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10 reasons why you need an answering service built for home service businesses

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If you’re a business owner who has ever had trouble keeping up with customer calls, we understand. Running a home services business means juggling many responsibilities, including keeping up with customer calls to book your services or inquire about support.

With our new customer communication service HCP Assist, Pros can get more free time and reduce the stress of hiring with an answering service that ensures you’ll never miss a call.

We know how much your community means to you. Your customers are more than dollar signs, they’re your neighbors and friends. You want to be available for them as much as possible. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider an answering service built specifically for home services businesses, like yours.

Never miss a customer call 

If you’ve ever missed a call or connection, we understand the frustration. Missing a call could mean losing out on valuable business, could lead to a bad reputation, and could mean missing referrals and long-term relationships. 

A customer’s time is valuable, so if they can’t reach your business, they’re likely to call a competitor and spend their money elsewhere. 

As a pro, you want to make sure you have options that will help make keeping up with customer calls easy. Most phone carriers offer both conditional and unconditional phone forwarding setup. 

Conditional phone forwarding, or rollover, means calls go to you first. This is the most common option. If they’re missed, the calls route to the answering services instead of going to voicemail. 

Unconditional phone forwarding, or 100% answer, means that all calls route directly to the answering service. Carriers have the flexibility for the Pro to adjust between rollover and 100% answer. If a Pro is going on vacation, they can adjust from rollover to 100% answer, then back to rollover when they return from vacation.

Show your customers they are important to your business by answering calls and responding to inquiries. With HCP Assist, you’ll never miss a customer call again and get more jobs on your calendar. Our assistants will make scheduling jobs a priority so you can quickly scale to schedule more jobs.

Personalized for home service businesses

Nothing is more frustrating than a virtual assistant that doesn’t understand your business. HCP Assist receptionists are backed by Housecall Pro, the 2021 top performer for field service management software on Capterra. 

Our receptionists are guided step by step through the booking process with a series of prompts. When you choose HCP Assist, your calls are being handled by professionals who know the home services industry. Additionally, we tailor our processes to your industry, job types, and business operations.

How do we do this? With easily accessible FAQs, your business’s key information is always streamlined and accessible. Learn more about how we can do this.

Turn leads into scheduled jobs or estimates

There’s more to attracting business than just picking up the phone- the goal is to turn every call into a customer. Qualifying each caller through a series of customized prompts helps accomplish this. 

HCP Assist is a live answering service specialized in home service businesses like HVAC, so we know exactly what questions to ask and can qualify a lead faster than the competition. 

There’s a reason why HCP Assist helps you profit 8x what you pay for service. HCP Assist utilizes a best in class customer intake tool that our team uses to provide the right call flow, scripting, and pricing information to customers over the phone without having to rely on memory.  We take the time to customize our customer intake tool with you during the onboarding process to ensure that our team handles customers the same way you would.

Cost-effectively scale your office staff

Full-time employees come with full time expenses. And when it comes to operating a home service business, there isn’t much time to dedicate to onboarding new receptionists. HCP Assist is your solution to those problems. 

The size of HCP Assist gives you access to multiple incoming calls. Instead of having potential leads on hold, HCP Assist serves as a spillover coverage on calls. So unlike a full-time receptionist in the office who can only handle one call at a time, with HCP Assist you don’t miss a single call or opportunity. A larger business and you have office staff handling calls, you’re still going to miss calls due to call stacking.  HCP Assist solves this problem by handling your overflow.

It’s easy to scale up your team to handle demands of a business season. Why not have additional staff, right when you need it?

Hire and manage staff stress-free

Running an HVAC business comes with a lot of moving parts. Being able to outsource any portion of it will take a load of work all off of your shoulders. But with outsourcing comes trust. All calls handled by HCP Assist are recorded so there’s complete transparency. You can be confident that your customers receive a consistent 5-star experience on every call. 

Extended phone support – even when the office is closed

Our phone support hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

This means extended phone support even when you’re unable to reach the phone. Enjoy one more cup of coffee at home or duck out early to watch the kids’ game knowing that HCP Assist is there to pick up the phone. 

Turn calls → appointments → jobs onto your Housecall Pro scheduler

And for HCP Assist customers using Housecall Pro, calls are scheduled directly onto the calendar, synced with all the notes from the call log. 

Each call, appointment, and detailed call logs – including call length and outcome of the call – are all available on the Housecall Pro Dashboard, just another integrated aspect of our advanced reporting

. You’ll be glad you invested in this streamlined solution. 

Ensure 5-star experience on every call

It’s cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one. And, customers book repeat services based on the service you provide. So if you can give the best-in-class service from call to payments, you’re bound to get happy customers returning time and again. 

HCP Assist uses tailored scripts created for your business to deliver a consistent, exceptional customer experience. 

Gain actionable insights

With HCP Assist, you can stay updated on the status of each call we take with texts or email notifications. Then, you can easily review detailed reporting on your calls, including; call length, reason for calling, outcome of the call, and any additional helpful notes from our team.

Want even more? Call recordings available on demand to dive deeper into the customer experience.

Add more time into your day

Outsourcing your receptionist work with support from HCP Assist can give you more time in the day. With reliable, knowledgeable support from HCP Assist you can find time for you. Your customers are our customers, but you’re our customer too. We keep customer experience first in mind. You can trust that HCP Assist will handle your customers the same way you do, because you’ll have detailed reports, custom notes, and recordings available for every call. Spend more time focusing on the growth of your business by letting us answer the phone for you. 

When you choose an answering service to represent your business, you need knowledge and reliability. Choose Housecall Pro, an award-winning company, and put HCP Assist to work for you.

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Solutions for your business Whether you need to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase workforce or grow revenue, we have a solution.