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Landscaping Business Tips for the Off-Season

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It can be tough to keep your landscaping business afloat during the fall and winter. While landscapers in warmer climates enjoy a nonstop growing season, others have to get creative when it comes to finding work. There are ways that you can keep your schedule full despite the lack of sunshine and warm temperatures. Check out these landscaping tips for the off-season to help keep your business in the black this winter.

Focus on hardscapes

One of the best ways to keep your income up during the off-season is to transition to building hardscapes. This could be a walkway lined with flower beds or even a small patio surrounded by existing plants. Think about how your best customers can enjoy their outdoor space next year. Suggest patios and decks that could add to their homes and increase their property value. Even small hardscaped projects can pack a punch to your bottom line and create some repeat business with a client in the future. Double-check with your city and make sure you have the needed permits and licenses for hardscaped work.

Install holiday lights

Not everyone can hang Christmas lights like Clark Griswold! Expand your landscaping business by offering holiday light installation and tear-down. You’ll be able to use the same ladders and other equipment. The homeowner who hired you to install landscaping will feel better knowing you will take care working around the plants in their yard. Start with simple lighting designs. Once successful, you could add in other features that will keep you quite busy both before and after the holiday season.

Encourage upgraded lighting

The colder months are a great time to add upgraded lighting for your top customers. Feature specific plants in a landscaped garden with spotlights. Add border lighting to keep everyone safe. Energy-efficient lighting options can also cut down on electric bills. Adding lighting to the outside of the house quickly elevates curb appeal and property value.

Provide power-wash services

The off-season is the prime time to do those jobs that take up too much valuable time during the growing season. Power washing services for both the hardscaped areas and exterior of a home can bring in sales during the colder months. Show customers just how dirty their sidewalk or patio is by power washing a complimentary sample square of space.

Experiment with xeriscapes

Incorporating native plants into landscaping isn’t a new idea, but homeowners are becoming even more eco-conscious. Fall and winter (as long as it’s not snowing!) is the best time to xeriscape a yard. While xeriscaping isn’t a great fit for everyone, landscapers in dry or arid regions have seen a significant boost in customers. Xeriscapes are low on maintenance once finished but do require a skillful eye and knowledge about which plants will do best. This is the time to find the necessary rocks and borders.

Your landscaping business isn’t just mowing yards and raking leaves. Increase your revenue during the off-season by marketing some of these add-on features to your recurring customers. We hope these ideas help you branch out your business, and keep things in the green!

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Solutions for your business Whether you need to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase workforce or grow revenue, we have a solution.

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Solutions for your business Whether you need to improve dispatching, reduce paperwork, increase workforce or grow revenue, we have a solution.