Pricing Guide: How to Charge For Window Cleaning in 2024

Window Cleaning Pricing Guide: How to Charge for Window Cleaning in 2024

Pricing Guide: How to Charge For Window Cleaning in 2024

Window cleaning requires acute precision, keen attention to detail, and a little elbow grease. But let’s be honest, you’ll need a little more than elbow grease to get the job done right. Professional window cleaning businesses must charge appropriately for the skills required and risks at stake to complete the job. But how do you know what to charge for window cleaning services to ensure profitability while staying competitive?  

At Housecall Pro, we understand the value of the service you provide your clients. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to take the trouble out of pricing your window cleaning jobs, clearing the way for a better view of what matters most– growing your business.

What is the Average Price of Residential Window Cleaning Jobs?

The average price of residential window cleaning jobs can range between $150 to $350. Of course, that range is based on different variables, such as square footage, number of windows, window size, and window type—more on those influencing factors in just a bit.

In the meantime, we scrubbed the internet for sources to break down the numbers and help your window cleaning business shine.

Residential Window Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

A home’s square footage can impact the cost of window cleaning services. According to Fixr, a 1,000-square-foot home can range from $170 to $220, averaging between $0.17 and $0.22 per square foot. The cost can go upwards anywhere between $500 and $600 for a 4,200-square-foot home, averaging between $0.12 and $0.14 per square foot.

Residential Window Cleaning Cost Per Window

Homes of varying sizes can also range in the number of windows installed. Since this isn’t a clear-cut number, many window cleaning services charge per window or windowpane. For individual pricing, you can expect to see an average of $10 to $15 per window, or $4 to $8 per pane, according to Squeegee Squad.

Residential Window Cleaning Price Sheet

So, what does all this data mean? We’ve crunched the numbers from Architectural Digest for a quick price comparison.

Home size per sq. ft.Number of dual-pane windowsAverage cost

Specialty Window Cleaning Services

From shutters to screens and everywhere in between, window cleaning businesses do more than just clean windows. Increase your appeal to potential clients with these specialty services sure to improve profitability, according to Home Guide.

Specialty serviceCost per item
Sills & tracks (if not included in service)$0.05 to $5
Sliding glass doors$2.50 to $8
Screen cleaning$0.50 to $8
French doors$6 for half / $12 for full
Mineral deposit removal$10 to $30
Shutters$21 to $26
Dust removal$1 to $2

What is the Average Price of Commercial Window Cleaning Jobs?

The average price for a commercial window cleaning service will depend on the square footage, number of windows, frequency, and accessibility. Expect your commercial clients to pay between $150 and $650.

Commercial Window Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Like residential services, the average cost for commercial window cleaning can range from $0.10 to $0.25 per square foot. Be sure to consider all factors when pricing out commercial jobs. The square footage may not reflect the true time and labor required to complete the job. Businesses with floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the entire perimeter of the building will require more time and labor than a business in a plaza with only one large window to consider.

Commercial Window Cleaning Cost Per Window

Charging clients by window or windowpane is common for commercial window cleaners. According to Home Advisor, the price ranges between $5 to $15 per window, or $35 to $60 per hour. 

Commercial Window Cleaning Price Sheet

Because commercial window cleaning services are typically charged by square footage and frequency, many businesses opt for a monthly cleaning service plan. Per Architectural Digest, here’s an example of what to charge your clients:

Square footageFrequency per week (billed monthly)
>1,000$150 to $250$200 to $400$300 to $500$500 to $600$550 to $650
1k to 4,999$250 to $450$300 to $800$500 to $1,100$600 to $1,300$650 to $1,600
5k to 9,999$350 to $550$500 to $900$600 to $1,500$650 to $1,600$700 to $2,000

Window Cleaning Job Cost Factors

On the surface, these services may seem simple. But as any window cleaning business owner will tell you, there is more to the job than what meets the eye. With a clear view of the general pricing, let’s discuss the influencing cost factors and how they affect the bottom line.

Number of Windows

The number of windows in a residence or commercial building is a great starting place for pricing. When quoting a job for a prospective client, compare the number of windows to the square footage. If the total number of windows exceeds the average per square foot, consider charging per window.

Type of Windows

Window type is another key factor when pricing out jobs. Different window types have varied degrees of difficulty that should be reflected in the job cost. Here are a few examples of pricing based on window type, per Fixr. The prices suggested below are per unit and include labor.

