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The smarter choice in field service management

With Housecall Pro, you’ll have the tools to elevate your business and ensure success.

Housecall pro vs JOBBER

We have the features you need at every stage of business growth

We’ve built easy-to-use, robust features that you’ve been waiting for. With custom visual reporting dashboards and job management, you can have it all at an affordable price.  

Scheduling jobs and estimates
Dispatching multiple techs, On-my-way notifications

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Request reviews

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Track material usage

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Customizable text messages

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Employee labor tracking and timesheets

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Vehicle GPS tracking

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QuickBooks Online integration

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Flexible payment collection and consumer financing

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Job costing and profitability
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Workflow management board with automated follow-ups to help track leads through jobs completed

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Integrated phone solution with VoIP and call tracking

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Enhanced reporting with a custom visual dashboard

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Manage a price book with flat rate pricing

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24/7 call answering service

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Integrated Payroll offering

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Pro Facebook community for support resources

18K pro community

7k pro community

Information as of July 2023
Why More Businesses Turn to Housecall Pro

Powerful features to elevate your home service business

More features to scale with you

To efficiently run your business you need software to help streamline your work. With Housecall Pro, we have all the features you need making it easier for you to delete those unwanted apps for your admin and field team. 

We provide our Pros with even better features to help them find their next job:

We strive to make sure our app is a leader among field service business solutions. We never settle for good enough – we’re constantly improving.

Elevate your home service business: Start your free trial now

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Access the largest, best community of Pros

Our motto is clear: We’re in this together. With Housecall Pro, you’ll have access to thousands of like-minded business owners and employees looking to improve their service business using Housecall Pro. You’ll get advice from Pros like you, access to live webinars with experts in the field, and free resources that will help you improve the way your business works. 

Everything you need at an unbeatable price

We believe that if you find value in our product, you’ll want to stay with us. We work hard to make sure each of our Pros gets the most out of their Housecall Pro account with helpful onboarding guides, enhanced reporting, and regular updates to features that you need the most. Don’t just download any app to run your business – get the one that gives you the most bang for your buck.

And here’s the best news, all this comes with no long-term commitment. Go month-to-month or pay annually – whichever works best for you. Other field service management software might push you into contracts that work for their bottom line, but with Housecall Pro you can rest easy knowing we have your back. We won’t ever force you into a solution that isn’t right for your business.

No long-term commitments required: Start your free trial

Discover the ways Housecall Pro is different:

  • Drive sales

    Get your next job through the door with improved sales features like Pipeline and HCP Assist

  • Complete jobs

    Enhanced solutions help you manage jobs from start to finish, all from one place

  • Manage money

    Advanced financial tools help you get and manage money more easily

  • Drive business growth

    Reporting that's easy-to-read but powerful enough to help your business focus on the right types of work

More value at an affordable price

Housecall Pro plans are built  with the features you need to drive sales, complete jobs, manage your money, and drive business growth. Plus with additional offerings like job costing & profitability tools, Voice call identification, and Pipeline for automated workflows – you’re getting a comprehensive solution to help you run every aspect of your business.  

If you’re just starting out, you’ll find the essential features built into Housecall Pro are the digital tools you need to run your day-to-day business operations. From estimates to invoicing, Housecall Pro has all the solutions you need with no annual commitment required


Very user-friendly


With Housecall Pro, it’s very user-friendly, you’ll keep your technicians very happy.

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