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Recurring revenue means there’s really no “slow” season. Build relationships with your customers and get service plans in place to keep their systems running smoothly all year long. Start with our free, simple, comprehensive maintenance contract template and checklist.

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The Simple Maintenance Contract Template From Housecall Pro

Win more recurring business with our simple but comprehensive template and checklist. Think ahead. Streamline your workflows.

  • Customizable

    It’s branded with your company name and logo. Just add customer info.

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    Built with fill-in-the-blank simplicity for quick and easy use by anyone.

  • Create professional reports that are auto-populated and already formatted to download, print, and share.

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    Built to be used from the office or job site in excel or google sheets.

What’s Included in Our Maintenance Contract Template

Ensuring the right info is captured in a maintenance contract is a top priority for any HVAC company. A simple, straightforward maintenance contract template makes that a whole lot faster and easier. Our HVAC maintenance contract template includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions to make service plans simple

  • Customizable fields that work for HVAC jobs large and small

  • All the info your techs need to rock any project

  • Reports for your records and to send to customers

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How do you sell an HVAC maintenance agreement?

It’s the hardest part of getting a service plan program in place. So how do you sell your HVAC customers on it? Most are leery about being nickeled-and-dimed to death. And some fear that warranties and service plans are just a rip-off.

This is why it’s so important to position the benefits in a clear, compelling way. Customers need to know why regular maintenance and checkups are important. Here are some guidelines for selling a maintenance contract to new and current customers:

  • Frame the maintenance contract as savings. Customers understand why maintenance contracts are good for your business, but they need to see why they’re good for them. Will they really get any value? Show them how they do. For instance, explain how regular service can catch a potential problem with their unit before it arises. That can save them big bucks. (It’s like getting a cavity filled to avoid a future root canal.) And don’t forget to share any savings on parts. Many HVAC businesses offer a percentage off all replacement parts. (Even 10% can help.) Every receipt should show the discounted cost for maintenance contract members vs. the regular cost.
  • Itemize the benefits. Your customers like to know exactly what they’re getting. Itemize the details. Your annual maintenance contract could include: 1) 15% off parts; 2) Biannual service visits; 3) Complimentary new air filters; 4) Cleaning the evaporator coil … and so on. Easy-to-understand checklists make the value more clear and your sale a lot easier.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of professionalism. We sat down with some of our Pros and asked them how they sell maintenance contracts. Many business owners explained that the key is professionalism. It came up again and again. Even if you have a higher bid, you can win the job with clear communication. Itemize all costs in your bid, including the maintenance contract fees. Be clear about the service schedule, and always follow through. Let customers see that you’re an expert and you have their best interest at heart.
What do pricing and billing look like on a recurring maintenance contract?

For some industries, a monthly payment makes sense. This is especially true when your service visits are monthly. But for HVAC, a monthly maintenance contract isn’t a good fit. You’re not providing a regular monthly service, so customers may be tempted to cancel after a few months.

Here are a few tips for successfully pricing and billing a recurring maintenance contract or warranty plan:

  • Think through pricing. Your maintenance contract should always offer a discount. You’re losing a little revenue in the short term but guaranteeing multiple visits, which brings in more reliable income in the long run. Your pricing could be as simple as 10–15% off the regular price. You could also offer steeper discounts at higher service levels. (For example, 10% off a two-visit annual plan, and 15% off a four-visit annual plan.) If that doesn’t help you win people over, consider throwing in a free service or product to sweeten the deal.
  • Bill annually. An annual payment is often due on the day of the first service visit. That’s the easiest way to bill your customers. You know you’re paid in full from the start, and customers immediately receive a benefit. Everybody’s happy. When you bill customers the next year, try to schedule their first annual visit as soon as possible to remind them of their benefits. Make it as close to the actual payment day as you can.
  • Make payment easy. Offer online payments. Customers who don’t have to remember to send a check are more likely to stay current. (And many homeowners won’t even have a checkbook.) Set up automatic payments for your customers and send them receipts.