Case Study: How a Cleaning Company Grew their Revenue by 1000% in 3 Months with Housecall Pro

Case Study: How a Cleaning Company Grew their Revenue by 1000% in 3 Months with Housecall Pro

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Posted by EJ Brown

August 2, 2019

For ten years,

Arvizu Commercial Cleaning

offered solely commercial services, but their growth had plateaued. 

Eventually, co-founder Melissa Arvizu decided to give residential a try. In just three months, the company jumped from two residential clients to 40 and their residential revenue alone grew 1000%.

Melissa had major reservations about adding residential services, such as how to stand out amongst the competition and how to manage so many jobs at once. What helped her work through them was discovering our software.

“I should have done it a long time ago, but I don't think I could have done it without Housecall Pro,” Melissa explained.

In this post, we’ll look at Melissa’s dilemmas about adding residential services and how Housecall Pro was able to help.

Arvizu Commercial Cleaning

Before Housecall Pro

Differentiating Herself From Other Local Cleaning Companies

Melissa believed there was already a surplus of house cleaners in the Tucson, Arizona area. Was there really a need for one more? But people kept getting her about residential services, anyway. So she decided to test the waters.   

Melissa belonged to a number of entrepreneurial and women’s networking groups. She began asking at various events whether individuals were looking for a cleaning company or if they thought there was still a demand. And she kept getting the same response: yes.

So the demand was definitely there, but Melissa had a second question: how could she set her company apart? 

“Every person that worked for me in the commercial side could really represent our company well. And so I thought, how do I do that on the residential side? Obviously, I'm going to have the same staff quality, but I started thinking what separates us from everybody else?” Melissa said. 

Managing So Many Jobs At Once

Melissa’s other reservation was how to manage more unique job sites and more complicated staff schedules than she was used to.

With commercial gigs, Melissa had a small number of locations to manage at once, and the work was predictable. “We know where we're going, when we have to be there and when we're done,” she said. Compared to that, Melissa found the idea of managing dozens of customers and unique staff schedules on a daily basis seemed overwhelming.  

With Housecall Pro

Communication with Clients Helped Set Arvizu Cleaning Apart

When Melissa was thinking through how to set her company apart, besides quality staff and services, she came up with two additional things: “I wanted to have a

good website

. And, it sounds silly, but I really wanted to have that little text message that went out when we’re on our way. That just screams professional to me.”

She mentioned this to someone at one of the networking groups, and they recommended Housecall Pro, through which businesses can

text clients when an employee is on their way

. And that one feature helped her stand out to prospective clients:

“I started using it immediately and within three days I had already scheduled someone for an estimate, then I went when to do the estimate, she said, ‘You know what, I love that you texted me through the service that you are on your way. That's the kind of service I want. Just go ahead and book me.’’’

Arvizu Commercial Cleaning

Our Scheduling Features Made Residential Jobs Manageable

With Housecall Pro, Melissa is able to

assign cleaners to each job

and send all of the details to them, such as the location, type of service requested, and any customer notes. Melissa found the process much easier than she expected.

“I think it was perfect timing, because I was looking for a way to expand my business. And at that perfect moment, Housecall Pro came and said, ‘This is the path. This is a way to launch this.’” 

Melissa is hoping that she can grow her commercial side using Housecall Pro, as well. She has started to use the platform when she’s working with contractors on remodel or construction sites. She’s still exploring all the options.

Housecall Pro

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