27 Home Service Business Ideas & How to Get Started in 2024

27 Home Service Business Ideas & How to Get Started in 2024

27 Home Service Business Ideas & How to Get Started in 2024

People are always going to need home service businesses to keep their homes maintained and functioning properly. If you’re a contractor who is tired of working 9-5 hours for limited income, or if you just want to get a good side hustle to help pay the bills, you might be a good candidate to open your own home service business!

How does a Home Service Business Benefit Contractors?

When working for a home service conglomerate a contractor is subject to their employers rates and hours. They also do not get to choose what jobs they take, instead being tied to a schedule that might not suit the contractors needs. By starting a home service business a contractor has complete autonomy over the hours they work and the projects they take on. 

27 Home Service Business Ideas In Demand for 2024

Let’s talk about some in demand home service business ideas that could help you get more money and more free time for your contractor work! 

1. Asphalt Driveway Maintenance and Repair

Our first home service business idea is great for contractors who like to work outside and are looking for a business with low overhead. Almost everyone these days either has an asphalt driveway so asphalt crack filling and seal coating is in high demand. 

There is no official training one needs to do asphalt maintenance and repair. By working with other asphalt contractors and taking some courses online, one could easily become a pro at filling cracks and seal coating asphalt.

2. Carpet Cleaning

People love carpets, especially in bedrooms and shared hallways. But what they don’t love is how dirty carpets can become. With pets, kids and general wear and tear even a clean house is going to end up with dirty carpets. That is why a carpet cleaning business is such a good home service business idea. 

If you enjoy solitary cleaning work (maybe while listening to your favorite music or podcast) then a carpet cleaning business might be the home business for you! 

The first thing you must do to start a carpet cleaning home service is get some experience as a professional cleaner. If you haven’t already, take a job cleaning residential and business carpets to learn how it’s done.

3. Pest Control Services

We might enjoy creepy crawlers in nature, but not in our home! All homes, including multi-family apartment complexes and duplexes, deal with rodents and insects. These pests can damage homes and bring disease. If you are looking for a good home service business that will keep its value, consider starting a pest control business.

To get started as an exterminator you need training. While it varies from state to state, most places require that pest control specialists undergo training and become certified in order to perform services.

4. Power Washing Services

Power washing, also called pressure washing, is hard work that is also done outside and has very gratifying results. A power washing home service business cleans driveways and even houses with a pressure washer and is much in demand in places where pollen, moss and grime build up easily. 

If you do not have power washing experience there are lots of online certifications and training programs available. After you gain experience and register your business, all you need is the tools to clean the surface before you pressure wash it, such as leaf blowers, a good surface cleaner, a pressure washer and of course appropriate PPE. 

5. Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter cleaning is important to prevent dry rot, but it’s a huge pain. That’s why most people outsource it to a home service company and get gutter guards put in. Gutter guards are screens placed over the gutter to prevent the drainage system from becoming clogged with leaves and detritus. They still need to be regularly cleaned, but they prevent the kind of clog that causes water damage. 

Gutter cleaning is a home service business that doesn’t require a lot of formal training or certification. With some simple ladders, cleaning brushes, heavy rubber gloves and trash bags you could create your own gutter maintenance and repair business. 

6. Arborist Work

Tree care is an important, and expensive aspect of home ownership. But unlike other home service businesses we have listed here, being an arborist requires quite a bit of training and knowledge. State legislature varies on what is required to be an arborist. Most require at least three years training as an apprentice or going to school for arboriculture. However, arborists are well paid for their time and expertise as the work of climbing and cutting trees is dangerous. 

7. Crawl Space Insulation and Cleaning 

A lot of homes can lose heating or cooling through a poorly insulated crawl space. A dirty, poorly encapsulated crawl space can also invite pests like rats, squirrels and raccoons. That’s why an insulating and cleaning service just for crawl spaces is an in demand home service business in 2024. 

