Connecticut is in the top four states in terms of highest individual salary ($75/hr) and average salary ($52.93)
  • Maryland has the lowest individual salary of $6.73/hr, but the second highest individual salary ($76.44/hr) in the country
  • Rhode Island and Massachusetts have the highest salary floor, with the lowest paying jobs posted at over $17/hr each.

What factors do you think influence the salary range by location? Demand for services? Cost of living?

HVAC jobs paying more than $55,000 annually

Since the national average salary for HVAC is $24.57/hour, that means many employees are earning around $50,000 annually full time. So where are all those good-paying jobs?

We took a look at the number of job openings per state that are paying a salary of $55,000 or more.

Data insights at a glance:

  • New Hampshire has the highest percentage of high-paying jobs available, with nearly  24% of jobs paying $55,000/yr or more
  • Alaska has the lowest percentage of high-paying jobs available, with 16.36% of jobs paying $55,000/yr or more
  • At the time of writing, Florida has 4,791 HVAC available jobs posted on Indeed, with 19.68% of them offering more than $55,000/year
  • Alaska has only 110 jobs posted, with 16.36% offering $55,000/year or more

Are you spending a lot on payroll compared to other areas of the county? You might be not be pricing your services correctly. Try viewing some HVAC price book templates to see where you may be able to bring in some additional revenue.

U.S. cities with the highest paying HVAC salaries

So all of the high-paying HVAC jobs will be in the largest city in each state, right? That’s actually not true!

Interestingly, it’s not just all the major metropolitan areas of each state that offer the highest paying HVAC jobs—looking at you, Gaithersburg, MD.

Take a look below at the top cities for hourly and salary pay for HVAC technicians:

HVAC tech salaries by city, stateAvg hourly payAvg annual salary
Danbury, CT $52.93$110,094
Gaithersburg, MD$49.02$101,961
San Francisco, CA$45.77$95,202
Boston, MA$43.20$89,856
Edison, NJ$42.48$88,359
Philadelphia, PAy$42.45$88,296
Williston, VT$42.43$88,254
Manchester, NH$42.34$88,067
Miami, FL$41.66$86,653
Anchorage, AK$41.47$86,258
New York, NY$40.45$84,136
Marietta, GA$38.95$81,016
Grand Rapids, MI$37.92$78,874
Warwick, RI$36.93$76,814
Cincinnati, OH$36.85$76,648
Providence, RI$36.85$76,648
Littleton, CO$35.92$74,714
Minot, ND/Williston, ND (Tie)$35.00$72,800
Wilmington, DE$33.84$70,387
Lafayette, IN$33.10$68,848
Lenexa, KS$32.97$68,578
Waukesha, WI$32.63$67,870
Billings, MT$30.94$64,355
Durham, NC$30.71$63,877
Morgantown, WV$30.11$62,629
Arlington, VA$29.92$62,234
Sioux City, IA$28.85$60,008
Saint George, UT$28.78$59,862
Hillsboro, OR$28.74$59,779
Montgomery, AL$28.48$59,238
Broken Arrow, OK$28.30$58,864
Seattle, WA$28.24$59,739
Grand Island, NE$28.17$58,594
Chicago, IL$27.86$57,949
New Orleans, LA$27.57$57,346
Charleston, SC$27.49$57,179
Saint Paul, MN$26.43$54,974
Scottsdale, AZ$26.33$54,766
Reno, NV$25.72$53,498
Sheridan, WY$25.70$53,498
Santa Fe, NM$25.45$52,936
Oahu Island, HI$25.31$52,645
Chesterfield, MO$25.00$52,000
Rapid City, SD$24.96$51,917
Bentonville, AR$24.73$51,438
Franklin, TN$24.46$50,877
Lexington, KY$23.89$49,691
Biloxi, MS$23.82$49,546
Westbrook, ME$23.78$49,462
Portland, ME$19.61$40,789
Austin, TX$22.58$46,966
Idaho Falls, ID$22.22$46,218

Data insights at a glance:

  • Danbury, CT has the highest average salary for HVAC jobs
  • Idaho Falls, ID has the lowest  average salary for HVAC jobs
  • While major metropolitan cities like Boston, San Francisco, and Philadephia all rank in the top ten, so does Anchorage, AK
  • Lexington, KY ranks at the bottom of average salary, yet the state of Kentucky ranks in the top two in the highest percentage of available jobs offering $55,000/year or more

While the major cities seem to command generally higher rates, there is plenty of opportunity in small cities to earn a great wage.

Guide to HVAC salaries in the U.S.

Wages are a huge part of the profitability of an HVAC business. They’re essential to the pricing, deliverability, and marketing efforts of the business. Wages are also crucial to the employee side in terms of talent acquisition, retention, and overall job satisfaction.

Finding the middle ground is a tightrope walk for HVAC owners and managers, and we hope that this HVAC salary data on the national scale helps put things into perspective.

Wages, of course, are just one of the tough challenges HVAC business owners need to tackle. They have to deal with invoicing, dispatch, marketing, and payment process—just to name a few. Housecall Pro is the premier solution to help grow your business, create operational efficiency, and create loyal customers.

Download the full infographic on HVAC salary by state

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Solutions for your business Whether you need to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase workforce or grow revenue, we have a solution.