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Small business cell phone policy template

Businesses should clearly state what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to using cell phones at work. This is when a small business cell phone policy template can help.

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What is a business cell phone policy?

business cell phone policy is given by the employer to the employees clearly stating all the rules and do-and-don’ts when using a cell phone during normal work hours. Companies can decide whether they want to offer employees company a cell phone or compensate them for cell phone data usage for work purposes.

Reasons why companies provide business cell phones for employees:

  1. Employees can have easy access to cell phones. 
  2. Companies might save more money this way, compared to reimbursing employees for cell phone usage fee.
  3. You can make sure that employees have the appropriate applications installed on their company cell phones.

Reasons why companies do not want to provide a business cell phone:

  1. Employees might lose or damage their business phone.
  2. Employees might experience the inconvenience of carrying around his or her cell phone plus a business cell phone.
  3. It takes time and effort for companies to equip employees with the right security protections.
  4. Companies do not want employees to abuse company cell phones and use them for personal needs.

Business cell phone policy example

Businesses can consider one of the following choices when deciding on a business cell phone policy:

  1. Provide employees with cell phones with regulations
  2. Do not give employee cell phones, but reimburse them data usage fees every month 
  3. Give employees a budget on cell phone use and charge them for exceeded usage

These are the rules that are typically included in a company cell phone policy:

  1. Purpose: what is the purpose of this business cell phone policy and what cell phone policy is the company trying to enforce.
  2. Scope: which employees in what positions does this cell phone policy apply to?
  3. Policy: rules and regulations on business cell phone use. What is allowed and what isn’t? Can employees use personal cell phones during work? What happens if employees damage or lose their business cell phone? What is the cell phone policy when an employee is operating a vehicle or work vehicle?
  4. Signature: employee has to sign to agree to all the terms and conditions of this business cell phone policy.
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