HVAC Service Contracts: Why They’re Important (+Free Template)

HVAC Service Contracts: Why They’re Important (+Free Template)

HVAC Service Contracts: Why They're Important (+Free Template)

Getting paid is crucial to running any business. For HVAC companies, having an HVAC contract can simplify and streamline the process. Housecall Pro has a free HVAC service contract template that your business can take advantage of today.

What is an HVAC Service Contract?

To put it simply, an HVAC contract is an agreement between a customer and an HVAC business. Within that service contract is a detailed breakdown of the services to be provided and the cost for each of those services. Using a contract ensures that there is no ambiguity or confusion.

  • Schedule maintenance visits
  • Priority services
  • Cost breakdown of services, repairs, and parts
  • Breakdown of taxes and fees
  • Due date of payment
  • Additional terms and conditions

Types of HVAC Contracts

Though having an HVAC contract can simplify things for a business owner, customers may be confused about the various service plans available. For contractors, a contract template will simplify things so that the focus can be on the job at hand. Here is a quick but helpful breakdown of the types of HVAC service contracts that you may run into from time to time.

HVAC Maintenance Contracts

One of the most common HVAC contract types is the maintenance plan. These typically include a pair of maintenance dates each year. A technician comes out to inspect the system, change out filters, and even cover minor parts and supplies in some instances.

The service contract outlines not only the dates of those services but what is included. In some service contracts, there may also be verbiage about the scheduling or availability of the homeowner, among other things. These are great for being prepared for upcoming seasons.

HVAC Repair Contracts

When things go awry, a repair will be necessary. A repair HVAC service contract details a few things. Estimates can be provided ahead of time of the expected cost of labor and parts, but the service contract details those items after the work has been completed.

A service contract will itemize labor costs, parts, taxes, and everything included in the price. The customer can clearly see what each part of the process costs and the grand total for it all. Some contracts can include limited repair services depending on the terms.

Extended Service Plans

Think of the extended service plan as something of a labor warranty. The difference between this and a traditional warranty is that a third party covers. The purpose of the extended service plan is to ensure that the cost of labor and major replacement parts will be covered.

The key to these plans is to check the conditions of the warranty. Certain things will cancel out the factory warranty, which would then void the extended service plan. HVAC businesses can simplify these with Housecall Pro’s free HVAC maintenance contract template.

Benefits of Using HVAC Contracts

As a business owner, there is a litany of benefits that come along with using an HVAC service contract. If you haven’t been using a standardized template previously, these are the biggest reasons to make the change as soon as possible.

Avoid Confusion

Seemingly little things can be a drag on business. Without having an effective HVAC contract in place, it leaves the door open for confusion between customers and businesses. When there is miscommunication or confusion surrounding the details of a job or payment, it leads to issues that can drag out far longer than necessary.

Having a template allows for services and prices to be communicated quickly and easily. Customers know precisely what work is being done, what the cost of each item and service is, and any additional details, services, or terms. Everything is laid out clearly so that there are no hiccups.

Save Time

Small businesses have a lot less room for error than their larger counterparts. Finding a way to be more efficient is critical and can make a difference in the bottom line. Having a service contract template can save a lot of time and frustration by streamlining certain tasks.

A template alone means automating certain tasks. Without one, a technician would need to write up a contract on the job. There are a lot of things that can be written incorrectly, details omitted, and other issues that creep up. Having a template means that everyone is on the same page and that small mistakes don’t wind up costing a lot more time than they need to.

Fast, Reliable Service

The goal of any business is to provide reliable, timely service. Customers expect it and the businesses that provide that level of service are the ones they return to. Having a proper contract template in place allows your business to provide the kind of overall service that customers remember.

A service contract template ensures reliability. Rather than having to spend time writing up each individual job, the blanks can be filled in, an invoice created effectively and accurately, and the customer can get on with their day. Any time that can be saved on the invoicing process goes back to the customer and allows your business to potentially fit in more jobs than would have otherwise been possible.

What Should You Include in an HVAC Contract?

