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Custom email and SMS messages and new estimate settings

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You asked, we listened. Our Top Pro Vote of 2022 is here! We’re excited to release new functionality that gives you greater control over how you communicate with your customers. You’ll now be able to set your own default messaging on estimates and invoices, and have the ability to edit them as needed. Plus – with new estimate settings, you’ll have greater control of what details customers can see on your estimates. Be on the lookout for new updates to estimates and invoices releasing Thursday, January 19th. 

If you use the Housecall Pro Mobile App, make sure you and each of your employees are on the latest app version for these updates. You can update your mobile app from the app store now. 

Please visit our help center to see how these updates may change your current workflow

How new updates to estimates and invoices benefit you:

Confidence in your customer communication is critical for your business. These new tools enable greater control and customization right within Housecall Pro.

With the ability to set default email and SMS message content for your estimates and invoices you can:

  • Create your own custom copy tailored for your business instead of being limited to the generic language 
  • Be more personable and transparent with your customers
  • Save time on manual work such as copy and pasting content for each individual estimate or invoice sent
  • Be confident that your employees are sending the standard messaging tailored to your brand
  • Streamline operations by managing estimates and invoices directly within Housecall Pro instead of using outside tools

With new customizable default and job-specific estimate settings, you will have greater control of what customers can see on your estimates. This update is similar to the functionality currently available on invoice settings. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Take control of what information you are presenting to your customers, such as line items, material costs, and margins. 
  • With these new settings, you can choose only to display total costs.
    • Use material tracking with confidence through the ability to hide certain items, such as costs and prices from customers
    • Spend less time manually restocking inventory and reconciling material purchases once the estimate is converted into a job
    • Improve profit margins by understanding the actual material costs going into estimates
  • Streamline your estimate documents to cut down on the length of content and increase readability
  • Gain confidence managing estimates directly within Housecall Pro

Features and improvements included within the update:

  1. Estimate & invoice email default message
  •  Customize email and SMS message on estimates and invoices
  • Previews on the job and estimates will reflect your custom message
  • Edit individual estimates/invoices as needed
  •  Set your primary default message – one for your estimates and one for invoices

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2. Default and job-specific estimate settings

  • Estimate settings at the default level
  • Estimate settings at the job level
  • Hide specific details from customers when closing a sale
  • Flexibility to only display the total cost on the estimate
  • New estimate settings for service and material line items that allow you to show or hide specific information including: business name, employee name, customer display name, descriptions, quantity, unit price, amount, and subtotals

Why are we making this update?

Simple. Because we care about what matters to you and your business. Our Pro Votes empower you to tell us exactly what features you want to see built out. And we don’t just file them away, we consistently take action on them. At Housecall Pro, we champion your success by listening to Pros like you. 

Having trouble navigating the updates? No problem. Our support team is here to walk you through any questions you have about the updates. Use the blue bubble to reach out to our chat team for live customer support. If you’d prefer to talk it out over the phone, call our support team at 858-842-5746.

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