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The 11 best seasonal job ideas for home service professionals

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Maybe you’re getting ready for a career in the trades. Or, maybe you’re a more established pro in the home service industry looking to fill in some short-term gaps in work. Or, maybe you’re considering a change in your job and testing out different types of jobs. No matter your reason, finding some additional work – that works on your schedule – is a benefit of working in the trades.

What are seasonal jobs?

Seasonal jobs are those types of jobs that typically have a few months’ worth of work and go away until the following year. When we were young, we used to offer a leaf raking service for the neighborhood. But, it worked for us, and since it was only a couple of weeks in the fall, it gave us the money we needed for football without having a long-term commitment. Today, however, seasonal work needs to pay well and be available every year. 

The time to pick up seasonal work is during your off season. Your off season is when work becomes slower, meaning there’s less money coming in. If you’ve already maxed out these ideas on how to market your business during the slow season; keep reading to find seasonal job ideas for the winter or summer.

Use these quick links to jump to the seasonal jobs you’re interested in:

These ideas are organized by season so you’ll be sure to find a job that fits into your schedule. No matter what the industry, here are some ideas that any home service business pro can take advantage of in the off season.

Seasonal jobs in the winter

Chopping trees, hanging up lights, and shoveling snow: these are just a few of the seasonal winter ideas that come to mind. Read on for more seasonal job ideas for the wintertime.

Ski resort

Peak months: November, December, January, February, March, April

Are you a pro with an outdoorsy streak looking for a seasonal job where you can work outside with beautiful views all around? Working at a ski resort could be the perfect job. Working at a ski resort, you’ll be able to get access to the slopes at a free or discounted rate, meet new people, or work on equipment. Work as a lift operator or an ice rink maintenance technician. Manage the grounds or maintain the snow machines. Truly, ski resorts offer a wide range of job types that are great for the people-people and the not-so-people people.

If you consider yourself a people person, teaching at a ski resort could be a great off-season job!

Winter weatherproofing

Peak months: January, February, March

Winters in many different cities mean blizzards and weather that makes it difficult to travel. A waterproofing business can be the step that not only makes your community more livable but puts some serious money into your pocket. If you’re a handyman or general contractor, you can likely offer up services to do many of the tasks required for winterizing homes. If you’re not, consider offering the service locally in your neighborhood. Those door-to-door sales tactics we learned while offering to shovel our neighbors’ driveways haven’t changed!

Christmas tree farms

Peak months: November, December

To get started working at a Christmas tree farm, you’ll need at least a high school diploma and some background working in agriculture. Because it’s a farm, there’s always the possibility of harvesting seedlings, selling stock to retailers, supervising planting, and participating in the harvesting process, but during Christmas, farms need people to load and bale trees for customers and maintain the trees across the farm. This is the near definition of a seasonal job – available for typically two months out of the year, working at a Christmas tree farm can be rewarding for people who like to spend time outdoors.

Holiday light and landscaping service

Peak months: October, November, December

When the days get shorter, lighting up the night gets more exciting. Landscapers, handymen, and other businesses with low times in the winter should start marketing their lighting services. Providing a holiday landscaping with lights can be a great side hustle. If you’re already into the Christmas lighting business, consider offering to set up and break down yard displays for spooky season, 4th of July, and other major holidays. If you’re a more commercial-focused service business, offer various holiday displays for your corporate customers. 

After you choose your niche, decide whether you’ll handle the business yourself or have the customers supply the lights you’ll work with.


Peak months: October, November, December

For pros that find they have some downtime in the summer, starting a bartending business can be a perfect way to hang out with your friends and community and make a bit of cash doing it. Bartending school only takes 40 hours of class curriculum before you can get your license. 

After passing the exam, you can choose your bartending niche like operating a mobile bartending business or starting a bar in your local neighborhood. Then, you can select a business structure for your bar and prep for your launch.


Peak months: January, February, November, December

Starting a catering business doesn’t take a lot of capital to start and is a perfect way to make extra income around the holiday season. Your first clients may even be closer than you know. With a catering business you can plan dinners for your family and friends and make some extra profit.

Begin by getting clear on what foods you’ll have on your menu and start marketing early by posting on social media and talking about your catering business. Write a business plan to get clear on who you’ll be serving and the type of food you’ll specialize in.

Snow removal

Peak months: January, February, December

Snow removal can be a year-round thing depending on where you live, but for many of us in the “Lower 48,” plowing and shoveling snow can be a great way to make extra money while your summer business is at a lull. While you’ll need to have some winter-specific tools – like snow shovels and snow blowers – it’s easy to get started small or join up with a local business that’s licensed and insured.

Snow fencing

Peak months: March, April

If you’re in more rural areas, a snow fencing business can be life-saving for local residents. Without sturdy snow fences, flat open areas – like highways and farms – can accumulate snow any feet high. Snow fences break that up, keeping everyone safer. If you can work outside, this kind of job can be lucrative for a couple months out of the year. 

If you’re interested in starting a business for snow fencing, you’ll want to consider how to maximize your profitability during peak season and improve the workloads during the hotter months (when it’s so much easier to install a fence). Using business software like Housecall Pro gives you access to enhanced reporting so you can create new opportunities from your most profitable jobs.

Summer seasonal jobs

When you think of the summer, lifeguards and amusement park rides come to mind. But summer seasonal jobs for pros are usually a bit more adventurous.

Lawn care service

Peak months: April, May, September, October

Starting a lawn care and landscaping business may be one of the most popular businesses pros start in the off season. With lower start-up costs and minimal equipment needed, you can easily transform your current work truck into a vehicle that transports lawn care equipment.

To get started, you’ll need safety equipment, edgers, and mowing equipment. Consider hotter climates where grass grows frequently and the cost of getting a business license.

Chimney sweeping

Peak months: April, May, June, July, August

One of the best things about starting a chimney sweeping business is that you can charge from job to job. Before you get started, make sure you have the right tools including vacuums, extension cords, brushes, hoses, scaffolding, and ladders. Marketing a chimney sweeping business doesn’t have to be hard either, especially when your services keep loved ones safe from fires.

Junk removal

Peak months: April, May, June, August, September

Junk removal services can help both people and businesses get rid of unwanted furniture, trash, or even hoards and are high in demand. Think “Spring Cleaning” or college move-in day every fall. While junk removal is competitive, and you’ll want to have the right field service management software, your opportunity to grow all year is more stable here than with other seasonal businesses. Connect with a local junk removal company to get some extra income in the off months.

There are plenty of opportunities to find work in the off season. Of course, there are many other opportunities available depending on your skill set and location. 

The off season doesn’t have to be a total loss for income. There are plenty of opportunities for home service professionals to find work – including unique marketing ideas to drum up more business during your off season! But if you’re interested in exploring your options, we hope these ideas spark a few new ideas as to what other opportunities are in your area.

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