When using an HVAC contract template, it helps to know what needs to be included. While each service contract can look different from the next, there are a few essential items that need to be on your HVAC contract. Make sure to include these components in your HVAC service contract.


Whatever work is to be done it should be broken down in an itemized way. Itemizing allows the customer to know precisely what work will be done and what each item will cost. For instance, the average invoice might include things like:

  • Refrigerant top off
  • Inspection of electrical connections
  • Wear and tear inspection
  • General assessment of condition
  • Change the air filter
  • Inspect outdoor HVAC unit

Having each of these listed ensures that all bases are covered for the business. For the customer, it provides clarification as to what services will be provided. Most importantly, payment will be listed for each item (where applicable), so the customer knows exactly where their money is going.

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An important aspect of implementing service contracts is scheduling. After determining how many annual visits the customer would like, scheduling can be done. Some only have bi-yearly visits, others quarterly, etc. Having a template ensures that every option can be presented to the customer.

Utilizing HVAC software (more below), scheduling can be automated according to customer preferences. Notes can be added, communication preferences noted, and all the details customized. The entire process can be streamlined to ensure accurate scheduling and that customers aren’t contacted outside of their terms.

Payment Terms

Customers want to know what service or repairs will cost them. While an estimate is helpful when quoting a customer, it isn’t 100% accurate. The service contract template will allow your business to outline itemized services and their corresponding costs.

More importantly, terms of payment can be declared in the contract. Forms of payment accepted, due date of payment, and any other terms can be specified for clarity. Both the customer and business then know when that payment is due and what the total cost is at the time of payment.

How to Quickly Create an HVAC Contract

As a business, there are a million things to worry about on any given day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a helpful tool at your disposal? Creating an HVAC contract is far easier than you realize and can allow your business to run in a more efficient way.

Use a Customizable HVAC Contract Template

Perhaps the best way to create an HVAC service contract is to use a free template like the one found at Housecall Pro. Our template is highly customizable, allowing you to transform it to fit your needs in no time at all.

Our HVAC contract template is so easy to use, allowing you to get started in no time. Even medium-sized businesses can benefit from implementing our effective template into your billing and invoicing platform. The goal should be to make life easier for the customer and a proper HVAC contract does just that.

What Information Does Housecall Pro’s Free HVAC Contract Template Include?

A quick and helpful solution is Housecall Pro’s free HVAC contract template. It is highly customizable, allowing you to add a personal touch, custom branding, and customer information. Just fill out the template, download, print, and share as you need. The form is simple to use whether at the office or right there on site. The template includes the following:

  • Printable report for records or to send to customers.
  • Formulas are already built in, saving time on calculating totals.
  • Simple yet effective customization so that branding and personalized customer information can be added in no time.
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you get a better feel for the template.

Utilize HVAC Business Software

One of the easiest ways to implement an HVAC contract into your business is by utilizing proper HVAC business software. With recurring service plans, setting up maintenance agreements could not possibly be easier.

Perhaps the best thing about having business software is that many things can be automated. Instead of spending man hours doing daily tasks manually, business software can quickly automate those tasks to save time and money while avoiding costly mistakes.

How Can Maintenance Agreement Software Help My Business?

Maintenance agreement software will pay dividends immediately. Selling recurring service plans ensures repeat customers and a steady stream of business in the following ways:

Sell more plans. Using the proper software, your business can sell maintenance agreements via email or mobile app, reaching customers easily. More importantly, it is possible to build longer-lasting relationships by keeping your business at the top of mind.

Navigate slow seasons. Service plans allow for monthly, quarterly, or annual payments, ensuring a consistent flow of cash. There is no slow season because of customer loyalty and guaranteed visits.

Drive customer loyalty. Perhaps the most important reason to use maintenance agreement software is because it can help to drive customer loyalty. Repeat business is critical for any business.

Grow Your Business with Professional HVAC Contracts

What are you waiting for? Streamline your business today by signing up for a free 14-day trial of Housecall Pro. The free HVAC contract template alone is worth checking out and can help things run smoother and more effectively. 

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