Master Your Money, Master Your Business: 2024 Mid Year Check In

Master Your Money, Master Your Business: June 2024 Mid Year Check In


It’s time for a mid year check in! Griner got right into it on our latest Money Mastery,
advising that companies need to actively assess their staffing needs against actual
sales to prevent overstaffing, especially during slower periods. This approach is not just
about cost-cutting; it’s about ensuring that each employee’s time is utilized effectively,
maximizing productivity and avoiding unnecessary financial strain on the business. By
aligning staff levels with service demands, companies can maintain agility, responding
adaptively to market fluctuations and optimizing their operational costs.

Griner also stresses the importance of strategic customer acquisition, especially
through acquiring lists from closing competitors. This proactive step can expand a
business’s customer base without the high costs associated with traditional marketing
campaigns. He suggests that this method can be particularly effective during economic
downturns when many companies struggle, offering a lifeline to rapidly grow your
customer base and enhance revenue streams.

By adopting these strategies, home service businesses can not only navigate
challenging economic conditions but also set the stage for sustained growth and
stability. These insights from Griner highlight the importance of strategic planning and
resource management in building a resilient business.

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