Most insulation is done with a spray foam applicator and only takes minutes. With proper training and PPE all you need to start a crawl space cleaning and installation business is hard work and the willingness to get into tight, dirty spaces. Definitely not a career path for anyone with claustrophobia! 

8. Appliance Maintenance and Repair

Dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and more– modern homes are full of appliances that make our lives easier. But those appliances also break and most people don’t have the time or the know-how to fix them. By creating an appliance maintenance and repair home service business you not only create profit but you help save people the expense of buying a new appliance when one breaks– that’s a win-win! 

9. Window Cleaning Services

Dirty, spotty windows make homes look bad. Window washing is a great home service business that helps people clean their windows in and out. You also do not need much to start a home window cleaning business! All you really need is a ladder, buckets, hoses, cleaning supplies and a squeegee. 

10. Yard Cleaning/Dog Waste Removal Services

Dogs are the best, and easily one of the most popular pets in the country. However, not everyone has the time or physical ability to clean up the stinky messes they leave in the yard. If you find that your neighborhood has a lot of dogs, you might want to consider starting a dog waste removal service. It is one of the easiest home service businesses to start! All you need is the tools to clean up dog waste (usually called a “pooper scooper”) and a bleach bucket to sanitize the tools in. You also will need gloves, buckets and trash bags to remove and dispose of the dog waste. 

11. HVAC Work

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In places where it gets very hot or very cold, HVAC is more than a business idea– it’s a home necessity. Many HVAC services offer “emergency hours” for people whose HVAC system fails them in the middle of the night. HVAC is one of those industries that everyone needs, so it makes a great home service business idea. HVAC involves electric work and knowledge of different air conditioners, furnaces and home repair. It is something that you need to go to school to get certified for. After you are certified, most HVAC business owners work for a company to get experience before starting out on their own.

12. Plumbing (Especially Emergency Plumbing Services) 

All modern homes need plumbing, which means all modern homes will eventually need a plumber. This is especially true when a pipe bursts outside of business hours! But this is not a quick or easy business to enter. To be a plumber requires a lot of technical knowledge and skill. If you are trained and certified, it is a great recession-proof home service business. 

13. Electrician

Similar to plumbing, electricians are in high demand in every home in America. Whether it is installing electricity in newly built homes or helping repair wiring in vintage houses, everyone who owns a home needs an electrician. Being an electrician can be dangerous.. improperly applied wiring is a shock and fire risk. As such, becoming a certified electrician requires education and training. There you will learn the tools of the trade, as well as how to properly protect yourself and the homes you service. 

14. Overall Handyman

The handyman can! A handyman (or handywoman) is a catch-all term for hired help around the house. It’s one part contractor, one part engineer, one part general labor. Handyman duties can include everything from repairing flooring, installing window shutters, doing minor repairs and upgrades to the home and installing new appliances. Lots of people use handyman services, but they are especially popular among the elderly and disabled who have trouble maintaining their home. Being a handyman is an accessible business for anyone who is, well, handy! A good tool chest and a basic knowledge of home maintenance is all you really need.

15. Home Cleaning Services 

Home cleaning services are so popular among working people who want a clean home but don’t want to give up their precious little free time. It may seem that home cleaning is an “easy” job, but that is not the case. It takes time and experience to learn how to efficiently clean a home up to a client’s standards. Home cleaning businesses usually bring their own cleaning supplies, which includes cleaning sprays, disinfectants, floor cleaner, mops and vacuums. Before starting your own cleaning business it is recommended that you work with one for a few years to learn best practices and build a client base. 

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16. Garage Door Installation and Maintenance 

Garage doors add safety and aesthetics to a home and an automatic garage door opener is a great convenience after a long day at work. Maintenance is needed to keep them functioning properly, so if you have a good tool kit and basic engineering knowledge this might be the business for you! 

