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Does Guerrilla Marketing Work?

Does Guerrilla Marketing Work?

Does Guerrilla Marketing Work?

Posted by Juliette Riddle

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Does Guerrilla Marketing Work?

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What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

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If you are unfamiliar with it, the phrase guerrilla marketing might make you take a pause and ask, what? After all, the terminology conjures images of warfare, ambushes or surprise attacks. While using unconventional techniques won’t have you attacking unsuspecting customers, it does encapsulate the element of surprise in your marketing strategies. 

Guerrilla marketing sets out to catch potential customers in new, and even stealth, ways during their everyday life. People expect to be bombarded with advertisements during prime time or news programming, radio, billboards etc. and are inundated with similar messages that frankly get lost in the noise. That is why reach and frequency are so important. 

What Is An Example Of A Guerrilla Marketing Strategy?

With guerrilla marketing techniques, you can reach your audience in new and meaningful ways. This resonates on a personal level providing a memorable brand experience. 

Some creative ways of capturing your customer’s attention in the community could be inviting your team take part in “kindness” campaigns. Supply technicians with gift cards to popular places like Starbucks or Subway and buy them lunch. Then have them pay for the next person in line. Leave behind a branded card telling them about how you are inspired by acts of kindness and hope they continue to pay it forward. 

You can also create a “find it” campaign by hiding branded goodie bags in the community. Boost it through social media and whoever finds them wins a gift card, free service, fun item, or even a fun event with the company. Think Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’s Golden Ticket!

It doesn’t even have to be complicated. Simple ways of leaving an impression could be as easy as leaving a business card on local bulletin boards, placing stickers or posters throughout your community, and promoting your brand on social media. Branded stickers on plumbing and HVAC systems are also a great way to keep your name top of mind during an emergency.  

Is Guerrilla Marketing Expensive?

The question about guerrilla marketing was originally posted on our forum in comparison to Angie’s List. Next to directory listings, creative marketing can be very inexpensive. But it is not a direct response strategy – guerrilla marketing is about building your brand. 

There is no set cost to being creative in the community. Social media posts are free, but if you want to reach a larger audience, there will be a cost associated with it. However, social posting and campaigns are inexpensive compared to TV or radio advertising.

If you want to host a popup event or host a community treasure hunt, likely the costs will be relatively low since your budget is fixed to a one-time campaign. 

However, if you have a larger budget, you can probably reach a much broader audience. Well-known brands spend millions in creative community campaigns, but you can achieve great results in a hyper local setting with minimal investment.

The best aspect of any type of creative style campaign is that you get to tell your story, and consumers are very savvy. Customers want to connect to the companies they purchase from and are more likely to remain brand loyal when they understand what you are all about.   

Final Thoughts

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Guerrilla marketing should not be used as just another clever “tactic”. It must resonate with your audience and make an impact. It should align with your brand values and mission. And it should not be your only marketing; any conceptual or unconventional campaign should have a well thought out plan as part of an overall strategy.

While you have probably experienced examples without even realizing it, the brand likely sticks with you. A good example of a guerrilla campaign comes from Dominos. 

In a campaign to advertise not only their product and delivery service, they sought to make a positive impact on their community by repairing potholes on local roads. It is meaningful because it affects not only their customers, but their employees working hard to deliver fresh pizza to your door. 

Unconventional strategies may be a great way to spread word about your brand. Start within your local area and get your entire team involved for greater success.

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