Ultimate Landscaping Services List: Types to Offer to Customers

Ultimate Landscaping Services List: Different Types to Offer to Your Customers 

Ultimate Landscaping Services List

Landscaping company services are essential for business. It is a simple list that tells potential customers what kind of services they are able to use. The best lawn care businesses offer a litany of easily accessible services for clients to use. But which ones should you offer to your customers?

What is a Landscaping Services List?

In a service business, particularly a landscaping business, a services list is as it sounds. It is a total list of all of the services that your business offers. They can be more common services that appeal to a broader audience or more niche services that other businesses don’t offer.

Why Do You Need a Landscaping Services List?

Now, to the most important question: why do you need a lawn care services list in the first place? When trying to attract new customers, they need to know what your business can offer.

Having a list posted to your website – as well as individual service pages – provides a clear look at what you can do. More importantly, it simplifies things for the customer, so they can find what they want without having to go digging.

Full Landscaping Services List

Knowing what landscaping services to offer and how much to charge are both essential to the bottom line. Let’s look over a comprehensive list of landscaping services that can prove beneficial to your business over time.

1. Landscaping Design

For customers, it is one thing to know that you need a change to your landscape but another thing to know what changes you want to make. As a landscaping service, design can provide valuable insight into the process and allow customers to bring their dreams to life.

Landscaping design can cover a lot of bases. Whether it be hardscaping, softscaping, or even building outdoor spaces, being able to offer a full array of services to the customer can wind up being a difference-maker for your business.

2. Planting

As customers find out quickly, there is a lot of work that goes into planting. Whether it be a small plant, bush, or tree, things must be done right to ensure that everything looks its best and grows to the best of its ability.

With planting services, flowers, trees, and shrubs can be installed to specific landscaping designs. It is also a great way to upsell, adding maintenance services to help ensure that each of those plants remains growing properly.

3. Design Consultation

Though it is a bit similar to landscaping design, this is a bit different. The consultation process is a chance to assess the space and to ask all of the necessary questions.

From there, present the client with a few ideas as well as a final design based on their specifications. Consultations can be a great way to work with clients of a specific budget who want to do some of their own work along the way.

4. Tree Removal

Trees can offer a lot in terms of natural beauty and shade. That said, not everyone wants to contend with leaves, bugs, fallen branches, and the potential of a fallen tree. For those reasons, tree removal should be one of your offered services.

Proper safety training is required to offer this service since there’s a lot that can go wrong. Being able to offer clients a safe, reliable means of tree removal will wind up being a service that garners a lot of traction over time.

5. Grading

While the most ideal setups are pretty level, it isn’t the same case for every landscape. With slopes and unlevel surfaces, there is additional knowledge required. Planting new grass must be done properly to ensure that it not only grows properly but that it gets the necessary nutrients.

Grading is a great service to offer alongside seeding or sodding. Leveling out the surface will make it more tenable and allow the lawn to grow properly. It will also save a lot of potential issues down the line.

6. Lawn Returfing

Grass can become too damaged to salvage. When that happens, everything needs to be torn up and the area returfed. If things are too extreme, then you may be talking about a new lawn (sod) installation rather than returfing.

Being able to restore a lawn to its previous glory is something that customers can definitely appreciate. Anything that makes their lives easier is the kind of service that your business should bring to the table.

7. Patio Installation

Patios aren’t as comprehensive as a deck (see below) but can serve any multitude of purposes. One of the best things about a patio is that it can be virtually any size you want, perfect for any number of landscapes.

Patio installation requires leveling to build a stable base. From there, a setting bed will be needed before the actual paving begins. Patio installation can be tied into other services like design consultation and grading as well.

8. Deck Installation

Many homeowners like having a deck on their property. Whether it be added onto a pool or just to provide a dedicated seating area, a deck can become the primary destination for hosting families and friends when weather permits.

Above-ground deck construction begins with taking measurements. From there, planning can happen, followed by the actual construction process. Offering additional services for permits can make it a more enticing service to potential customers.

9. Artificial Turf Installation

While some people like taking care of their lawns, others prefer to get the best possible look without having to care for it. That’s where artificial turf can be the best possible solution for their needs.

Installing the turf is a fairly big job. The old turf or grass will need to be removed, and then there will need to be soil laid down and leveled. From there, laying the turf is the final step that will leave them with a beautiful lawn that requires no watering.

10. Sod Installation

For those that would prefer to go the route of real grass, sod installation is the perfect solution. It is the fastest way to get real grass on a lawn where there either wasn’t any or everything had deteriorated to look too bad to fix.

The process involves digging up any old grass that may be there, laying down a new level of soil, and rolling out or laying down strips of healthy sod (also called turf in some areas). It requires a lot of watering initially but should look beautiful and healthy before long.

