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General Contractor estimating software that maximizes your job efficiency

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General Contractor Estimating Software

Creating estimates and invoices has never been easier

No more paperwork and losing invoices. Housecall Pro allows you to digitally create eastimates and turn estimates into invoices within a few clicks.

You can give customers a service quote even out in the field. Once approved, your estimate can be automatically turned into an invoice.

All line items and service charges can be added to the invoice. All previous invoices can be easily tracked and managed through your Housecall Pro app.

Secure payment feature allows customers to pay by credit card. Both you and the customer will receive a digital receipt following the payment.

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See what our customers have to say about our general contractor estimating software

I love how Housecall Pro has integrated my estimating, scheduling and accounting. Works great. -Marty Prinzler

We use HCP to manage scheduling, estimating, and invoicing for a electrical service company. -Jerry G.

I've tried at least ten other Apps in this price range. Housecall Pro is by far the best. I don't know how I got by without it. It handles scheduling, estimating, job management, billing.... everything! No paperwork! It interfaces with Quickbooks perfectly. Customers love it! There are hundreds of programs to choose from. This is the one you want! Garry Davis, Oro Valley Lighting and Electric. -Garry Davis

The all-in-one job estimate tool for your general contractor business

Easy one-click estimates

Set your line items and send estimate out to customers in seconds.

Communication with customers made easy

Keep your customers on the same page by sending them an estimate for approval before service.

No more misunderstanding

Customers know the exact breakdown of your service line items and charges from the estimate.

Automatically connect to Quickbooks online

Once you finish the job, all invoice line items and charges will automatically export to your QuickBooks Online account.

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