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Email Marketing Strategies for Home Service Businesses

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If you’re a home service business owner looking for ways to grow your customer base, email marketing is a great tool to have up your sleeve. Not only is it essential for promoting your business, but it’s also a great way to stay engaged with your customers. 

Did you know that, on average, email marketing returns $36 for every dollar spent? And unlike social media, your email list is your business’s intellectual property. You own your list, and you’re in control of what you send.

Trying to figure out email marketing for service businesses can be daunting—what strategy should you use, how do you craft a compelling subject line, and which call-to-action works best? We get it! But don’t worry. There are plenty of strategies out there to help you launch successful emails and build relationships with your current and prospective customers. Let’s take a look at creative tips and tricks you can lean on when creating email campaigns to lead to higher conversions.

How to improve email open rates

The best emails do one thing: make your customers want to open them! Here are some ways to increase the likelihood that your customers will open your emails and want to book you for a job. 

Add creativity and personalization

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box. A simple step to make that happen? Adding personalization to emails. Use the customer’s name, your company name, or even add in a nod to a specific service the customer had done. 

Sending a personalized email makes readers feel special, and it’s a great way to quickly grab their attention. Have some fun with catchy subject lines and emojis. The more creative you are with your subject lines and more personalized toward your target audience, the better the results.

Track your company’s email open and click-through rates 

If you aren’t tracking your emails, you aren’t aware of what happens after you send them. By tracking these metrics, you can make informed decisions. 

Tracking your emails can answer a few questions for you too. How many recipients opened your emails? What links were clicked? What are your conversion rates?

Use automation software

As a home service business owner, you don’t have time to send marketing emails all day. But with marketing automation software, you can save time and money. Look for these features when selecting an email marketing tool:

  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Integrations and apps
  • A/B testing
  • Sign-up forms
  • User-friendly templates

Try A/B testing 

Running an A/B test allows you to compare two subject lines to see which one performs better in your email marketing campaigns.

Start by creating the first email subject line. Next, create another subject line for the same email.  You can tweak the first subject line or create an entirely different one.

After that, segment your list into two different groups of recipients. Send an email with the first subject line to one group and then email the second subject line to the second group. 

Finally, collect and analyze the data to determine which email subject line provides the best open rates. You may have to repeat this process several times.

Create email sequences with follow-up emails

Contrary to popular belief, it can take multiple touchpoints to get a response from your recipients. Be patient because email marketing is an ongoing process.

Consider creating a series of emails for each marketing campaign. Send emails to your recipients at pre-set intervals. For example, on Day 1, send the initial email. On Day 3, send a follow-up email. On Day 7, send another follow-up email.

Each email sequence serves a different purpose. It’s important to use a sequence that fits the relationship stage with your customers. The nurture sequence tells your email subscribers about your company. The engagement sequence builds relationships with subscribers, and the conversion sequence asks your subscribers to take action.

Include social media details in your emails

Social media buttons provide customers with the opportunity to learn more about your company. Email marketing offers an effective way for you to share your company’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.

What you should do for higher open rates

Could your company benefit from higher open rates? If your email marketing subject lines aren’t effective, here are some ways you can boost your email open rates.

Use emoji symbols

Emojis provide an emotional connection with your customers. They set the tone for your email. According to a report, 56% of companies boosted their email open rates using emojis.2

Create a sense of urgency 

If you want your readers to take immediate action, give them a reason. You can promote limited-time deals, highlight the scarcity of your products, or include an expiration date in the subject line.

Add personalization 

Try adding the recipient’s first name to the email subject line. You can also use the subject line to ask questions specific to each reader and the particular email campaigns. Be sure to highlight your customers’ interests.

Write catchy email subject lines 

Catchy email subject lines get the recipient’s curiosity without being spammy. They increase open rates because readers want to learn more about what you have to offer. 

Enhance readability for mobile devices 

Seventy-five percent of email recipients use their mobile devices to check their email accounts.3 So, write short email subject lines and get straight to the point.

Provide an opportunity to unsubscribe 

Regardless of the quality of your emails, some recipients may not want to receive them. You should provide a clear way for them to opt out of unwanted emails. After they have opted out, respect their requests and stop sending emails to them.

Advice for the best email subject line

We asked email marketing experts here at Housecall Pro to share examples of subject lines that worked well for them. Here’s their advice and why it works:

Subject line #1: John, g​​enerate recurring revenue with Service Plans

Why it works: This subject sets up a problem and a solution in just a few words. It speaks directly to what the reader needs. In this case, more revenue and how they can get it.

Subject line #2: Some Pros have all the luck (it’s not luck)

Why it works: This message subtly tugs on a lot of emotions—pride, humor, and even jealousy.It sounds like a hint that sparks curiosity, encouraging readers to open the email and resolve the mystery.

Subject line #3: Just a quick check-in, John

Why it works: Not all subjects need to be poetic works of art. This simple subject accompanied an equally simple email. Sometimes readers respond to something that gets straight to the point.

Email subject lines: What you shouldn’t do

When it comes to email marketing, there are guidelines that you must follow. If not, your email campaign won’t be effective.

While it’s true that your primary goal should be to stand out, you also don’t want to annoy your email recipients. Follow the rules below.

Don’t use spammy subject lines 

Email providers, such as Google and Yahoo, are serious when it comes to cracking down on spam emails. Spammy content is junk email that adds no value to the reader. Common red flags for email spam include:

  • One-word subject lines
  • Spelling errors
  • Re: (subject lines that aren’t replies)
  • Multiple exclamation points
  • Fast cash
  • No cost
  • Save big money

Don’t use all caps

Messages written in all caps are unnecessary. These email subject lines have a low response rate. In many instances, the recipient will report your email as spam.

Don’t write long email subject lines 

Many people read their emails using mobile devices. As a result, there isn’t a lot of space for lengthy email subject lines. You should aim to write about 50 characters.

Take your business to the next level with email marketing 

Using email marketing for your service business is a great way to keep customers engaged with your business. So the next time you’re about to launch a new discounted recurring service or special seasonal offer, try a few of these tips. 

Taking a few extra steps when creating your emails can change the outcome completely and bring more success to your business. Ready to take your home service business to the next level? Check out Housecall Pro’s automated marketing software. Make the most of email marketing and let us help you drive repeat customers, create new leads, and reach success faster!

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