11. Lawn Care

Lawn care is a bit more of an all-encompassing service. Whether it be edging, mulching, lawn mowing, etc., you can roll multiple services into one convenient package. Customers can then know that all of their bases are covered rather than having to choose individual services.

With customized lawn care packages, you can garner a different customer base depending on their needs. It is a fantastic way to bring customers in for a variety of reasons and open up their eyes to other services.

12. Pathway/Driveway Installation

While grass and plants can be the focal point of any landscape, it is far from the only aspect to consider. For instance, having a pathway or driveway can make traversing the landscape far easier and smoother.

Paving the area using bluestone, flagstone, concrete, brick, or any other hard material takes skill and time. Using professional landscaping services, clients can have a pathway or driveway installed to meet those needs.

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13. Water/Fire Feature Installation

There is nothing quite like hanging out in the backyard and enjoying time alone or with friends and family. Having a feature like a fountain, fire pit, waterfall, or pond adds a sense of welcome and relaxation to it all.

These services require specialized knowledge but open up opportunities. Even starting with smaller features can display your level of skill to customers, opening up the possibility of even more options in the future.

14. Retaining Wall Installation

Depending on the landscape, a retaining wall may be required to keep downhill water flow from impeding. A retaining wall also helps to support soil at certain angles when it would not have been otherwise possible.

Installing a retaining wall requires both design and planning ahead of time. The bigger the retaining wall, the more work that goes into it. That said, offering retaining walls is not something that every landscaping business does, so it would give you a leg up.

15. Irrigation Installation

Though your average landscape doesn’t require anything overly complicated, there may be difficulties when it comes to getting water to parts of larger yards. When that happens, irrigation systems may be required and they can get complicated.

Irrigation installation services will handle all of that. From the planning stages through surveying the best placement choices all the way through installation, you will be covered. By the end, you’ll understand how irrigation works and how the right technology can put you in control of water flow.

16. Dethatching

There are things happening below the surface of your lawn all the time. For instance, leaves and stems from existing plants can get stuck around the root base of your actual, growing grass. When that happens, dethatching is necessary to get rid of that blockage.

Why is it a big deal to get rid of those stems and leaves? Well, they can clog the base of your grass just above the soil, creating a layer known as thatch. With dethatching services, grassroots will be free to receive the proper amount of water and nutrients, helping them grow properly.

17. Yard Cleanup        

Sometimes, a lawn needs nothing more than a little bit of a cleanup to get things back on track. Yard cleanup services will see dedicated professionals remove waste so that the landscape looks both clean and appealing.

Things like in-depth lawn maintenance, removal of branches, leaves, stems, plant waste, and light trimming can all be provided. Yard cleanup will make things a lot neater, cleaner, and more appealing from the moment you roll up onto the property.

18. Maintenance

If you have kept up with your lawn care, there isn’t much required. That said, maintenance is necessary to keep things moving along properly. Gardens can look a little sloppy and clutter from the fall and spring can begin to add up.

With a bit of maintenance, beds will get edged, cleaning can be performed, mulch raked, and grass treated. Think of it as a bit of a touch-up done once or twice per year that keeps your lawn looking its very best.

19. Mulching

Mulch often plays an important role in landscaping. Though it can be quite similar to pruning in many ways, it does serve an entirely different purpose. Not only does it add a certain aesthetic appeal to your yard, but it also ensures that plants retain water much better than they would otherwise.

Adding mulch ensures that roots are properly insulated and weeds are kept under control. With less competition from the weeds, roots are able to retain water a lot better. With one or two mulching treatments per year, your plants will be healthier and better looking.

20. Hardscaping

Hardscaping is able to add very specific features to your landscape. Things like firepits, small fountains, concrete benches, and more can all be implemented. They take a bit longer, though, so hardscaping services are necessary.

There are also bigger hardscape installations to choose from like irrigation, decks, retaining walls, patios, and more. You can even contribute your own requirements or designs to make everything look and feel as you imagined.


When it comes to landscaping services, you need a little help. Check out Housecall Pro’s 14-day free trial and see how easy it can be to expand your list of services. When all is said and done, it will make your business better and more profitable.

Landscaping Services List FAQs

What Services Do Most Landscaping Companies Offer?

Landscaping company services run the gamut. The list includes things like grading, planting, landscape design, deck and patio installation, irrigation installation, artificial turf installation, lawn returfing, path or driveway insulation, and more.

What Landscaping Services are Most Profitable?

Though it depends on the area and business, landscaping and mowing maintenance are often the most profitable landscaping services. They are simple and affordable enough that more customers utilize them.

How Do You Organize a Landscaping Business?

Staying organized is critical. One of the best ways to stay organized is to make sure of Housecall Pro and our landscaping software. Scheduling, communication, billing, and more are all available with a few quick clicks.

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