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Boost your profits with HVAC flat-rate pricing software

Say goodbye to manually crunching the numbers. Say hello to a seamless pricing solution that puts you in control of your success. Our flat-rate pricing software automatically calculates overhead, labor, and supply costs, leaving you with profitable HVAC service prices.

  • Import your existing price book or create a new one from scratch

  • Make informed expense decisions with accurate material and job cost reporting

  • Easily evaluate profitability for each job using a visual comparison of your expected and actual job costs

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Build customer trust with transparent prices

In the HVAC business world, customer satisfaction is key. And nothing drives satisfaction more than transparent and upfront pricing. Your customers will know what to expect every time—no hidden costs, no surprises.

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Unleash the power of precise pricing with Profit Rhino

Profit Rhino has 30 years of industry expertise to help you land flat-rate prices that maximize profit. Armed with data from our Profit Rhino integration, you’ll get full visibility into HVAC industry pricing and learn what customers expect to pay for services.

  • Consistently turn a healthy profit using pre-built pricing and industry averages from the flat-rate price book

  • Quickly determine flat-rate prices that maximize profit and adjust for changing material costs

  • Uncover data-driven insights with real-time profitability data and reporting

  • Close more sales with an impressive visual price book

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HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Software FAQ

What is HVAC flat-rate pricing software and what does it do?

HVAC flat-rate pricing software is a digital tool designed to help HVAC businesses, contractors, and one-person professionals create consistent and transparent pricing structures. Flat-rate pricing software provides fixed rates for HVAC services, allowing customers to understand costs better.

Cloud-based HVAC software, like Housecall Pro, makes it easy for HVAC Pros to build their own price book or use an existing one. You can customize the price book according to your needs and connect expenses directly with QuickBooks. This boosts your workflow efficiency, whether you’re working on air conditioning maintenance, furnace installation, emergency repairs, or overall system optimization tasks.

HVAC businesses looking for an all-inclusive package will find Housecall Pro’s full suite of features helpful across scheduling, payments, invoices, field service managementclient intake & communicationreports and analytics, online booking, and customer website integration. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to make sure your business runs smoothly while at the same time providing exceptional customer service through each step of a project.

How can HVAC flat-rate pricing software benefit my HVAC business?

Using HVAC flat-rate pricing software like Housecall Pro can give your HVAC company a major boost. Simply put, flat-rate pricing systems incentivize technicians to complete tasks efficiently, which enhances productivity.

For example, let’s say a water heater repair has a fixed price of $235. If the traditional hourly rate is $100 and the cost of parts is $45, completing the job within an hour would give you a net income of $90 higher than time and materials (T&M) pricing. This shows how flat-rate pricing rewards proficiency and boosts profitability for HVAC businesses.

From the customer’s perspective, using a flat-rate service means they don’t have to worry about hidden costs or overspending. HVAC service businesses can set prices based on the scope of work or standardize the pricing of each service so that customers know exactly what they’re getting before committing. This makes selling easier across the board since everyone is on the same page about price expectations

Does Housecall Pro’s HVAC flat-rate software integrate with other HVAC business tools?

Absolutely! As a comprehensive field service management software, Housecall Pro does more than just provide HVAC flat-rate pricing. Our seamless integrations with popular third-party tools empower HVAC professionals and businesses with all the tools needed to efficiently manage business operations.

One integration is with Thumbtack, which helps you organize your leads and convert them into jobs. You can also sync invoice data from Housecall Pro to QuickBooks Desktop. Profit Rhino allows you to quickly create flat rate option boards for customers in the field or from the office. Wisetack allows you to close higher ticket deals by offering consumer financing while Google Local Services lets you get booked directly from Google Business search results.

With such a wide range of integrations available for your HVAC business, running and managing your operations has never been simpler or more secure

How can I get started with HVAC flat-rate pricing software for my business?

Getting started is simple. Take our industry-leading software for a test run with a 14-day free trial. Whether you’re a large service provider or a small business looking to get started in the HVAC industry, Housecall Pro covers all your flat-rate pricing needs.

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