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More and more home service companies are catching on to the power of email. Such a versatile platform, you can use it to strengthen relationships with existing customers and encourage repeat business, win over curious prospects, keep loyal customers apprised of company news and deals, and much more.

If you’re ready to step up your email game, we’ve got some great starting points for you. We’ll walk you through how to set up an email management system like Mailchimp or Constant Contact and easily maintain a contact list and create campaigns that align with your goals. We’ll also give examples of cool strategies that other pros are using and the success they’re seeing.

Let’s get started.

One: How to Step Up Your Email Game

There are tons of benefits to using an email management system (EMS). They help you easily create attractive emails, keep track of analytics so you know what’s working and what’s not, and they can integrate with your customer relationship management system (CRM) to automatically add new contacts — to name just a few. Many pros use Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

In the video above, we walk you through how to sign up for an email management system and create a template for your emails in just a few minutes. We also show you how to add your customer list to the system. Housecall Pro integrates with Mailchimp, so that’s the software we use to demonstrate how easy it is to get started.

Two: What to Email Your Customers

Email marketing works best with specific strategies, and there are many types of email campaigns you can use to meet your company’s goals. Examples include: 

  • Company news that personalizes your company, builds your brand, helps customers stay apprised of new services, etc.

  • Seasonal promotions and other specials

  • How-tos and other educational resources

  • Post-job follow-ups

  • Customer surveys

  • VIP news and special offers for regular customers such as maintenance plan subscribers

We’ve created some customizable templates for several types of email campaigns

you can find here

Strategies and Goals

In this next video, we’ll walk you through several common goals and the best ways to meet them using clear calls to action.

Three: Basic Dos and Don’ts

Stay out of your customer’s spam box and increase the open rate of your emails by following a few simple dos and don’ts that we’ll cover in more detail in the next video.


  • Keep your subject lines and emails personal to your business

  • Do customize and personalize all communication

  • Do make sure your emails are relevant to the people you send them to


  • Don’t overwhelm your customers with too many emails

  • Don’t use all caps in subject lines

  • Don’t use trigger words commonly seen in spam folders

When in doubt, try running your email text through a spam filter tool like



Newsletter example from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning:

Heaven's Best Cleaning Email Example

When husband and wife Mark and Kendra Mullert bought

Black Mountain Handyman

from the previous owner, the first thing they did was send an email to all of the current customers. From that one email, they started an email marketing system that has grown to hundreds of customers. Kendra manages the operations of Black Mountain, including email. 

Take tips from Kendra Mullert:

  • Use email to help customers get to know you and to show your connections to the community.

    “We highlighted that we love Dynamite coffee from down the street … and we like to ride bikes. It made us real people.”

  • Becoming an educational resource is a good



    “The customer is the hero and you’re just the tool that they use. If they use you, great. But if you provide value to the client that they can say ‘Oh my goodness, that’s so helpful,’ they’re going to remember you as the person that helped them as opposed to the person that solved their problem.”

  • Subject lines matter.

    “People do not open an email with a boring subject line … If you’ve got an email already written, then write 5 to 10 different subject lines and see what sounds best to you or even other people.”

  • Keep it short and simple.

    “You’re talking to a generation that doesn’t want to read. You have to do one line sentences or very small paragraphs and double the space in between because they get tired of reading, and if they get tired of reading they’re going to shut the email down.”

  • Use email to educate customers on the lesser-known services you offer.

    “You can put ‘See what we do’ or ‘See examples of projects’ … be very specific. Don’t just put ‘Purchase here.’”

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