17. Landscaping and Lawn Care

Lawn care and landscaping are great home service business ideas. Whether you want to install extensive landscaping or just mow lawns on the weekend, this is a great way to make some extra money. If you want to do large-scale landscaping projects, consider taking some classes in landscaping and plant care and getting certified. But if you just want to mow lawns, all you need is a good mower and transportation! 

18. Stone Masonry 

Stone masonry is the art and craft of building things with stone and mortar. This is generally used for building stone walls– especially retaining walls in landscaping– or repairing current stone structures. Stone masonry is very popular for older homes that want to upgrade while keeping the vintage feel. Stone masonry is learned through apprenticeship.

19. Custom Home Contractors 

These days it is not just the wealthy who want custom homes made. If you are a talented contractor, you can start a business of making custom homes for clients. 

However, it is important to note that building a home takes a knowledge of architecture, cement laying, engineering, etc. It is a career that is built up over time. 

20. Pool/Spa Cleaning 

Pool cleaning and maintenance is a great home service business idea as it can be done part-time with a group of regular clients. Pools need to be cleaned on a regular basis, as well as tested for chemical content and impurities. Salt water pools are also becoming an increasingly popular option that can be a great addition to your home service business. 

21. Home Remodeling

Home remodeling, like custom home building, requires a team of electricians, laborers and architects to work in tandem on the client’s dream. If you already work in home construction and design, you might want to consider a home service business in remodeling. 

22. Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Chimney cleaning is a great home service business idea. Chimneys need regular cleaning (or “sweeping”) to prevent the build-up of creosote, a highly flammable sticky residue left behind from burning wood. Creosote can cause house fires, so a chimney cleaning and repair home service business is needed in any neighborhood with lots of chimneys. 

23. Locksmith

Locksmiths do more than help people who are locked out. A good locksmith provides a sense of safety to the home by installing locks and systems to keep loved ones secure. A locksmith home service business is perfect for anyone who is good with locks and wants to earn some money either full time or on the side. Locksmiths are needed everywhere and by everyone, so it’s a good business idea no matter where you are. 

24. Solar Panel Installation

Solar is the way of the future! As gas prices soar and people become eco-conscious, more and more homes are opting to have solar panels installed. Solar panel installation combines electric work with roofing, so some training and experience is needed for anyone who is interested in this home service business. 

25. Fireplace Inserts and Upgrades 

Traditional wood fireplaces are notoriously poor heat sources, with most of the heat escaping out through the chimney. But these days one can get an ultra-efficient insert for their fireplace that emits less smoke and can heat the whole home. These fireplace inserts are very popular, especially in cold climates where storms can knock out electricity powered heating. If you live in a place like that and are considering starting a home service business, look into fireplace inserts installation. 

26. Fencing Services 

As the saying goes, strong fences make for good neighbors. Installing fencing is hard to do, but it is also very satisfying and lucrative outdoor work. Whether you want to spend a day installing wire fences on a hobby farm or installing privacy fences in the suburbs, this home service business idea is never going out of style. In addition, there are not a lot of certification or education requirements to start out fencing– you just need experience and patience. 

27. Window Sealing and Tinting

Our final home service business idea is window sealing and tinting. Drafty, old windows can cause heating problems for homes. In addition, window tinting can help keep homes cool in the summer. Window sealing and tinting is a learned skill and will require some learning and practice, but once you get the hang of it you can go out on your own and offer window sealing and tinting either part-time or as your full time business. 

How to Start Your Home Service Business

Starting a business can seem daunting, but with the right tools it can be done! Starting a business requires registering with the state, building a client base and making sure that you have all the equipment you need. 

But what about the administrative side? If invoicing, scheduling, and dispatching makes your head spin, don’t worry– Housecall Pro has got your back. Our easy-to-use home service business software takes care of all the administrative work so you can focus on what you do best– being a great contractor! 

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Solutions for your business Whether you need to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase workforce or grow revenue, we have a solution.