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Plumbing Price Book Template

What a Plumbing Price Book Template Is Used For

A plumbing price book template is useful for creating a list of plumbing services and their corresponding prices. Price books are generally used with flat-rate pricing. The most common tasks are listed rather than custom jobs such as renovations or major repairs. Plumbing technicians can carry a price book to jobs to facilitate estimates. The office personnel can use it to quickly quote prices to customers who inquire over the phone or via email.

Plumbing Price Book Example

The following fields are in a plumbing price book:

  1. Code or identifier number for the repair or task

  2. Name and description of the repair or task

  3. The standard price, which can be subdivided into materials, estimated hours, labor cost per hour, a total of time and materials, and a markup amount

  4. The discounted price

  5. Prices for add-ons and upgrades

  6. Notes section

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