Tiktok Channels for Construction Pros

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TikTok is a popular platform for creators of all types, and the world of construction is no different. Since TikTok is the master of short form video, it’s not surprising that you’ll find it has a community of construction Pros.

Pros from all over the world are on this app, offering helpful tips and giving an inside look of working in construction.

Whether you’re a construction Pro looking for tips on how to grow your business or just want to follow an influencer who understands the life of construction, you’ll find your community on TikTok.

Read below to see five of our favorite TikTok channels for construction Pros.

Construction Pros


Reach: 1.2 Mil

There’s a reason why Construction Pros on TikTok is one of the top accounts for construction pros. Sam Irwin leads the account and  gives helpful tips on how to manage your business in the field and on the go. 

In this video he mentions why giving customers more ways to pay by estimating could be a way to get more customers.



Reach: 44.5k 

Constructionworkclips on TikTok is a sort of “day in the life” TikTok channel. Instead of giving tips on how to run your business, through this account you’ll learn the process of doing everyday construction work. In this video a Pro is shown breaking concrete to help the demolition process.

This account shows a lot of point-of-view work of pros in action. In this video you can see the inside of a 7 x 7 drainage culvert box!

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Reach: 165.3k

This is a fun TikTok account and although the page isn’t in English, it shows different model cars and construction equipment in stop motion. Check out this video of an RC loader doing the work and getting the job done!



Reach: 251.4k 

Follow this account for a “how it works” approach to construction. Most of these videos show Pros in action as they perform tasks like tiling and repairing water pipes. This account uses music and short clips to keep users interested.



Reach: 399.8k

Based in Chihuahua, Mexico, this TikTok account covers the best of construction as Pros work on the job. Although this channel is primarily in Spanish, these Pros show the before and after process of getting the job done. 

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