Free Pest Control Service Agreement Template (Free Download)

What a Pest Control Service Agreement Template Is Used For

A pest control service agreement is used between exterminators and their clients to clarify the work to be done. It gives permission for the pest control professional to perform the work and guarantees payment. Accordingly, it protects the exterminator against damages and provides a means of collecting money if services are not paid in full.

Pest Control Service Agreement Example

A pest control agreement template will include:

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of your company

  2. Name, address, and contact information for the client

  3. Location where the services will be performed, if different from the client's address

  4. Date on which services will be performed

  5. Frequency of service (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

  6. Short description of the services to be performed

  7. Special instructions

  8. Cost of services

  9. Signatures

Pest Control Service Agreement Template Download

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free pest control service agreement template

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