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Handyman business website template

A professional website makes your handyman business stand above the rest. Download your free handyman website template today to get started.

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What do you use a handyman business website template for?

A handyman website template is used for designing a handyman business website. Through a website, customers get 24/7 access to information about your company and different ways to inquire about handyman services. A website also get your business discovered by online search engines.

Example of what’s in a handyman tools checklist

Most handyman websites include:

  • A homepage that includes the name, logo, and slogan of the handyman business along with its location, phone number, and service area
  • A Services Offered section detailing the types of work done by the company
  • An About Us section including the company’s history, years at present location, and company philosophy
  • A Testimonials or Customer Reviews section
  • A Special Offers or Coupons page displaying promotions or discounts
  • A Blog section with relevant articles to help customers
  • A Contact Us section that includes your company’s phone numbers, email addresses, and social media links
  • A Booking Form that allows customers to enter their contact details and request specific services
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