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More and more home service companies are catching on to the power of email. Such a versatile platform, you can use it to strengthen relationships with existing customers and encourage repeat business, win over curious prospects, keep loyal customers apprised of company news and deals, and much more.

If you’re ready to step up your email game, we’ve got some great starting points for you. We’ll walk you through how to set up an email management system like Mailchimp or Constant Contact and easily maintain a contact list and create campaigns that align with your goals. We’ll also give examples of cool strategies that other pros are using and the success they’re seeing.

Let’s get started.

One: How to Step Up Your Email Game

Hi, my name is Alexa, and welcome to Mastermind Online, where we've got tons of short videos designed to help you level up your business. This is the first video for power up your email marketing. In this video, I'm going to take you through five easy steps on how to email your customers by using an email management system before you know it, you'll be sending powerful messages in no time and getting the results you want to get started. You'll need to sign up for an email management system. An email management system or EMS has a lot of benefits with the right one. You'll be able to take advantage of automation for efficiency, designed for aesthetic appeal and analytics to help you track your performance overall. And EMS allows you to save time and communicate with your customers. If you don't already have an email management system in mind, we've found that most pros use MailChimp or constant contact, but there are other great email systems like sending poles, send in blue, and more for today's video.

We're going to focus on using MailChimp as it's one of the more popular systems and the one we use here at housecall pro once you've selected your EMS. Step two is setting up a basic template. A lot of times, pros can get overwhelmed with the idea of having to dig into that creative side and create a custom template. But don't panic prose with an email management system comes simple predesigned templates that you can customize from the start. You can choose a simple generic template and even add your logo as you're jotting down notes. You're probably wondering how you can add more customers to your email list. Well, that's what step three is all about a great way to add more customers to your email list is by giving them the option to do so. Create a signup form and put it on your website or Facebook page systems like MailChimp and constant contact already integrate with Facebook to do so much of this work for you.

And there are embeddable forms you can add to your website as well. Step four is adding your customer list. Don't worry. You don't have to do this one by one. If you use a CRM like pipe drive HubSpot or Salesforce, you can download a list of your customers as a CSV file. And then you can upload them to your email management system. As an example, here's how to download your customer lists in the house. Call pro, then upload it into MailChimp. And the next level of this topic, we'll talk about maintaining a connection between your CRM and your EMS, so that new customers automatically get added to your email list as soon as they complete a job with your business. The next step is to create basic segments. Getting organized will save you time and streamline the process, split up your customer list into categories so that you can send separate emails relevant to those specific customers. An example of a segment list can be service agreement, customer prospects that you haven't booked yet, or people interested in specific events. The final step is a bonus. Let's say you've got house call pro and want to take advantage of how MailChimp works inside it to get started, click on my apps and then click on, go to the app store, then find MailChimp. No, it says that it is in beta. Click to learn more.

The window is going to provide you with some info on the app itself, but note that this app is available for all plans, except the starter plan, connect it by clicking connect to MailChimp authorized by logging in. Go through the automation process by clicking allow. The next window will bring you to MailChimp in your account. Note that MailChimp is now part of your apps under my apps for easy access upon starting MailChimp is going to show you three options. Each is known as a campaign. So to start off, let's say you want to send an email to your customer list saying that you are now open. No, these campaigns are totally editable, so you can make changes to it because what you see here is a template. So let's say we made some changes, customized it with our own language, all that fun stuff. The next step would be to send the email to do that simply click next. And what we'll see is an entire list of our recipients. Each one is checked off note that there are 393 at the top, but let's say we want to send this to only a select few to do that.

I'm going to click at the top of the list where it says the name. Once you click that check marked off, the names on that entire page will also be deselected. Remember, just because you check that box off where it says name at the top of the page, you are only deselecting the recipients listed on that specific page. As you can see at the top, it says two 94, as opposed to the original three 93. Each time I go to a page and click that box name, it will shrink our list. Remember that this whole MailChimp is in beta. So I'm sure we'll create an option that makes this more simple. Finally, we have that one recipient, and we are now going to send roll in this email, click confirm and send. And at the lower-left corner, it says email successfully sign now to prove or see the record of this email being sent.

