Product Roadmap Updates at Housecall Pro – June 2024

Product Roadmap Updates at Housecall Pro – June 2024


This past week we covered + introduced a new upcoming feature, “Estimates on Jobs,”
tailored to enhance the efficiency of service professionals by integrating the ability to
manage estimates directly within a job. This functionality allows technicians to create,
modify, and convert estimates without having to navigate away from the job details,
streamlining the workflow and reducing administrative overhead. Particularly useful in
scenarios requiring diagnostics before finalizing a quote, this feature ensures a more
accurate reflection of real-life job requirements and improves the ability to track and
convert job opportunities into actual services.

Another significant enhancement discussed was the introduction of instant transfers
through HCP Money, aimed at providing pros with the ability to quickly transfer funds.
This new feature is designed to address urgent financial needs by facilitating immediate
fund availability for unexpected expenses or purchases. The session detailed the
process and user interface of the instant transfers feature, including an alpha version
soon to be available for testing. This enhancement is part of Housecall Pro’s ongoing
efforts to integrate financial tools that support the operational needs of service
professionals, ensuring they have quick access to their funds when needed.

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