MSL Housekeeping: Leaving Homes Spotless and Clients Smiling

Two cleaners from MSL Cleaning arriving at a door

A Family-Owned, Mission-Oriented Cleaning Business

We’re big fans of Marie Louissaint. She started MSL Housekeeping in Orange, CT, back in 2016. Her goal from day one was to provide high quality cleaning services that leave homes clean and healthy without breaking the bank. And she’s done just that. 

For Marie, business and compassion go hand-in-hand. Not long after starting her company, she began to recognize the needs of the elderly and single parents who struggled with their daily cleaning. She saw an opportunity and jumped in to help out with affordable cleaning services.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

MSL Housekeeping is a family business. Marie’s well aware that she’s growing more than just revenue—she’s creating a lasting legacy. MSL represents her first entrepreneurial venture and a meaningful source of pride for her family. Helping support her loved ones has brought her immense joy.

Reflecting on the company’s growth, Marie said, “Excellent communication is key to understanding our clients’ needs and delivering exceptional service.” It’s also crucial between leadership and the team. She went on to say, “Business is hard sometimes when managing people who may not fully understand the mission, but consistency and determination are key.”

Marie knows the importance of ongoing training. That’s why she wisely invests in her team’s development. “Continuous training is essential to maintaining the high standards we have set for our team.” Her crew stays up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques and industry standards. It’s all about a spirit of ownership. Marie affirms, “We want our employees to take pride in their work and deliver exceptional results.”

As you’d expect, she’s grown quite a customer base. One satisfied client sang these praises. “MSL Housekeeping goes above and beyond to ensure that every corner of my home is spotless. They pay attention to the smallest details, and I am always impressed with their level of cleanliness.”

There’s No Slowing Down

As a Housecall Pro customer, Marie loves the platform’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and support. It has become the go-to tool for her business. “Housecall Pro has made a significant impact on our business. It has simplified our processes and helped us maintain professionalism.” 

We’re proud to partner with Marie, and she’s proud to be recognized as a Superpro. It’s a badge she shows off, knowing it speaks to her professionalism and the fact that she provides exceptional service to her clients. Marie values the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the community. She says, “Being a Superpro has been an incredible experience. It has given us access to valuable resources and a supportive network of professionals who understand the challenges and triumphs of running a cleaning business.”

They’re not slowing down. MSL Housekeeping continues to grow a spotless reputation, expanding its reach in the community. Going forward, Marie and her team remain committed to delivering exceptional results and making a positive impact in the lives of those they serve. She plans to introduce services that align with her commitment to a clean and healthy living environment. “Our goal is to become the go-to cleaning service in our area, known for our exceptional service and dedication to customer satisfaction. We want to be the name people trust when it comes to professional cleaning.”

She’ll reach that goal. 

Combining a crazy high commitment to excellence with the support of Housecall Pro, there are no limits for MSL Housekeeping. To learn more and see them in action, visit their official website.

What does Housecall Pro do for you that other CRMs don’t?

For me, Housecall Pro is a one stop, you don’t need to shop around, solution where you can find anything you need to grow your small business. My clients love it too. The CRM helps us to stand up with our competitors.

Why did you choose Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro was the first company I chose, and I am still with it because it is easy to use and I like that blue chat bubble – they always answered all of my questions!

“A lot of things are easy for me to do…each time when my clients say I am very professional, I say – thank you Housecall Pro!”

Marie L.
Owner, MSL Housekeeping

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Chris Nordensson
Chris brings an immemse experience and is a passionate SuperPro community manager dedicated to fostering connections, sparking conversations, and making every member feel valued.

Chris Nordensson

Chris brings an immemse experience and is a passionate SuperPro community manager dedicated to fostering connections, sparking conversations, and making every member feel valued.