What is an Answering Service & Should Your Business Use One?

What is An Answering Service and Should Your Business Use One?

What is An Answering Service and Should Your Business Use One_

Do you ever catch yourself worrying about missing important calls after hours or on weekends? For many business owners, especially those in home service industries, the struggle is real. That’s where an answering service comes in. But is it the right fit for your business? To help you answer that question, let’s explore the pros and cons of an answering service.

What is an answering service?

An answering service acts as an extension of your business. A friendly voice greets your customers, helps with questions, takes notes, and sends you all the necessary details. Think of an answering service as a crucial partner that’ll prevent missed opportunities and allow you to relax. 

There are different types of answering services. You can get a machine-based answering service that’ll just take messages. Or you can go with partial or full coverage from a regular answering service.

  • Machine-based: This type of answering service provides an AI chatbot that’ll capture all of your customer’s information.
  • Partial coverage: This type of answering service will only take calls that go past the third or fourth ring.
  • Full coverage: This type of answering service will take calls anytime, 24/7.

What are the cons of an answering service?

Let’s switch things up and start with the downside. While answering services offer a bunch of advantages, there are also a few drawbacks to consider:

  • Cost: Adding an answering service does come with a financial investment. Carefully weigh the cost against the potential benefits for your specific business. One missed call could be a customer for life!
  • Potential lack of personalization: While answering services can be professional, they may not be able to replicate the personal touch you and your team provide to your customers. 
  • Implementation challenges: Setting up a new service can involve some initial legwork. Be prepared to invest time in training the answering service team on your business and its specific needs.

What are the advantages of an answering service?

There are many advantages of an answering service, particularly for businesses in the home service industry. Owners don’t always have time to answer all incoming calls, especially on nights and weekends. Many times, they’re wearing seven hats and are stretched as thin as a bubblegum bubble. Here are four basic benefits of an answering service. 

1. Improved Customer Service

Answering services can ensure you never miss a call. This means you can provide exceptional customer service by promptly responding to inquiries and concerns. Live representatives can also project a professional image, greeting callers courteously and efficiently. This creates a positive first impression for your business.

2. Increased Lead Capture

No more missed leads after hours, on weekends, or when you’re swamped! Having a representative answer your calls lets you capture leads even when you’re unavailable. With an answering service, you can capture every lead and convert more inquiries into paying customers.

3. Enhanced Business Image

A professional answering service portrays your business as responsive and reliable. That can go a long way in building trust with potential and existing clients. When your calls are always answered professionally, your business is positioned as a trustworthy and reliable option.

4. Improved Efficiency

By letting an answering service handle routine calls and inquiries, you free up valuable time for you and your team to focus on what you do best. That’s time to concentrate on core business tasks that require your expertise, complete more projects, and get on with revenue-generating activities.

It can be your reality. Imagine having a dedicated team to manage appointment scheduling, answer customer questions about service requests, and even dispatch techs for urgent repairs. 

What are some industry-specific benefits of an answering service? 

Whether you’re in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or another home service industry, an answering service can streamline your operations and free up time for you to focus on what matters most—providing excellent service to your clients. Housecall Pro integrates seamlessly with our HCP Assist offering. This makes managing your workflow easy and all but ensures a smooth customer experience.

“When my phone rings and I’m with a customer my first instinct is to try to answer because I don’t want to miss a call. Now that I have HCP Assist it has taken a tremendous burden off of my shoulders. It’s like having the best person in the office.” — Matt R., Reagle Service

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Should HVAC technicians get an answering service?

In the world of HVAC repair, emergencies can pop up at any hour, day or night. A broken furnace in the dead of winter or a summer A/C outage can leave a customer desperate for a solution. An answering service makes sure you don’t miss those calls, even after hours or on weekends. This lets you quickly capture emergency calls and dispatch techs to prevent costly damage from a failing heating or cooling system. Beyond emergencies, answering services can handle routine appointment scheduling and provide basic information about your services, freeing up your time to focus on repairs and installs. This improved efficiency means your business can serve more customers and increase revenue.

Should plumbers get an answering service?

A ceiling dripping water at night or a clogged drain on the weekend can create a major headache for a homeowner. If your plumbing company has an answering service, it means you’re always available to help with these urgent issues. Live representatives can field calls about leaks and clogs, allowing you to dispatch plumbers quickly to minimize water damage and relieve customer headaches. 

In addition to emergencies, answering services can efficiently manage calls to schedule appointments for routine plumbing services. They can even send automated appointment reminders to reduce the risk of missed slots and wasted time. With every call answered professionally, an answering service creates a positive customer experience, leading to increased trust and potentially more business opportunities.

Should electricians get an answering service?

Electrical service is another industry where emergencies can strike at any time. A sudden power outage or an electrical fire requires a swift response. An answering service gives you the opportunity to be there for your customers when they need you most.

Live representatives can address calls about power outages and electrical fires, allowing you to prioritize urgent situations and dispatch your team accordingly. Trained reps can even provide basic safety advice until an electrician arrives, potentially preventing further damage. Beyond emergencies, answering services can also manage calls to schedule routine electrical inspections and repairs. 

Should I get an office manager or an answering service?

Deciding whether to hire an office manager or use an answering service is a common dilemma for many home service pros. Both options have their own advantages, so let’s break them down to help you make the best choice for your business.

An office manager brings a personal touch to your operations. They can greet walk-in customers, make coffee, and handle receptionist duties. However, there are some significant downsides to consider. Hiring an office manager means covering additional costs like overtime, benefits, and taxes. You’ll also have to find coverage for their vacations and sick days, while ensuring you have support during nights and weekends. Hiring and training a new employee is an investment of time and money.

On the other hand, with an answering service, you can get 24/7 coverage, ensuring your customers can reach you anytime, day or night, without worrying about after hours or weekends. It’s a more cost-effective solution since you don’t have to budget for a salary, benefits, or overtime. All the logistics are handled for you, freeing up your time to focus on running your business.

Why do home service businesses love HCP Assist?

We created HCP Assist with home service businesses in mind. It’s a 24/7 answering service that’ll answer every call. Our virtual assistants can add estimates and jobs directly to your calendar and contact you with any important inquiries. This service provides peace of mind while making sure your customers don’t wind up with your competitors. 

“HCP Assist is awesome! Thanks for taking a big workload off my shoulders! I’m already adding a 2nd truck to the fleet!” — Christopher L., I Plumb LLC 

“What happens when you let HCP Assist handle your calls? You can enjoy more time with family on vacations like I did in Panama City Beach. Thanks, HCP Assist, for doing exactly what you said you do.” — Jeffery R., Air Outlook Inc. 

What HCP Assist offers:

  • 24/7 answering
  • North American–based virtual assistants
  • Text support after hours
  • Free and fast onboarding

  • Booked estimates and jobs, all within your account, without ever compromising your login credentials
  • Assistants are seasoned experts in home service businesses
  • Dedicated customer support at your service
  • Choose from a variety of minute plans tailored to your needs

  • Review every call with our call log
  • Stay updated in real time
  • Call and text from your business number
  • Client intake

How do I get started with HCP Assist?

Getting started is simple. Just fill out this demo request form so our team can show you how HCP Assist works! You can tailor your intake form, and we’ll walk you through how to make the most of all of our features.

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