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Plumbing resume template

The plumbing resume template identifies your qualifications as a plumbing professional.

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What is a plumbing resume template used for?

The plumbing resume includes fields for highlighting skills, credentials, industry accomplishments and professional experience. This information is especially important for plumbers looking for employment.

Plumbing resume template example

Fields required in a plumbing resume template include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact information
  3. Career statement: summary of your strengths as a plumber and career goals
  4. Core skills: highlights of your skillset
  5. Industry certifications and credentials: licenses, certifications, awards, industry memberships, accomplishments
  6. Education: high school, community college, and university attendance and diplomas/degrees achieved
  7. Professional experience: title, dates of employment, company, city, state, and job accomplishments
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