Plumbing Receipt Template (Free Download)

Plumbing Receipt Template

What a Plumbing Receipt Template Is Used For

The plumbing receipt template is used to acknowledge the acceptance of money from a customer for plumbing services rendered. The receipt provides proof of the payment and describes basic details about the transaction.

Plumbing Receipt Example

Basic fields required of a plumbing receipt include:

  1. Transaction Date: date the money was accepted

  2. Transaction Number: transaction number identifying the payment in company records

  3. Paid To: name of the company being paid

  4. Received From: name of the account the payment is being made for

  5. Dollar Amount: amount of the payment written in numbers

  6. Amount Received: amount of the payment written in words

  7. Received As: format the payment was made in

  8. Paid By: name of the person making the payment

  9. Received By: name of the person receiving the payment

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