Sliding: $8 to $10

The costs to clean the tracks and sills are usually included in the price, while screens are considered separate. Screens add anywhere between $0.05 to $5 per window.

Single-hung: $8 to $16

Single-hung windows have one stationary sash of glass, with another sash that either slides up and down or tilts inward, depending on the style. Jambs and sills are typically included, while screens are extra.

Double-hung: $8 to $16

Double-hung windows are different from single-hung in that both pieces of glass are moveable. Screens and interior glass are typically charged separately.

Casement: $15 to $30

Casement windows have two to four panes and are hung on one or more hinges on the side. Cleaning should include the sills and casement. Screens, if applicable, are an additional charge.

Skylights: $25 to $35

Accessibility and location of skylights require a ladder and a long squeegee. The specialty equipment and risk involved make for a higher-priced service, but well worth it for a home or business owner.

Sunbursts: $30 to $40

Sunburst windows include two different-sized panes: a small semi-circular decorative windowpane at the top, and a large rectangular pane at the bottom that is usually single-hung, double-hung, or casement. Cleaning usually includes glass and sills. Sunburst windows are often installed with interior shutters that require an additional charge for cleaning. 

Storm: $30 to $40

Storm windows are installed outside of the window of a home to provide an extra layer of protection for the primary window behind it. Through the cleaning process, these storm window attachments have to be removed and replaced, similar to window screens.

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Window Height

Window height determines the equipment and length of time needed to complete the job. Floor-to-ceiling windows, third and fourth-floor windows, and high-rise windows cost more due to the level of difficulty and time it takes to clean these windows safely. 

Condition of the Windows

Specialized cleaning solutions may be required if the windows have mineral deposits or grime buildup. Clients should expect to pay more for the additional time and cleaning solutions necessary under these conditions.

Supplies and Equipment

From squeegees and scrubbers to ladders and water-fed pole systems – having the right supplies and equipment is essential for any window cleaning job, no matter the scale. Many window cleaning supplies are universal, from residential to commercial cleaning. But for specialty services, it’s important to stock up on the industry must-haves to stay competitive in the market. 


Seasonal changes can influence a window cleaning business in many ways. Spring and fall offer milder weather compared to the extreme conditions of summer and winter. Window cleaners may need to adjust their scheduling and cleaning solutions to ensure the efforts are effective, depending on the time of year.

Should You Charge Per Window or Per Hour?

Whether or not you charge by hour or per window, is entirely up to the needs of your window cleaning business. Charging a flat rate per window is one way to ensure consistency from one job to the next but doesn’t account for the unexpected. Charging an hourly rate for services may account for the unexpected but leaves the fate of the client (and the company) up to the efficiency of the window cleaner. Many consider charging per windowpane a transparent and fair method of charging clients for services.

Is Your Window Cleaning Business Charging The Right Amount?

So far, we’ve discussed many ways to charge for window cleaning services, but it’s important to know how that applies to your business.

  • Start by researching your competitors of the same company size as yours. Since pricing information isn’t always advertised online, you may need to call them to get a quote.
  • Next, research your demographics. What do you have to offer and how much is your target demographic going to pay for your services? Once you have this answer, you will know the hourly target rate. Surveys and online forums are a great resource for this information.
  • Consider your employee’s hourly pay. If you aim to pay them higher, you can justify charging for services at a higher hourly rate.
  • Factor in your marketing strategy. If you’re trying to grow your business while staying competitive, you will need to invest in a marketing plan to draw new prospective clients your way.
  • Drill down on your pricing strategy and determine your square footage per hour. With your past data, factor in how long it took to complete the last ten jobs. What was the square footage of the homes? How many people were working, or were they solo jobs? This information will give you the square footage per hour.
  • To calculate the cost per window, figure out how many windows can be cleaned in one hour and how that relates to your hourly rate.
  • Other things to consider: Will you offer frequent service plans at a discount? If so, what is your discount margin for bi-weekly, monthly, etc.? What specialty services do you offer, and how does that match up to the competition? What are your monthly supply and equipment costs? 

Grow Your Business With Window Cleaning Software

Knowing what to charge for your window cleaning business doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you take a calculated and informed approach to your pricing strategy. Once you have your pricing in order, you’ll need a window cleaning software to manage and scale your business.With Housecall Pro, you can do that and so much more. Sign up for your free 14-day trial today and watch your window cleaning business grow and outshine the rest!

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