Handyman Work Order Template (Free Download)

Handyman Work Order Template

What a Handyman Work Order Template Is Used For

A handyman work order template lists the agreed-upon tasks to be completed for your customer. It will include the customer’s name and location, task descriptions, and total costs for labor and materials. This form is used by handyman businesses to provide customers with a complete statement of work and overall costs.

Handyman Work Order Example

The fields found in a handyman work order template are:

  1. Business name and phone number

  2. Order dates

  3. Customer data

  4. Type of work requested

  5. Payment information

  6. Work description

  7. Hours worked and price

  8. Job materials used and costs

  9. Total project price

  10. Name of the person approving the work

Handyman Work Order Download

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Handyman Work Order Template

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