We can go to our MailChimp account and click on the audience, then view contacts, and you'll see Roland, who we sent the email to. And we can also know that he is a subscriber and the contact rating and other cool information, like what was sent to the recipient and when it was sent. And even when it was opened, if you're curious about what this email looks like in the recipient's inbox, this is what it looked like. Well, there you have it. You've just learned five easy steps on how to email your house call pro customer list by using an email management system. If you want to learn more about how to power up your email marketing, be sure to watch the other videos where I talk about what to email your customers and the dos. And don'ts when it comes to emailing your customers. My name is Alexa, and this is Mastermind Online.

There are tons of benefits to using an email management system (EMS). They help you easily create attractive emails, keep track of analytics so you know what’s working and what’s not, and they can integrate with your customer relationship management system (CRM) to automatically add new contacts — to name just a few. Many pros use Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

In the video above, we walk you through how to sign up for an email management system and create a template for your emails in just a few minutes. We also show you how to add your customer list to the system. Housecall Pro integrates with Mailchimp, so that’s the software we use to demonstrate how easy it is to get started.

Two: What to Email Your Customers

Email marketing works best with specific strategies, and there are many types of email campaigns you can use to meet your company’s goals. Examples include: 

  • Company news that personalizes your company, builds your brand, helps customers stay apprised of new services, etc.

  • Seasonal promotions and other specials

  • How-tos and other educational resources

  • Post-job follow-ups

  • Customer surveys

  • VIP news and special offers for regular customers such as maintenance plan subscribers

We’ve created some customizable templates for several types of email campaigns

you can find here

Strategies and Goals

In this next video, we’ll walk you through several common goals and the best ways to meet them using clear calls to action.

Hi, my name is Alexa, and welcome to Mastermind Online, where we've got videos designed to help you level up your home service business. Welcome back to power up your email marketing pros can understandably get overwhelmed with emailing their customers. When should I email? What should I email? How often should I send this email or that email? Well, in this video, we're going to talk about the art of emailing your customers and answer all those questions. Options are powerful, and you have a lot of them on emailing your customers. Here is our list of the types of emails you can send. The first is known as a followup email, following up with your customers. Once the job is completed is a simple and easy way to ask for a review. Another type of email is the promotional email. Here's where you can add special offers or discounts, adding new little sense of urgency.

It doesn't hurt along with your special offers and discounts; you can write a limited time offer. You'll also want to provide your customer with some value by sharing knowledge, for example, how-to emails or emails that are providing resources. It not only adds value to new and existing customers that help you stay in front of your customers, shares industry knowledge and tips and tricks for those homeowners. You can share how often once you get their carpet clean or home safety guidelines. Lastly, you can use a member offers, email your maintenance agreements, customers with announcements, or special offers. These kinds of emails I just listed are just one of many types of emails. And each starts with a goal. Defining your goal for each email is key. You have to ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish by sending this email? Are you looking to have customers rebook you, are you looking to gather a new referral?

Are you just asking for review once you got that goal locked in, work toward it, be sure to keep your messaging consistent as well and avoid conflicting messages, such as primary calls to action. If you have many calls to action and list them, each is primary; then you don't have a primary call to action. Of all the clear call to action will make your customers do what you want them to do. Let's say your goal of sending an email to your customers to have them book online. The clear call to action would be inserting a book online button to your email bonus tip. If you want your customer to watch a video, create an image with a play button so they can watch that video in one step better than creating an image with a play video is by using a GIF, add a little bit of flare by using animation or moving images to draw your customers in. And obviously, in that video will be your call to action. Lastly, FOMO is a powerful thing. Customers can have a fear of missing out by using messaging. That brings a sense of urgency. You can say book now we're getting busy or booked by a certain date. Well, there you have it. You've just learned a couple of strategies on what to email your customers. So get out there, email your customers and use those call to actions and grow your business.

Three: Basic Dos and Don’ts

Stay out of your customer’s spam box and increase the open rate of your emails by following a few simple dos and don’ts that we’ll cover in more detail in the next video.


  • Keep your subject lines and emails personal to your business

  • Do customize and personalize all communication

  • Do make sure your emails are relevant to the people you send them to


  • Don’t overwhelm your customers with too many emails

  • Don’t use all caps in subject lines

  • Don’t use trigger words commonly seen in spam folders

When in doubt, try running your email text through a spam filter tool like



We all know emails are a powerful tool for communicating with your customers. And while this is true, we can find ourselves wondering what we should or shouldn't do in the email messaging world. Well, in this video, you, the Pro are going to learn the dos and don'ts of email marketing. My name is Alexa, and this is Mastermind Online. Here are the six do's and don'ts when it comes to emailing your customers. Number one, don't spam your customers. I mean, sure. Email marketing is by far your cheapest form of marketing, but even though that's true, one shouldn't email too often without a strategy set in place. And a goal kept in mind. What you'll want to do is wait until you have something of value to send. And once you do there, isn't a magic number as to how often you should send that value email, but ask yourself, is this information timely?

Does it provide value for me and my customers? Number two, don't send out emails without proofreading them. You'll want to do some reading through, make those edits and send a couple tests, emails to yourself to see what it'll look like in your customer's inbox. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a second pair of eyes to double-check your work. Number three, don't use clickbaity, subject lines, or use all caps. We all hate it. When the subject of an email in our inbox says urgent or read. Now instead, do look at subject lines that attract your personal attention in your email inbox and consider why they drew your focus. Number four, don't try to be like everyone else; do personalize your emails to be on-brand with your business. Be authentic to who you are as a business and how it speaks to your customers.

Number five, don't expect an email to look the same to all customers. Sometimes we can forget that emails aren't just read on computers and screens at people's desks. Do you consider that some folks look at their emails on their phones, tablets, and other devices, and last but not least number six, don't send an email without a specific goal in mind. Do you focus on one specific call to action per email? Ask yourself, why do I want the customer to do in terms of response to the email I'm about to send? Well, those were six do's and don'ts for sending emails to your customers for more videos on how to improve your home service business. Be sure to check out our other Mastermind Online topics.

Newsletter example from Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning:

Heaven's Best Cleaning Email Example

When husband and wife Mark and Kendra Mullert bought

Black Mountain Handyman

from the previous owner, the first thing they did was send an email to all of the current customers. From that one email, they started an email marketing system that has grown to hundreds of customers. Kendra manages the operations of Black Mountain, including email. 

Take tips from Kendra Mullert:

  • Use email to help customers get to know you and to show your connections to the community.

    “We highlighted that we love Dynamite coffee from down the street … and we like to ride bikes. It made us real people.”

  • Becoming an educational resource is a good



    “The customer is the hero and you’re just the tool that they use. If they use you, great. But if you provide value to the client that they can say ‘Oh my goodness, that’s so helpful,’ they’re going to remember you as the person that helped them as opposed to the person that solved their problem.”

  • Subject lines matter.

    “People do not open an email with a boring subject line … If you’ve got an email already written, then write 5 to 10 different subject lines and see what sounds best to you or even other people.”

  • Keep it short and simple.

    “You’re talking to a generation that doesn’t want to read. You have to do one line sentences or very small paragraphs and double the space in between because they get tired of reading, and if they get tired of reading they’re going to shut the email down.”

  • Use email to educate customers on the lesser-known services you offer.

    “You can put ‘See what we do’ or ‘See examples of projects’ … be very specific. Don’t just put ‘Purchase here.’”

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